Sunday, January 27, 2013


Believe it or not folks, January was not all bad.  The Bachelor is on tv, I finally got Christmas down, and I got to spend 15 of the 31 days of January with John.  John lives in Arizona so getting to see him that much was pretty cool. 

We went to a BYU basketball game with my kids:

We went tubing with Luke and Sammie and John's daughter (he has two kids.):

John and and I got to take a trip to Southern California:

I got to meet John's hilarious grandparents and sister:

We got to go to dinner at my awesome aunt Pandy's house.  We also visited Seaport Village in San Diego: 

Back in SLC, we went to a Jazz game and then went to dinner at Red Iguana which was the restaurant we ate at on our first date.  They even put us at the same coincidence.

Come back again soon John, January is too bleak without you!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

10 Things I Hate About You (January)

Is anyone still out there?  I have heard from several of you wondering if I'm okay because this blog has all but died.  I always hate January but this January takes the cake.  I'm pretty sure the universe is out to get me.  That..or I just do really dumb things.  Probably both.   Here are 10 shizzy things that have happened to me this no particular order.

1.  I got dropped from my health insurance.  It is a long story and involves my own stupidity.  Don't ask.

2.  I broke my nose.  No glory story here folks..just opened a door in my face  (two days after finding out I am uninsured.)

3.  I will be having surgery this week to repair my nose.  I get to pay out of pocket for it because there was nothing else I wanted to spend 2600 DOLLARS ON!

4.  I was deathly ill for most of the month.

5.  I got in a car accident in a snow storm when my brakes locked up and I slid into someone.

6.  Sammie left her skis (that are rentals) where the ski bus drops her off and Luke left his poles (also rentals).  I now get to replace both.

7.  I am pretty sure it has not gotten above 40 degrees the whole month.  Most days, it has been below 10 degrees.  Don't get me started about the smog and inversion.  It breaks my spirit.

8.  I worked out an average of one day a week for the whole month.  My sanity is hanging by a thread.

9.  I got called to be the Enrichment Coordinator for our ward.  I haven't been to Enrichment in years.

10.  I went to the dentist and found out I have four cavities.  (The best part is..I no longer have dental insurance!)

Soooo, this is why I haven't been blogging.  But I got a good feeling about February.  It can only go up from here right? 

I did actually have some good things that happened this month too.  All involving John.  Come back tomorrow for a happier post!