Sunday, January 4, 2009

My 100

In the blogging world, you can't really have a blog without having a 100 list. So here are 100 things about me in no particular order:

1. People have told me I look like Elliot on Scrubs.

2. I am terrified of birds.

3. I have never balanced a checkbook or checked my balance online.

4. I spend way too much money on children's clothing.

5. I make a darn good carrot cake.

6. I have a terrible habit of picking the skin off my thumbs.

7. I am paranoid about my children drowning or being molested. I trust no one.

8. I honestly believe that under the right circumstances I could kill a man with my bare hands.

9.I subscribe to Real Simple magazine.

10. I make decisions with my gut more than my brain.

11. I love diet coke from the fountain--never from a can.

12. I hoard empty boxes. I will always ask for free boxes at stores and I never throw any away.

13. I prefer a bag of oreas to a restaurant dessert.

14. My last meal on earth will be Market Street Grill's clam chowder.

15. I love the color pink--it speaks to my soul.

Isn't this pink bug cute?

16. I love Target but I slum at Walmart because their prices are lower.

17. I knew I was going to have a boy first and did and knew I was going to have a girl next and did. I thought I was going to have another girl until I got pregnant and then I knew it was a boy.

18. I love my boys' dimples.

19. I love the smell of Samantha's clothes after she has worn them.

20. I don't enjoy play groups.

21. I am not a morning person--I struggle to get out of bed every day of my life.

22. I work out almost every day but don't watch what I eat, at all.

23. I collect Christmas ornaments and buy one whenever I go on a trip. (I still like them to go with my tree--usually a Santa or snowman in red and white.)

24. I have always felt bad for short men.

25. I enjoy throwing things away and detest clutter (except boxes!).

26. I value good customer service and will pay for it.

27. I think unloading the dishwasher is the worst chore ever.

28. I would never put anything I care about in the dryer.

29. I'm very competitive in games and sports.

30. I believe the only way to pay for a restaurant check in a group is the divide the total by the number of people eating and everyone pays the same amount. (even if you get soup and someone else gets steak--that's the price of doing business, baby.)

31. I prefer to shop alone.

32. I often tailgate when I drive. Sam says I look like I'm on a tow-line with the car in front of me.

33. I love to read but feel guilty doing it.

34. I am passive aggressive and inherently lazy. I hardly ever make my bed.

35. I am self-absorbed--hence the 100 list.

36. My favorite body part is my legs

37. My least favorite body part is my post-baby belly and fat arms.

38. I have been wearing tan cream on my legs since I was about 12 years old.

This is the best fake tanning product known to man. I will discuss it in another post.

39. When I'm resurrected I am going to beg for skin that tans.

40. I am claustorphobic and get uncomfortable in crowded places.

41. I am a good liar. I am not proud of this.

42. I cheated in the first grade and then lied about it.

43. I've danced my whole life. I was on Dance Company in high school.

44. I wrote for the school paper in high school, the Barb.

45. I got my drivers license the day I turned 16 and crashed the car taking it through Hardee's drive-thru that night.

I drove a '68 Chrysler Newport. We called it "the boat." It looked very similar to this baby except mine was a four-dour. This is the car that got scratched up in the accident.

46. My freshman year at BYU was a hard adjustment for me but turned out to be one of the best years of my life.

47. During college, I dated a professor. He was 39. I was 19. Even while I was doing it I knew it was so I would have good story to tell.

48.I attended BYU Jerusalem and consider it one of the best experiences of my life.

Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

49. I backpacked thorugh Europe after Jerusalem and stayed in youth hostils.

50. I fell in love with London because it reminded me of home. I missed America almost as much as I missed my family.

Big Ben in London

51. In college,I majored in English and minored in dating non-Americans (that one was for you dad!)

52. I met my husband through a friend at BYU. He is American.

53. The quality I love most about my husband is how hard he makes me laugh.

54. I always knew I would marry a funny man. I was never attracted to men who weren't funny.

55. I have always been happy and felt blessed in my life.

56.I like to give advice and I tend to be bossy with family.

57. I think multi-level marketing is of the devil.

58.I get invited to an inordinate amount of parties where people sell stuff.

59. I hate action movies.

60. I know almost every word to Raising Arizona and Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

"I found myself driving past convenient stores that weren't on the way home." If you haven't seen this movie, go out and rent it tonight. Nicholas Cage is brilliant.

A classic.

61.I love Church history and reading about Joseph Smith.

62. When I was little, I wanted to be a newscaster.

63. Then I started watching my dad's trials and realized I had to be a prosecutor.

64. I went to law school and became a prosecutor. I was always more interested in the facts of the case and the people than the law.

