Saturday, December 1, 2012

This and That--December Edition

I have waited a good week to publish this post just so I could call it "This and That--December Edition"  Was anyone else in a November time warp?  It felt like it would never end. I was sick for most of November and it was the world's longest month.  Welcome December!!!

Here are a few things going on in my life:

1. I am a fan of Ann Taylor again. Sarah from Ann Taylor Corporate formally apologized to me over the phone for the rude manager at the Fashion Place Location. She also sent me a letter apologizing with a 40% off coupon and a $25.00 gift card for my troubles. I guess I can forgive them. I do love saying to someone at Corporate, "I know that if I were in your shoes, I would want to know if one of my employees was out of line." I act like I am doing them a favor!

2.  It must be the time of year for apologies because I also got an apology out of the blue from a guy who stood me up months ago at Cheesecake Factory.  I have never met him in person and I thought I would never hear from him again after I gave him a piece of my mind via text.  Lo and behold, he apologized yesterday.  I forgave him and told him I was over it and have moved on.  Here is a pic of me moving on with John at Temple Square seeing the lights:

2. My friend Sara texted me to say "Who gets a medium soft drink at McD's?"  Apparently she was behind a person in line doing just that.  Yeah, seriously. That is offensive. It is the same price as the large. None of you better be doing that!

3. I saw an article on MSN (where I get all my news) yesterday about a guy who is actually trying to colonize Mars. He is putting together space shuttles to take people there and DROP THEM OFF in these pods they will live in and they have to pay $500,000.00 to take the space shuttle there. I got nauseous reading about it. Seriously, have you seen Mars?

4. I put up a new garland on my banister. It is pretty freakin' adorable. I have to thank Ashley for it since she bought me the lit garlands after Christmas last year at Michael's for $1.50 each and the balls at Land of Nod on clearance as well. The big polka dot balls and candy canes picks are from Taipan and last time I checked, they still have them. The garland might have too much stuff on it but since I have no man living in my house to complain about it, I am going with it.

5. Along those same lines, I also added some new balls to my Christmas tree and put balls in these two containers. Pretty dang proud of my crafty self:

6. I am hosting Gourmet Dinner Night at my home in December. I should be panicking and cooking like a mad woman to find recipes. I'm not. I've done nothing. Odds are good that I will end up buying dessert and probably most of the dinner. GDN gals, you've been warned. On second thought, maybe you are rejoicing right now after the last time I hosted!

7. I took my kids to the BYU game last Saturday night in Provo. We ate at Brick Oven beforehand and Santa came around to visit each table. I love this (flashed out) picture of the boys:

8. I got this darling workout jacket at Target. It was still 40 bones but compared to the Lululemon was a steal. They have knock-off Lululemon pants there too. Sometimes Target really gets it right. Mine is in hot pink and I wear it everywhere..not just the gym:

9. My saintly neighbor Doug installed the lights on my home again this year, and raked every.single.leaf off my lawn. I don't have a single rogue leaf out there, people! He comes over every other day or so to change out lights that are out. Jealous? My yard and house have never looked so good. I may never remarry just so he can always do my yard--it looks so good!

10. I have a new favorite make-up product.  I still love everything Tarte makes but this is a product by Benefit called Watt's up!  I got it at Ulta and it is an highlighter for your face.  I put it above my cheekbones.  It is perfect for holiday parties or just any day when you need a little oomph to make your skin glow (love Buster in this photo.  He is in zombie mode):

11.  (Because this random post goes to 11!)  My Christmas Elf hasn't shown up yet.  He might not make it this year.  How is that for lazy mom 101?  When you don't have the energy to hide the elf every night--you know you have given up!


Liz said...

Would you like me to send you a text a night to tell you where to put your elf? This is my first year, and I just wrote down 25 ideas. Let me know.

Great decorations!

Ashley said...

Fun post!

I get medium drinks right now only out of fear of what I'm doing to my fetus. Only three more months til I can guzzle down.

Your garland is soooo cute with all the stuff. I know I told you I had balls (the Land of Nod ones) but if you are back at Taipan and they still have those I could use some after all.

John is so tall and you look tiny next to him. That's so fun.

You've been raking in the "sorry for your hassles" giftcards. I want to hear the blind date's excuse!

Linda said...

I too, want to hear the blind date's excuse!

I just got the Target pants (at a Target far, far away) and now I can return the Lulu Lemon ones that cost 3 times as much.

You and John look good (and happy) together.

brooke said...

Ashley and Mom, he claimed he was running kids around that evening and just spaced our date. This was after he hounded me for months on Linkup to go out with him. He claims he was so embarrassed he didn't respond to me until now. Whatevs...i am over it..but i was mad that night that he had wasted my time.

The Mostess said...

I'm going to have to be off the DC starting in January, and I am NOT looking forward to it AT ALL. I will be with Ash ordering a medium...if any DC at all. Boo-hoo.

You and John are adorable. You're a good fit in every way possible.

Love the garland. I wish I had a place for one here. Very cute ornaments. We need a Tai Pan here--it would make millions of dollars.

I think I want to start at gourmet dinner group here in CA. I know Ashley will try and get out of it, but I'm going to rope her in.

Cheesecake loser should be sorry he lost the ability to make out with you. His loss. I hope you ate Bang Bang Chicken and Shrimp all by yourself with a large DC!

The Mostess said...

I'm going to buy these magical Target pants. Do they perform butt magic like the Lu ones?

Heather said...

Your house is adorable, and you and John are a super cute couple! Love the photo! Now I need updates...let's go get some yogurt!

Jill said...

Seriously, WHO orders a medium drink at McDonald's? I always wonder that and often find myself harking back to when they used to have a 44 ouncer.

SewSara said...

ha! I love that you included the mcdonald's one. These posts are my fave. I always wish I could remember to post random stuff like this. You and John look great together and look how happy you both are. love it! so happy for you.

why can't I ever score a "sorry" gift card? Oh, maybe cuz I don't get out to shop in the first place.

And - I'm jealous of your balls. ha!

Laurel Bogar said...

#2-seriously offensive! So funny. B

Em said...

I am surprised your mom and Ashley hadn't heard about No. 2 yet but I'm glad b/c I was curious. That all sounds like something that Bachelor Jason Mesnick would do and who would want to date a Jason Mesnick?

Love the photo of you with your glowing cheekbones and zombie Buster in the background!

nic said...

You and John look so cute together. I am so excited for GDG at your house. Your garland is darling and so is your house. For sure I order a large drink. Yeah maybe don't get the elf out it is a lot of work.

nic said...

You and John look so cute together. So excited for GDG. Your garland is darlings and so is your house. So nice of your neighbor to take care of your yard. I for sure order the large drink.