Thursday, June 25, 2009

Snowbird in the Summer

Last night, the kids and I drove up to Snowbird to pick up this big, stinky, sweaty guy wearing spandex. If you read my sister's post about my dad a couple weeks ago you will realize that this it the exact opposite of what my mom does with my dad. My dad runs downhill and she picks him up at the bottom. In our case, Sam rides his bike up Little Cottonwood Canyon and I pick him up at the top. (He is a big fraidy cat and hates riding down that canyon.)

We do this at least once a week for the entire summer. I usually stop at Subway or Blimpie and pick up dinner and we have a picnic on top. If you haven't been to Snowbird lately, it is really fun. They have inflateable toys. We are usually the only ones there and they let my kids bounce for as long as they want.

They also have a poor man's alpine slide which is actually pretty fun. There is a zipline too and I keep begging Sam to let me go on it so I can pretend I'm on the Bachelorette. He doesn't want to pay for it.

There is also a mechanical bull that Sam keeps begging me to let him ride. I won't allow it. A man riding a bull in spandex shorts is just not right.

Ryan was really happy eating a hunk of bread.

He dropped it and a squirrel ran over and grabbed it and ran off.

Ryan was heartbroken and I got to console him. I love this little man-child. He is so cute right now, I could spread him on a cracker and eat him.

Does anyone else visit "the Bird" in the summer? I now make it a point to only visit in the summer. One fall, Sam dragged me to do the "Hidden Peak Challenge" at Snowbird. You basically race up the entire mountain and ride the Tram back down. I finished third to last behind a 70 year old man and a guy with a prosthetic leg. Sam still brings it up to taunt me. So I guess I don't feel bad telling you that Sam about passed out riding the tram back down the mountain the day of the race! He doesn't like heights or speed.


Amy M. said...

Ryan is such a cute little boy! I love his dimple and big eyes. That's a great picture of you and him.
Thanks for the tip to go to Snowbird. It's been forever.
Oh, and yes, we must meet at the park soon.

Laura said...

i promise the zip line is a waste!! it looks like it goes so fast, but once you are on it you are twiddleing your thumbs until you hit the bottom!!! WASTE

Lori said...

Brooke, thanks for the inspiration on summer at Snowbird. We usually go up once a year and you inspired me to do it soon. I have never done the zip line either because Henry isn't heavy enough to do it. (I always choose to go to Snowbird when KJ is out of town). So Henry and I wait have waited at the bottom for Jack for the past 2 years. I don't care if it is slow, you and I have got to do it sometime just to see how it is for ourselves!

By the way, you must tell Sam he is AWESOME if he can ride up Little Cottonwood canyon! And you are awesome to RUN up it!!! That is incredible! Come on, I bet less than 1% of the world population could to that!

Linde said...

That sounds fun. I am impressed about Sam's ride uphill. That is a climb!!

Kimmie said...

I do the same routine with Braden and the boys, only up American Fork Canyon. Men and their bikes!

P.S Condolences for the passing of MJ. I IMEMDIATLEY thought of Brookie when I heard the news (and your grand performance at the WA assembly our Senoir year.)

Sam said...

Brooke came up with this program a few years ago as a way to "encourage" me to lose weight. She said yesterday that I am 10 lbs. from being 10 lbs. away from my ideal weight, so I climb for my dinner.

There is nothing impressive about my pace up the canyon. It probably appears to others that I am towing a pair of jet skis or ATV. And I hate riding down Little Cottonwood; too steep for my blood. I only do it when I have to.

The canyon is pretty, and we typically see a moose or some deer. The kids enjoy it.

As for Brooke's performance in the "Hidden Peak Challenge," her time speaks for itself. I kept looking down the mountain, wondering if she had given up or was attacked by a bear. She finally crawled up to the summit and blamed me for giving her a faulty hydration belt.

Alexandra said...

I am so glad you wrote about this. We will have to go when we are visiting this summer.

Your little baby is so adorable. The 12-24 months stage is the cutest, I think. Will is 19 months and I just don't think there is a more precious thing on earth.

The rest was hilarious, as always.

Ashley said...

Hilarious post. Dino is the most handsome, cutest little guy ever. The picture of him watching the squirrel steal his bread is the best. This is a fun thing you do in the summer.

Sam is not 20 lbs overweight. 19 maybe . . .

Carolyn said...

we have stayed at the inn there and had a little overnighter with dinner at the restaurant and the "alpine" slide and zipline in the morning. Laura is right... it is slow but the view coming down is really great! So is the tram ride. I love snowbird! Maybe sometime I should take the kids. :)

Kelly said...

All I can say is, spandex are wrong (but necessary when bike riding), your kids are gorgeous and Brooke, you make me laugh out loud every time you post. Thank you.

Em said...

That picture of you and your little man is beautiful.

You run my kind of race--oh wait, I never run them. Especially one that's uphill. I am so impressed!

Linda said...

Three things -
1. You can buy biking shorts that look like regular shorts - with lycra underneath.
2. There's something to be said for running/biking DOWNHILL.
3. Ryan is just totally yummy delicious. You are right - you just want to kiss on him! That photo with the squirrel is right up there with Max and the mud!