65. It still gets my heart pumping to hear a great closing argument, even on tv.

I love you Jack McCoy

66. I have never regretted my decision to stay home with my kids, not once.

67. My greatest flaw is impatience.

68. I yell too much at the little people in my home.

69. The quality I despise most in others is cheapness.

70. The quality I value most in others is loyalty.

71. I love decorating for the holidays. So do my kids.

72. I love traditions and my fondest memories of childhood involve traditions.

73. I would leave the house without make-up but would never leave without my toenails painted.

74. I have a favorite podiatrist.

75. I hate going to the dentist.

76. My favorite job was delivering flowers for Mildred's the summer after I graduated from collge.

77. In high school, my good friend's parents couldn't believe I was going to college.

78. I have a binder full of ideas for a dream home I’ll probably never build.

79. I dream of a mudroom in my home. I also dream of a classic white kitchen.

80.I love ribbon.

81. I make friends easily but prefer to keep them at arms length.

82.I love to buy things on the net so I can anticipate their arrival

83. I love Mexican Food.

84. I detest violence and hate guns.

85. I like sentimental things but have very few.

86. I love Christmas lights.

87. I love surprises but am rarely truly surprised.

88. I love the Lord Jesus Christ and know that he is my Savior.

89.I’d rather be called funny than beautiful.

90 I’d rather be beautiful than smart.

91. I’m the second child of 4 and I believe I'm my parents' favorite child, even though I was not their easiest or smartest child.

92. I’d rather get daisies than roses.

93. I have a testimony of designer denim. With that said, I buy most of my tops at Target and Old Navy. I also buy the cheapest sunglasses money can buy.

94. I think that there is too much handicapped parking at most places. I'm not trying to be discriminatory in saying this. It's just a fact.

95. I would never wear flip flops to church. I get very bugged when people dress too casually for church. My husband is tired of my rants about this.

96.I love tulips in the spring because they offer the hope of good weather ahead. But I love fall more. It has become my favorite season. (think boots, sweaters, good jeans!)

97. My greatest accomplishment was obtaining a guilty verdict on my first felony jury trial.

98.My greatest hope is to have my children gain testimonies of the gospel and love the Lord.

99. My proudest moment was watching one of my "old" laurels get married in the temple and having her tell me she was there because of me.

100. I have never gone to bed without flossing or removing my make-up.

Now, I would love to read your 100!


Jill said...

Fun 100. And I am so glad you went to Jerusalem, and so glad you backpacked through Europe, and so glad you let my parents put money in your bank account when I was pick-pocketed in Italy!

Sam said...

They all ring true. I know of a few others (think laundromat in Connecticut) but cannot share them publicly.

Kelly said...

I love everyone of those....I could go on and on about them but one of my favorites is the fountain Diet Coke instead of a can. There is absolutely no comparison and I will go to great lengths to get a good quality "fountain soda!"

lindsey said...

A great list!!!

Laura B. said...

I love this kind of stuff.
Now it's're a real blogger.
My favorite is that you would leave the house without make-up but never without having your toenails painted. hysterical!

Shelly B. said...

well, that was fun to read! I have never done a "100"...maybe I should. It would take me a year to think of 100 things, I swear!

shelby said...

Love it!! HOly cow I was laughing almost the whole time! Except the flip flop church part! I dont even own a pair of church shoes. I hate shoes, and wear flip flops year round! I loved the bird part! And you do look like Elliot! But your much prettier, and funnier!!!

Natalie said...

Okay, I have to know... who is #77?!?

Ashley said...

This was fabulous. I read it twice. I believe you could kill a man with your bare hands. Many of these seemed familiar and I would accuse you of copying my list except that I believe we really just have a lot in common. I am guessing Sam's comment refers to a toilet clogging incident.

Lizzy said...

That was so fun to read Brooke. I just love you and your honesty. I bet I drove you crazy when I was in YW because I recall wearing flip flops a lot and dressing very casually, sorry. I don't anymore though! When are we going to get together and go to lunch, or just chat at your house? I miss you!

PWarn said...

What a list! I'm surprized at how many ways we're alike. A few exceptions.....I love action movies...and if the good guy is violent, so be it. Somebody has to get the bad guy.

I have ugly feet or I'd probably wear flip-flops more often.

I must hear the story about birds. Did Hitchcock have anything to do with your fear?


Kelly said...

Amen on the casual clothes at church. There was even an Ensign article about this a few months ago and still, flip flops and tshirts. Thank you for telling the world how it should be.

You are hilarious--I love reading about you.

Terra said...

Awesome 100, totally agree with number 1, can't say I am 100% with you on number 100, haven't done my own 100...should, might, hmmmm. I will have to think about that.

Liz said...

