Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Prayer for Summertime

I am so thankful it is finally Summer.

Please help me to remember to be grateful for Summer when Luke begs to have a friend over every.single.day.

Bless me to love the heat since I complained about the cold for the last 8 months.

Help me to actually take my kids to do kid things instead of just to the mall and the gym.
My three kids on the right and my nephew Charlie on the left

Forgive me for never making dinner--oh wait, that is not just a summer thing.

Help me to love my neighbor, even when he wears the same super short red shorts and no shirt every.single.day.

Bless me to actually cut up the watermelon that has been sitting on my counter since Thursday.

Let me have the time to get regular pedicures so Sam is not sickened by my "Kansas city crack-whore feet."



Pandy said...

Loving that neighbor is definitely optional! But, loving those yummy kids is not. Have fun!

The Mostess said...

Hahahaha. Funny.

Move to Ca--then you can have year-round warm weather that's not too hot, and not too cold. However--your neighbors here would be way weirder than red shorts dude.

I want your watermelon, but not your crack-whore feet. That is so something Lancer would say.

Ashley said...

Please bless my ac unit that it will magnify its calling and make this box I call home tolerable.

Please give me the strength to wash out and revive the nasty wading pool that is in a dirty deflated heap in my backyard.

Please bless that somehow I will become a new person who has the will to get up early to exercise, keep the house clean, and be a really fun mom.

If that's not possible, please keep people from dropping by so that I can live out my slothful, shameful existence in the privacy of my own home.

And please, please send someone--a stranger (see above)--to my door right now with a 44 ouncer. I'm out and have no will to fetch my own.


Natalie said...

funny, i was praying about my watermelon just this morning. i was given the strength, and i cut it.

Amy said...

Why is it that we so look forward to the summer, just to have our kids drive us completely nuts by the end of the first week. My kids are still in school and I'm already starting to feel nervous about how much TV they're going to log this summer. Do you think it's possible that their brains could actually melt out their ears from too much TV??

Liz said...

You know how I feel about half-naked neighbors. I'm so sorry. I seriously want to drive by so I can check him out. That is, if it EVER stops raining!

Christie said...

"Kansas City crack whore feet."

Best. line. ever.

Reximus said...

Oh, please, please, please, please, please tell me that was Sam modeling those red grapegrabbers?!! PS Ashley, your reply was so funny I almost rescinded my boycott of your blog. Almost.

Sam said...

Rex, I was going to ask you the same thing because the picture was found in your parents' basement. Can you explain its origins?

Sometimes, especially in the Summer, I notice that Brooke's feet take on the appearance of belonging to a woman of ill repute who is turning tricks on Hollywood Boulevard for a dime bag of hash. It was in such a moment of discovery that the term "Kansas City crack whore" was born.

Linda said...

Are my kids funny or what?? (including Reximus and Ashley and Sam)
Brookie - do not despair - the first and last weeks of summer are the worst. It will smooth out, and I will tend while you get a pedicure.

sheryl said...

Linda, ABSOLUTELY! They all are soooo funny! I have decided to really be funny you have to be intelligent. Your kids have it all... looks, smarts and hummor plus...cute grandkids to boot!

brooke said...

Ashley, your comment made me laugh so hard I have a side ache.

Bonnie said...

Love the red shorts! I'm still laughing. I can so relate to ALL of this! Have a great summer.
The picture of the kiddos is so cute!

Em said...

I can only imagine what your family get togethers must be like. You are all Hilarious.

Awesome post.

Jessica said...

Love it! I love summer, except when it is hot, and when the kids say they are bored, and when I can't go anywhere without sunscreen, and when the house is always a mess because the kids are always home, and when I have to go to the grocery store with all three kids. Other than that, summer is the best

Lauri said...

I think that someone forgot to inform "Mother-Nature" that it is June! Did you just witness that torrential downpour of rain and hail? My poor flowers are all hating it!! (Lightning and thunder are kinda cool though!!)