Monday, June 15, 2009

If I Were Single and Living in the Greater Illinois Area...

I would be hiring a PI to find Ed right now. I know most of you are thinking I'm crazy--if he couldn't give up the job for Jillian, why would I want someone like that? But I'm impressed that the guy actually 1) has a job, a decent one and 2) takes it seriously. He is a catch and Jillian (to her credit) knew it.

I'm a little embarrassed that I'm posting about the Bachelorette again. But isn't it just such good tv? It's real life people.

And can I just say "Jesse." Yes. He is my new Ed. I overlooked him before and then I saw him getting into the hot tub. Oh my. He is honest, funny and a man's man. My only complaint was that he needed to spit out whatever he was chewing on in the hot tub. He is definately a front runner.

Michael is gone next week. Tanner is soo gone next week. Wes is DISGUSTING and I wince whenever he comes on screen. Please, Please let Jillian see him for who he truly is and let him go.

Mark was nice but way too reserved. I felt bad for the guy. My sister Ashley was right. Pizza entrepreneur probably was code for "works at Little Caesars."

Top three: Kiptyn, Robbie and Jesse. Then to Kiptyn and Jesse. Then Kiptyn--I said it before and I'm stickin' with Kiptyn getting the final rose.

ps. Are the producers eluding to E.D. in the preview of the fantasy suite dates? If so, come on. So tasteless.


Sara said...

Hi -- I lurk on your blog, followed over from Ashley's site.

I have to agree with everything you said, except Reid will (should) be in the top 3 with Kip and Jesse.

I loved Ed!

Laura B. said...

Ugh. I just got done watching. Sad about Ed. But what about Jake?? I did not see him in any fantasy date previews. I did see Michael which is tragic, since he's such a douche. Wes has got to go, but I don't think she'll see through him until at least the hometown dates.
I like Reid, but I think he might be the one that she's "not compatible in the bedroom" with.
I'm still pulling for Jake. I love him.

Ashley said...

I haven't watched it yet but I couldn't stop reading. I'll be back with thoughts after I've seen it, though I'm very sad to hear about Ed.

Dave & Kami said...

Wes is sooo lame. I can't believe he keeps trying to promote his C.D. Pleease see his true colors Jillian!!! I liked Ed. She must have too, with all the tears she had. I kind of hope she keeps Reid around. I like him.

Ashley said...

Just watched it. Ed was my fav, and Jesse is the next best at least in terms of hotness. I like him way better clean-shaven. I knew he was hot when he won the curling last week. She's definitely into Kipton and Wes for some strange reason. I was hoping Tanner was gone--he's holding the name of the guy with the girlfriend hostage in hopes that she will keep him around--LAME. Reid is cute but not good with conversation and I think things are awkward between them. If it were me and this bunch, I'd go with Jake, Jesse, and Kipton.

Ashley said...

I would never recommend wasting one's time reading spoilers about the bachelorette. I would never send someone to a tacky site like this one which has a great tidbit about this season--read at your own risk. Hopefully you have more noble things to do.

Heidi said...

Brooke and Ashley... you two have me so knee deep in this show it sickens me :)
I have very similar feeling on most of the men that you girls do.
I really liked Ed, but he is gone. And is dead to me now!
Wes is such a snake, why is he still here?
I really like Jake, his smile is fabulous!
I think that Jesse is one hot tamale! When did he get on the show, until last night I had never noticed him!
Once Wes, Tanner, and the break dancer go. She will be lucky to end up with any of them!
Let it be known Jillian was my pick for last season! She seems like a classy, nice girl!

Marni said...

LOL at the "Little Caesar's worker." I am kind of suprised so many weirdos are still in it? Didn't you love when Jillian was totally drunk on the bed with Kiptyn. It is hilarious to watch her giggle and say "I like you."

Shelly B. said...

A. I honestly think the only reason Jillian was so upset about Ed leaving was because it was a huge blow to her ego. It seemed like she was being selfish and was just plain mad about him making that choice. But I personally think he made the right choice...even if he ended up with the last rose, what are the chances of them staying together? Statistics say "slim to none..." I totally think that he will be back at some point before the end of the show.

B. OK I was DYING about the whole "unable to perform" teaser! Holy shiz, I watch the show with a group of friends and we had to rewind it like 10 times to watch it again and try to figure out who the HECK they were talking about. Like having it talked about on national TV is really going to help the situation. I was DYING! And then they are showing her sitting on a bench crying about it. Why is she crying about it? I think he would be the one crying. She has 3(?) other guys just waiting in line! Oh my!

C. Best show ever! :)

Amy M. said...

I was dying at the previews for next week! I audibly gasped while watching that last night. Is it really E.D.? That is sure what they made it out to be. Yes, tasteless as well as so embarrasing for the guy. Maybe it was just a trick to get us to watch and he'll be, I don't know, too shy or something.
Ed HAD to make that choice. He couldn't bank on Jillian choosing him that early in the game. I was suprised at what a weepy willow she was about it. She did know he was a catch.
Please post about the Bachelorette each week. So fun to read.

Mandee said...

I love Ed even more now. And of course he comes back for the most dramatic rose ceremony EVER.

So, Aaron and I just rewatched the end, like 500 times, and it sounds like Reid has the romantical issues. Sad, cause Reid is my #2.

And sorry, but I don't love Jesse. Is something wrong with me?

The Mostess said...

2 in a row??? Really?? 2 whole posts??? In a row??? BROOKE!!

PS--my good friend Toria Cutler Clason knows you, and thinks you are ultra funny--um, yeah you are! She also said she heard all about your funny sis, Ashley. ;)

Linda said...

I love this. This whole post & all the comments validate my love affair with the Bachelorette!
I am a little irritated with Jill - I agree with Shelly B that Jillian was selfish, and had her ego bruised when Ed left. Either he really just wasn't that "into" her, or it's all just the producers' little ploy to add more drama. Either way, I'm getting a little tired of Jillian's constant crying.
I think that the editors and producers try to mislead with teasers - we've seen that trick before! And I think they suggest that certain colorful characters stay on the show as long as possible - just for the entertainment and drama. BYW - I totally agree with Mandee - of course Ed will be back - I think it was planned from the beginning - it was a pretty poor excuse (you would have thought that he would have dealt with the work issue BEFORE the show began, and he kept the rose - that whole scene seemed so staged!
Having said all that, I can't wait for Monday to roll around again, and I'm praying for Wes and Michael to get dumped. I can't stand even looking at those two. And that nasty "foot-fetish" Tanner. I'm still rooting for Jake!

brooke said...

I love my mom's comment. Amen to everything you said. I love seeing you so fired up about a tv show. (My mom never watched a minute of tv when we were growing up!)

Em said...

This is blogging at its best. A forum for the discussion of reality TV. I was feeling very left out, but now considerably less so thanks to this post--and Ashley's link which sadly, I went and read. Shocking.

Keep me updated!

Ashley said...

The funny thing is Em is trying to keep up even though she doesn't have the dish and thus can't view the actual show. What a soldier she is!

brooke said...

If Em read Reality Steve--she wouldn't need to watch the show. That guy goes into painstaking detail about everything. He's a little negative though--does he like anyone?

Em said...

Oh yes, I'm definitely a soldier. I will say it's a little advantageous to read the spoilers and leave the show out completely. I always feel so embarrassed for the participants, sometimes it's nice to just know the results.

I swear, though--the second we get to TX, I'm in the know fo' real.

JENNIE! said...

funny... me and my mom are ready to stop watching now because we loved ED the best too. good thing jesse has a nice body, cause i guess he'll do:)