Great list...I still need to do one. I, too, have a binder full of dream house ideas, want a super mudroom, and a classic white kitchen.

brooke said...

Ashley--no comment. Natalie--#77 was Fred and Pat. I remember sitting in their kitchen telling them I got accepted to BYU and one of them with a complete look of shock on their face said, "You're going to college?" Pandy--call me and I will walk you through the picture thing. It is so dang easy--If I can do it--anyone can do it.

Sam said...

Ashley, since you brought it up, the landromat in Connecticut went something like this: (1) "Emergency"--find a restroom; (2) pull into laundromat; (3) Brooke leaves vehicle and enters laundromat; (4) she immediately returns due to no lock on bathroom door and requests me to serve as guard; (5) I oblige; (6) several minutes later, Brooke rips the door open and informs me to "run for it"; and, (7) we jump into the Civic Dukes of Hazard style and speed off.

One of several close calls.

Linda said...

I'm glad to hear Sam's explanation of the laundromat incident. I was thinking it was a "mile-high-club" thing only laundromat style. Anyway, I'm glad you think you were our favorite child - it was my goal to have each child believe he/she was the fave.
Great list and pretty accurate. One of these days I'll do mine. Can I borrow all the dream house ideas, everyone??

Amy said...

I love this list. I relate to so much of it- You are too funny

The Mostess said...

I am so with you on...

~not balancing the checkbook-boring and pointless when you can just call for the balance.
~Gut is always the best way to go. Last time I made a sensible list of options, I regretted it.
~I love Jack mcCoy!! And L & O. And amazing closing arguments.
~I loathe mornings
~I snatch up ornaments on va-cay
~Spray tanning is the best. I tried to talk Ashley into tanning and wearing fake lashes for her reunion. Tyler gave me weird looks.

D-dawg said...

I love it. Seriously this was such a great list. We have a lot in common that's why I loved it. I want to do a list but it is way too intimidating. How long did it take you?

brooke said...

D-dawg, the scary thing is--it didn't take me that long. I had to shave down the list to 100.

Jonathan said...

impressive list Brooke! The things i can learn from your years of experience and wise decisions...

And by the way, I could out snicker doodle your oreos any time, any place.

Dave and Christine said...

I couldn't agree with you more on the church clothes. I especially couldn't stand the guys who wore flip flops in the singles wards. Didn't they realize trying to resemble Jack Johnson at church wasn't the thing to do?

The Reynolds Family said...

I laughed so hard at this list and so many of them brought back great memories! That you pick the skin on your thumb..classic! I had forgotten about that until I read it and then the visual came back to me!

Ashley said...

What does it take to get a new post around here?!?

gwen said...

Brookie! This list just made me miss you even more...even though you keep me at arm's length! :-) Funny you mentioned dating the prof...I was telling Rich's Dad about that over Christmas, and he was floored. I still crack up thinking about that guy. And I'm trying to remember what foreigners you may have brought home?! I still credit your Dad for my degree in English...Man, I miss you!

Tyler said...

Did you just steal Ashley's list of 100? I swear you guys are so alike in so many ways.

Tyler said...

Oh, and I believe that you might be able to kill a man if you were mad enough. I also think you could take Ashley down in a heartbeat.

sarahwarner said...

Your 100 is very entertaining. Your dream kitchen and mud room are amazing, I hope you get someday and soon. You'll have to post 100 more.

joslyn said...

hey brooke, i found you awhile ago. i had to comment to say holy crap we have alot in common. we need to do lunch and chat clothes, getting out of bed, clutter, despising cheap people, beging obsessed with ribbon, keeping friends at a distance, and trusting no one, and i could go on. GREAT LIST

sheryl said...

I can't believe you can think of 100 things! All funny! I had a heart attack when I saw #60 and wondered how you got one of my family photos...then I looked close. :) Someday when life settles down I will write about 100 or maybe 50, well at least 10 things about me. Will life ever settle down?

Jill said...

I love to read 100 lists about people, they're so interesting and it's so fun to find similarities.

I never found unfunny men attractive either, and I'd definitely rather be called funny than beautiful.

I feel the same way about casual clothes at church and am seriously appalled by some of the stuff I see. One day a woman who went up to say the prayer in Sacrament meeting had a denim skirt, flip flops and a tight, white Shade shirt (it looked like an undershirt) with her hair in a messy bun-type thing. She seriously looked like she was headed to a BBQ after cleaning the house all day. I was scandalized!

Stephanie said...

It looks like I'm way behind the times reading this but I loved reading your clever 100 list! You're the best!

Catherine Lindsay said...

Brooke!! Your mo told me about your blog and I tell you I am addicted. You are such a good writer, and totally entertaining. I am so intrigued by your professor story. Tell me more!!!!! What a story.