Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day Sam

Sam and Luke, San Francisco, May 2005

This photo says it all. You're the best. Happy Father's Day!


Pandy said...

I love this picture. If all fathers were like Sam there would be far fewer wayward children in the world.

I hope you had a great Father's Day, Sam.

Sam said...

Thanks Pandy. I don't know about there being fewer wayward children. But, if all fathers were like me, there would be far more large, pasty-white, slow-footed boys with disproportionately large bums. In a few more years, Luke and Ryan are going to eat us out of house and home.

Ashley said...

Sam's comment is fabulous. I love that picture. Sam's best quality just might be the way he fathers, and that's saying a lot.

Linde said...

That is such a cute picture! I love photos like that...darling!!

Sam, did you pass Luke around on the plane during your flight to SF? :)

Linda said...

I knew Sam was going to be a great father - and a very protective one - even before Luke was born! When Brooke was pregnant with Luke, Sam had "rules" about who and how others could hold his baby. For example, no one could walk and hold the baby - you must be seated (with washed and sanitized hands, of course!) Those rules lasted about 5 minutes after Luke came home, but I loved them just the same.
Luke, Sammie and Ryan all consider themselves "Daddy's kids" and it is the cutest thing to watch how excited they get whenever Sam comes home from work. He is amazing with them - a real "hands-on" dad who can cook big Sat. morning breakfasts, come up with fun games and play with them, change diapers, etc.
The kids are all extremely beautiful too - and (I have to admit) they look like Sam! (here's throwing a bone to Brooke) Brookie - Sammie has your personality - 100%!
Happy Belated Father's Day, Sam!

Alexandra said...

Sam's comment made me laugh out loud. What a fun household yours must be.

Pandy said...

As schmarmy as I sound, I really did mean what I said. In my classes I see some pretty sad situations - many related to being raised in a fatherless home or by alcoholic fathers. Many of those students would love to have a slow-footed, pasty-white, large-bummed father.

Pat yourself on the back!

sheryl said...

ahhhh :) this one is frame worthy! Amen to Pandy! I think about the kids (adults,...Booke, you are still a kid to me) that I work with and their background. TOOOO SAD! I just recommmended a child be taken away. I cried but I know it is best. Poor little girl the future is already writen. Good PARENTS make a difference, but they are not a gaurentee.