Sunday, January 18, 2009

Drugstore Beauty

I'm pretty low maintenance. (Just ask Sam--no wait, don't!) Some of my favorite products can be picked up your local drugstore. I prefer Walmart. I know many of you are down on the place but you can't beat the prices or the return policy. So here are a few of the things I've been using for years:

Sally Hansen's AirBrush legs
I started wearing tan cream when I was 12 years old. No one had even heard of it back then. To this day, I hate the smell of the stuff and the fact that it takes about 12 hours to work. Then I found this product. I love it because it is absolutely odorless. It is instant--you spray it on and voila! Tan legs. It is supposed to be a replacement for panty hose but who wears those anyway? I just like that it is not super dark or fake looking and I don't have to think ahead. Obviously, this is only for legs. If I really need to look hot/skinny/both--I head to the tanning beds for the spray on tan. They are awesome.

Oil of Olay Moisure Lotion with SPF 15I've worn this under my makeup everyday for as long as I can remember. It is cheap, light, non-greasy and of course has sunscrean in it.

Oil of Olay Face Wash
Awesome. I have no idea why anyone would pay good money for a name brand cleanser from the make up counter.

Johnson's Baby Oil
This is the only thing that takes off my mascara and eye make-up. Nothing else works for me.

Bath and Body Works Lip Gloss
I know this is not technically drugstore but it is still cheap. I hate lipstick. Like so much. I love this lip gloss with spf 15. I usually buy the tinted version.

Finally, Goop

This isn't a beauty product but I had to include it. My good friend Heidi introduced me to Goop. I use it on stains in the laundry. You have to buy it in the automotive department at Walmart. You just rub some of it on the stain and throw the item in the wash. It takes out ketchup, oil, baby poop. It's a miracle product. Give it a try.

Now, what are your favorite drugstore beauty products?


Mandee said...

so excited about that Goop. And I love that B&B lipgloss. Yes on the tinted version.

But liptick isn't bad.

Sam said...

Interesting list, but why no post on the Steelers? They are headed to the Superbowl on February 1st, seeking their sixth ring. Where is the love?

Pandy said...

I'll give you some love, Sam.

I'm not even a Steeler's fan and I say enjoy the ride! The Chargers (remember...they beat the Steelers in the game we saw) woke up for the Colts, then died again.

Enjoy the Superbowl. I didn't even know Arizona had a team, so I'll probably give a shout out to the Steelers, too.

Brooke, I love the Oil of Olay moisturizer. I've used it for years. Haven't heard of Goop, but I'll check it out. I tried one of those spray on tan places once and HATED it. I felt like I was being coated with chocolate....which would have been far better!

Linda said...

Sam - I'm waiting for my "thank-you" --you wouldn't have even known the Steelers were playing today if I hadn't called to tell you. (I try to call Sam every time I notice that the Steelers are playing - he really appreciates it!)
Brooke - It's funny you would do this post. I was just telling your dad that we should buy Oil of Olay stock - that it will be the first stock to skyrocket in this economy because the product is better than all the pricey stuff and it works! I've had two different dermotologists recommend it. I use the old lady versions - Regenerist, I think. And tanning cream - I too, am a junkie. Banana Boat deep dark (you know, for us blondes) It's hard to find - once again, sometimes Walmart is the only place to get it.
Why haven't you told me about the Goop?

Ashley said...

Funny, I use the Walmart brand (Equate) version of Oil of Olay bc Oil of Olay is too expensive. I guess I really am a tightwad. But it works great too--you should try it!

I have just started putting Johnson's baby oil on my legs after I saw a picture of Jessica Simpson with really shiny legs. I love it. Sam would probably like it, too!

The Mostess said...

Fake tanners rule all. Did you know there's an all-over tanning spray you can grab @ Sephora, or online? I also like Body Bling. It's what J-Lo uses to make her look so luminous.

I like Cetaphil facial cleanser, Skintimate shaving gel, Aquaphor for my lips, and Neutrogena sunblock. The rest has to come from specialty shops because I have sensitive skin and special hair.

Terra said...

From the drug store it is my Dove Cucumber Deoderant and Aveeno Oatmeal Lotion....I suppose I figure if I am ever starving I can eat my beauty products eh?

Kelly said...

Oh gosh...these are all great products. I am not the biggest fan of any spray on tan but I have used this one and it works. Something I use that takes my makeup right off, no smudges, it Cetaphil cleanser. I get it at Costco and it works great!

Sam said...


I appreciate the shout out, but I have to correct the record. San Diego lost the game in 2005. The Monday Night game (October 10, 2005) between the Steelers and Chargers ended on Jeff Reed's 40 yard field goal as time expired to give the Steelers a 24-22 victory. I know that Charger fans struggle with their team's inability to get to the Superbowl, but we cannot allow history to be rewritten.

It was one of the best experiences of my life. Thanks Mark and Pandy.

Corinne said...

i am going to have to try that goop. i am always looking for a good stain remover with my kids!
i hate the tanning lotion/spray on tan, i prefer the real thing. but i do use it when i am prego! i guess i just might die of skin cancer! oh well at least i will die looking good!

sheryl said...

Love the bath and bodyworks lip gloss. Love how it tingles. My grandmother who lived to 95 swore by oil of olay. One day we were talking skin care and she said I have to use my oil of olay or I feel like I am.... 75! (mind you she was 90) we both just laughed. I love their body wash. You hardly have to use lotion when you use it.

Nivea is also a good cheap one. Europeans love it. Dermotologists recommend it and I have read that it competes with high end department store products and wins.

Eliza said...

I'm a Dove girl. Love the goop tip!