Tuesday, June 30, 2009

(I Was) the King of Pop

When I was in High School, I dressed up as Michael Jackson and performed Thriller with some of my friends in an assembly. This was back in the day when painting my face black was still okay--or I thought it was. I loved Michael Jackson back then. In fact, since he died, my friends have been wondering why I haven't posted about it.

I know I'm totally late in posting this. The reason is that I have been trying to find the old VHS tape of my performance to put on my blog. My mother spent the better part of her weekend digging through old tapes trying to find it--to no avail.

When I was at BYU, my roomates and I performed the dance again for a talent show. These are some really bad pictures (and I had on brown shoes--which sucks!) but you get the picture. My roomates were dressed up as the Jackson 5 and did a number from his early days and then I came out and we did Thriller. I'm sure this got me a lot of dates.

My cousin Liz made a really good point on her blog last week. She was talking about Michael and she said she can separate his personal life from his art. I can too. Yes, he's a mess. Yes, he did questionable things at his Neverland ranch. Yes, he's deformed himself with waaaaay too much plastic surgery but will there ever be a better dancer? No. He took the world by storm in the 80s. I loved "Beat It." I loved "Billy Jean is not my Lover," I loved the "Smooth Criminal" video. I have the entire Thriller video memorized--who doesn't?

My point is--you gotta give Michael some love. He is a legend.


Linda said...

I'm beside myself about not finding the videos. We all remember it - you were amazing!! One of your best performances/impersonations EVER!! The still photos don't even begin to capture how well you nailed Michael!

Jill said...

I would love to see videos of you dancing as Michael!

I find myself thinking of him then and now. The more recent Michael doesn't resemble the dancing wizard, king of Pop, amazing artist he was, so when I think of him I think of the one I fell in love with in the 80s.

Ashley said...

You being MJ is so classic and hilarious. Those costumes were shameless. It takes a very confident woman to attempt that--and yes I'm sure it scored you many, many dates!!!

Em said...

I <3 MJ and I always will. He changed music, dance, and music videos forever.

I too am an alum of the Thriller dance camp and plan on passing it on to future generations. Thanks for this memorial--I couldn't decide if I wanted to post one or not, so I'm glad someone did.

Was he crazy in the head? Maybe. But am I the Judge? Nope.
So, R.I.P. MJ. I love ya man.

gwen said...

All I can say in "No we didn't!" Oh my gosh! Seriously....I can't believe you have evidence! :-) May NONE of us ever run for office.

On an entirely different note, but in the same time period, I ran into Jeff (the player, Joe C.'s roommate) at a restaurant today. SO funny. He looks exactly the same, married, 3 kids, lives in Eagle. Craziness! I only talked to him for a few minutes, but must admit that I was so pleased to run into him just after getting my hair done at the salon and wearing cute jeans...much better than with snotty kids, in workout clothes at the Walmart!

I'm dying to see you! When are you coming to ID? We'll be in Zion in early August...

j3and12002 said...

I love your MJ post. You know I was also a BIG MJ fan in the day. I will always appreciate his talent. He changed the world of dance, and that can't be disputed.

I too dressed as MJ at a few Halloween dances, minus the face paint- the guy is whiter than me (I thought of putting powder on my face)!

I love your photos.


Cameron said...

Wow, I am quite surprised that you can separate Jackson's musical legacy from his disgrace of being a child molester (his aquittals and settlements don't mean he was innocent...OJ..enough said). I'm not trying to be preachy but don't you think that the lives he's destroyed (and I'm sure you'd agree that child sexual abuse destroys lives or seriously injures them) completely undermines any amount of credibility or veneration that he's earned, even in the height of his musical success? I can't separate them, but that's just me. Amen.

To your credit, you did pull off a darn good impression of the guy.

PS, This is random but I've been meaning to ask you if you are going to sign Luke up for tennis lessons? I think he needs to learn a man's sport.


Mandee said...

I LOVE Michael Jackson so, so, so much. He is the ONE concert I really wanted to see. And sadly, it will never happen.

I had a MJ t-shirt in 5th grade- it was my favorite. (I also wore Esprit, so don't judge.)

And lastly- if and when you find that video, you'll have to have a party about it. Make sure you invite me!

p.s. if you sign Luke up for tennis lessons, let me know. I want to sign Max up, too.

Alexandra said...

I am still in shock from those photos. It was fortunate that you were at BYU when you did that.

Michael's life was a tragedy in the classic sense. He started out with so much talent and potential, and he ended up, literally, a freak. If only the Onion article written several years ago (about him having died in 1986 and an imposter had assumed his identity) were true! You know what I mean.

Alexandra said...

Lest I came across in the blogosphere as too serious, I felt I should add that those photos are so so so wonderful and they make me happy and light in my heart to see them.

Reximus said...

I'm with you, bro, ol MJ was nothing but a creepy dancing clown with a pension for pedophilia. That's one bell you can't unring. For those of you who truly loved the man, don't worry. One thousand years from now when some post historic nerd digs up his body they will find one sequined glove and his plastic face completely in tact and perfectly preserved.

Sam said...

Cam, while I respect tennis, only because of my older brother's involvement/accomplishments, let's not get carried away and call it a "man's sport." The only contact between competitors is when they hug after a match.

Luke will start tennis lessons, to borrow one of your father's infamous lines, when "monkeys fly out of my butt."

Cameron said...

Thanks for the update Sam, and I hope that the ONLY thing coming out of your butt is monkeys. I remember a very stinky car ride to Sun Valley about 9 years ago.

Sam said...

Cam, according to a recent survey of family members, 9 out of 10 people would prefer to smell my gas rather than your feet.

The only thing that scored worse was your old man's burp and blow.

The Mostess said...

Keep looking for the tape, Brooke! My sister and I have been trying to find our old tapes with dance routines, but so far we have only found our Dirty Dancing homage "Wipe Out." It sucks.

I was with my sis when we heard, and I could not believe it. Almost all of my childhood music memories are of Michael, Madonna, Bon Jovi and NKOTB. But mostly Michael. I still remember seeing the Thriller video for the first time.

My last MJ memory was from Lance's prom party--we all did the Thriller dance start to finish, ala' 13 Going on 30. I'm going to just keep that close to my heart.

Linde said...

He really was very talented. I feel for his kids and all of the media they'll get--whether they want it or not.

Post your video. Would be fun to see!

sheryl said...

I am not sure if the banter between Sam and Cam or the post gets more laughs! I think it would be great fun to have a family reunion and see Brooke in costume! MJ.... for me was just to weird. I feel sorry for the guy. Did he change music? Yes. Is, was he a music icon for good reason? Yes. Did he change dance? Yes.I think two things... moon walk and grab the croch .... is he worth tears? NO. Sorry. I think the destruction outweighs the positive. I see our high school girls dancing and incorporating his hip movement and think why? Even more, why would an active LDS leader, who serves in the young womens allow her girls to dance pelvic rock at the games? Thanks Michael.

Pandy said...

The Thriller video is the standard yet today - nothing can "beat it" -
Period. Sorry.

Kimmie said...

I've got a really CRAPPY version of it b/c Traci and Brigy couldn't work my video recorder back then...but it's yours for veiwing pleasure if you'd like to borrow it. They totally miss your entrance and some of the main moves, but I still laugh hard weatching it b/c I can see you doing it in my head!

Noelle Perkins said...

I just happened upon your MJ post and decided I needed to A. follow your blog, and B. make my profile picture MJ to honor the king. I want to be MJ so bad for Halloween this year, I am just afraid I will get fired from my calling if I show up at the ward trunk or treat as an ACQUITTED child molester.

Anyway, love ya!