Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm Lovin' It

I Love McDonalds. I won't embarrass myself by telling you how often we eat there. All I will say is that I wish I had a franchise. Here is why:

The Diet Coke. McDonalds has the best Diet Coke on the planet. I don't know how or why, but they do. Maybe it just tastes better coming through the fat straw. When they were running the XL Diet Coke deal, I couldn't stay away.

Every McDonalds is exactly the same. You could visit a Micky D's in London or Vernal and you would get the same Chicken McNuggets with one glaring exception. There is a McDonalds in Victorville, California that was so bad, so dirty, so foul, I had to report it to Corporate and believe me, I have low standards. oh, and that huge one in Barstow that looks like a train--it's nasty too.

They have the best toys. We have collected a lot of toys from McDonalds, most notably, the Wizard of Oz Madame Alexander dolls. We also collected the Transformers, the Batman series and many many others. In fact, Luke began his obsession with Ninja Turtles from McDonald happy meal toys. He was into them for 18 months straight and never waivered. He had a Ninja Turtle birthday, he was one for Halloween. Now they are dead to him--it was a good run and it all started at McD's.

The restaurants are clean. My kids' preschool goes on a tour of McDonalds and goes behind the scenes to the food prep area. Spotless.

Ryan in a very clean McDonald's highchair

The fries--'nuf said.

Do you love or hate McDonalds? What do you order? For me, it's a 6 piece nugget with ketchup.


Sam said...

McDonald's was my first true love. I had several birthday parties there and can remember my time in the playzones at a young age.

For me, you cannot beat the cheeseburger. Brooke's brother, Rex, once threw down the gauntlet and challenged me to eat 13 cheeseburgers. I dug deep and took them down--bite by bite.

I have to agree on Barstow and Victorville. We hit them both in October 2007 and swore to never fall victim to the Siren song again.

One final observation, is it just me or is a Walmart McDonald's different? I love the golden arches and I like Walmart but I have never eaten at a Walmart McDonald's. Sometimes two rights make a wrong.

Sam said...

I forgot to mention that Brooke drives me crazy by insisting to bring home and use the McDonald's ketchup--the little packets with 1 ounce of ketchup.

She thinks it "tastes different" than the Heinz in our fridge. I think she is on crack.

I was raised in Pittsburgh, PA, ketchup capital of America, and I know ketchup.

Ashley said...

That is funny. I hate it when I don't get ketchup packets and I have to use the big Heinz bottle from the fridge. (1) It is not as good; (2) It is chilled.

McDonalds is universal like the smile. Yet at the same time it is a fine American tradition. Even living by In-N-Out, I still go to McDonalds more often. Usually just for a Coke and an ice-cream cone for Charlie. They have great drive-thrus (except for one rogue McD's in Menlo Park that doesn't have a drive-thru!), great nuggets, McFlurries, fries, and cones.

My favorite thing about McD's is how kid friendly it is--how you can feed your babies fried and nuggets passed from the driver's seat to the carseats and it's lunch.

I don't like that I have to pay $2.05 for a large Coke.

Amy said...

McDonalds is just a food staple! There are times that only a McD's burger and fries is the only thing that will do. We grew up on it. I don't think we ever ate anywhere else in California on those trips, did we?

I have to agree on the ketchup. The cold bottle of Heinz in the fridge is just not the same. You gotta have the packets!

Oh and Sam, I'm highly impressed with the 13 cheeseburgers. I'll have to tell Landon. He loves a good food challenge

lindsey said...

My favorite McDonald's meal is breakfast. In fact, until I moved to Scotland, I hadn't eaten a McDonald's hamburger in years. But an Egg McMuffin? I'd eat those once a week on the way to work, if I wasn't already late for work every other day, I would have eaten it more.

In the states, McDonald's has the best coke, but in Scotland, Burger King has bigger. And in this case, size SO matters.

Becky said...

I love McD's too! I always get a Big Mac and fry. I am craving one so bad right now!!!

Laura B. said...

I OD'D on Micky D's sometime in late 2006. It was the only fast food joint in our town and i was working 70 hours a week. We would hit it for breakfast and dinner.

Now, I can only stomach the Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit for breakfast.

Don't get me wrong though...we still go there every Wednesday. Happy Meals are $1.00 from 10:00-12:00. Perfect

sarahwarner said...

Ketchup straight out of the fridge is nasty. I love the cheeseburger happy meals. I don't care for much else at mickey d's. Except for the occasional mcflurry. Ashley is right about that.

Shelly Brown said...

Cute blog! It will be fun to "get to know" Ashley's sister! I am Ashley's friend Lindsey's sister, by the way!

At McDonald's I always order a plain hamburger and a small fry, then I line the fries up inside the hamburger and eat it like that. Yum!

shelby said...

Hello! I am so glad that you have a blog! And I miss you! I havent seen you in quite a while. Holy cow your blog is so funny, and Your first post and all the comments, I am still laughing! You guys are hilarious! And your baby is already huge, and so cute. I love all the family pictures.
Were more of Wendy's fam around here, but i am with everyone else, if they dont give me enough ketchup, it ticks me off. It is not the same with ketchup at home!

Alexandra said...

My parents can be found at the McDonalds in Tysons, Va every single weekday at precisely 10:15 am. My mom can then order the breakfast and my dad the lunch (with his senior drink). It makes me feel gross to eat there, but I have to admit that there just isn't a better fast-food burger than the Big Mac.

The best part about McD is that it is super cheap. Dollar menu nuggets are a staple for my kids. Did you know they are organic? that is so important to me. :)

Linda said...

Gotta love Mickey D's. Sam, you are totally out there about the ketchup - the packets are so much better - just ask your kids. (who I've spent plenty of time with at McDonald's) I've even started licking off the packets after tearing them open - learned it from your kids!

Liz said...

Yeah...I found you! Cute costume today. You put the other mom's to shame.
My kids choose McD's even when given a million other choices. The "chickie" nuggets just taste better than the ones at home. I personally like the large straws...makes me feel the caffeine is flowing in me a lot quicker!

sheryl said...

Egg McMuffin. Need I say more? How many times have I shown up and 10:35 and had to take a chocolate shake or hot fudge Sunday. How come all you skinny people get to eat all the junk! Dang it!

I think the best part of your blog though was Ryan. He reminds me so much of Scott. You know, there are those who think Scott is my best looking, like scott...or maybe scott...certainly scott. :) Actually he is not conceited at all...he is just good looking! Aren't all the Poole grandkids!

brooke said...

Sheryl--you make me laugh!

The Mostess said...

I read Ashley's blog....are you sure you're not twins?

I don't like Mcd's...but I am a former addict, so my opinion can't be trusted.

Here are my thoughts on McD's:

Terra said...

OMG I thought I was the only one...I too will not admit how often we eat at Mcdonalds but I can tell you that at the one by our house they know me so well we even get freebies!

Mandee said...

for me, it's a diet coke and fries... I agree, they are best at McD's.