Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Dog!

Today is Sam's birthday. He made me promise and swear that I wasn't going to do a tribute to him on my blog. He doesn't like attention. I know, it's weird. After thinking about it, I decided it's my blog and I put what I want on it. So here are 34 things about Sam. Don't kill me Babe!

1. I call him Dog or sometimes Babe.
2. He is a rabid Steelers Fan.
3. The highlight of his life was attending a Steeler's game in San Diego in 2006. Thanks Pandy and Mark! He couldn't stop talking about the pomp and the pageantry of Monday Night Football.

4. He wears a Steelers jersey to watch the games at home.
5. He is the world's best dad.

6. He doesn't like going out with other couples. He would rather just go out with me.
7. Sam makes delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.
8. He only uses milk chocolate chips--thinks semi-sweet are an abomination.
9. He is the funniest person I know.
10. Sam is obsessed with seeing someone he knows wherever we go--especially the airport. However, he doesn't really like to talk to people--he just wants to see them. Celebrity sightings are okay but he really likes to see an acquaintance or someone from "real life."
11. Sam is an attorney and does litigation defense work and criminal defense.

12. He finished our basement with his dad.
13. He says he would quit the law for manual labor if it paid as well as the law.
14. Sam grew up in Pittsburgh and Salt Lake City.
15. He played football and basketball in high school.
16. He was one of two boys who lettered their sophomore year in football for the varsity team. He brings this up a lot--glory days.
17. Sam loves mexican food, sushi, and anywhere with a basket of chips or bread.

18. He is a bit snobby about chain restaurants. He turns his nose up at Chilis and the OG
19. He loves to travel--especially to tropical locations.
20. He loves to bike--he goes on 4 hour rides almost every Saturday in the summer. He served his mission in Belgium and France and dreams of returning during the Tour de France.

21. He is religious about working out--he gets on the treadmill almost every night.
22. He loves the tv show 24. He also loves Damages and Burn Notice.

23. Sam thinks Stephen Colbert is the funniest man alive.

24. He also loves Tony Cornheiser and the show PTI.

25. He loves Jessica Simpson--not her music--her!

26. He loves Disneyland more than any child. He would like to go every year.

27. He just experienced a mid life crisis and purchased a 4-door jeep wrangler. I'm waiting to be replaced with a trophy wife.
28. Sam makes "the big breakfast" for the kids at least once a week--we're talking pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, OJ--the works. My kids are going to be obese.
29. Sam is obsessed with this huge Walmart distribution center outside of St. George. Everytime we pass it, he loves to talk about how large it is. I'm working on getting him inside for a tour.

30. Sam is a good golfer.
31. Sam loves country music--I converted him. He also loves old school rap and knows a lot of questionable lyrics.
32. He thinks the second hour of church is optional.
33. Sam is one of the most giving people I know. He is constantly doing pro bono legal work or helping people move, etc. Just this week he offered to sell a kidney to pay for something I wanted. He was dead serious.
34. He is still my favorite person on the planet.

Happy Birthday Dog--I love you!


Marni said...

I thought the second hour to church was optional? Was I wrong? Happy bday Sam.

sarahwarner said...

Happy Birthday Sam! Brooke's right, you always make people laugh. Don't give up your kidney that quickly-the way your household goes through diet coke, I think you will need your extra kidney before you know it. Great post...

The Mostess said...

Happy Birthday! Of course, you don't really 'know' me, but you're wife knows all she needs to know about me from the ol' blog.

Old school rap is the best. Since Ashley turned down my "rap off" challenge, maybe I can take him up on it...questionable lyrics and all.

I'm friends with booking agent @ PTI. For real. Want some PTI schwag??

Jaime said...

Happy Birthday Sam! Hey, do you and Brooke want to go to dinner at Outback on Saturday night with me and Steve to celebrate? Just thought I would ask.....

Shelly B. said...

Wait, the second hour of church isn't optional? Well I'll be...

Happy Bday to your hubby!

Sam said...

I begged and pleaded for Brooke not to do a birthday "tribute." And I thought I had secured a promise that there would be none. I have never enjoyed birthday attention for some reason and would rather that the day pass quickly and quietly (and without a blog tribute).

With that said, thanks for the post. And, The Mostess, I would love PTI schwag. It is the best show on television (except when Bob Ryan is a guest host).

Jaime, I appreciate the invitation, but since you refuse to acknowledge me at our sons' soccer games, I know it is a un-vitation. I would prefer Applebee's or T.G.I.F.

Mandee said...

Sup Dog... Happy Birthday. I love Burn Notice too. Can't wait for January 22nd.

Ashley said...

Too funny--this totally captured Sam. I would add that he can eat 11 McDonalds cheeseburgers and he can do great (cruel!) imitations of people. Sam is like a brother to me. You couldn't have found a better husband--you two are perfect together. Happy Bday Sam!

Ashley said...

I mean 13 cheeseburgers.

Linda said...

Happy Birthday, Sam!! I agree with Ashley - Brookie got it all right! AND Sam CAN DO wicked imitations - I've seen my own, but I love him anyway!
And the kids are so lucky to have such a great father - I knew Sam would be great before Luke was born and he had a "list" of rules about who could hold him and how.
Love ya, Sam!

Pandy said...

Happy Birthday, Sam!! Are you sure you don't have a younger twin brother?

I only use milk chocolate chips in my cookies. The second hour of church IS optional. Long live "24"
and chips and salsa!!

You and Brookie restore my faith in marriage! I wish you many more wonderful birthdays together.

sheryl said...

One more Happy Birthday to Sam! He really is a great guy! I think I mentioned before that I have always thought he was the perfect son-in-law as I watch his interaction with Linda. I know personally of his kindness and appreciate him very much! With that said, I am very sorry to hear about #31. I guess everyone can have their faults. As far as Jessica...I am sure it is the hair. Yep, got to be the hair. And last...when we moved to the east the strangest thing in the world to me was the complete isolation I felt because I never EVER saw anyone I knew. I remember the last time I went to the grocery store I had to smile thinking, wow, it feels good to know people. (even if they smoked in the grocery store) ...that would have been west virginia zip code e i e i o. (it is now illegal even there to smoke in the grocery store)

Kelly said...

Sam, Happy Birthday!! I sure wish I knew you better because a man who loves chips, salsa and bread and can eat 13 McDonalds a winner in my book!

Jonathan said...

Well, Im bitter. Sam, i thought you were a cool dude, Dog. I just rolled in from a long, tiring day of serving fajitas at my work, I roll in and read this. Wow, im shocked.

I mean, Happy Birthday, but wow.

Did I mention i work at Chilis?

I have incriminating photos of you from a certain sisters wedding. Maybe its time to unleash?

Amy said...

I wish I knew Sam better. I've only heard good things about him though. Mostly about how freakin' funny he is. That's my kind of guy! Happy Birthday Sam

Kimmie said...

You are hilarious! I have so enjoyed reading your blog...Braden dies of laughter about anything you or Sam say and write! My personal favorite was the Walmart center in St. George...what a funny guy!