Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Eater's Remorse

As I was driving home from Chic-fil-a tonight, enjoying a delicious, refreshing peach shake, I silently thanked my friend Heidi for putting me on to such a delicacy.

When I got home, I finished the shake and began getting the kids their food. I started to feel very full, uncomfortably full. But I still had a chicken sandwich to eat so I soldiered on. (Disclaimer: I'm not usually the type who drinks a shake with a meal--it has been an incredibly long day with sick whiney kids and I pulled the trigger.)

When I finished my sandwich, I was so full I had to lie down for a minute on the couch. Then it hit me. I should go downstairs and take a look at the nutritional information on that yummy shake. As I pulled up the info, I was horrified. 850 calories in a large peach shake!!! But phew, I only ate the small. 720 calories in the small!! What the?! There are also 19 grams of fat and 118 grams of SUGAR! Are you kidding me. This in ADDITION to my meal!!

Heidi is in big trouble. I would never speak to her again if she wasn't one of my favorite people. Heidi has never darkened my doorway without bringing me a 44 oz diet coke over ice. It just so happens that she also braved Lagoon with me last week and took my kids on rides while I sat with Ryan. Yeah, I forgive her this time but it doesn't mean I won't be putting her on to those "low-fat" cinnabuns at the mall!

Do any of you have a good eater's remorse story?

ps. If you want to laugh hard--go check out my friend Heather's blog today about who she has been dating this summer. It is hilarious. http://justheatherann.blogspot.com/


Ashley said...

I still have eater's remorse for the whole 90s decade. Bagels, smoothies, and all the other fat-free foods I thought I could eat with reckless abandon. Curse you Covert Bailey.

And then there was that one legendary night at Chevys were I was misinformed about the nutritional information of about 2 dozen fresh tortillas.

Sometimes ignorance really is bliss.

brooke said...

You're right Ashley. The 90s were all about eating low fat. I remember in high school I used to eat two chocolate Costco muffins every day for lunch. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that probably wasn't the best idea.

I remember finding out they had 40 fat grams a piece. I about died. The dumb thing is--I should have been worrying about calories. I was probably packing 1000 calories or more just for lunch. Good thing my metabolism hadn't caught up with me yet the way it has now.

Dave and Christine said...

I know I am pregnant with twins but I still somewhat try to watch what I eat. My goal is not to near the 100 lb mark at the end of this.

Today however I had big time eater's remorse. Somehow while picking up my Diet Pepsi at Chevron I justified a couple Krispie Kreme glazed donuts and a Milky Way for a snack. Let me add it was only 9:30 in the morning. I feel disgusting and don't dare face the nutritional facts. My thighs feel twice as big tonight.

By the way, that peach shake looks amazing! I am glad you put up the nutritional facts to deter me from it cause I was about to jump in my car to get one.

Lisa Cannon said...

OH MY! I found those shakes when they first came out, and they are dang good. I even had one with my lunch, too. Hey, we all give in once in a while. Never again! I'm trying to be a good girl. I've got 13 pounds of baby fat to loose still and that won't help at all. I have family pictures scheduled Oct 3rd. Am I crazy to do them so soon after baby? I think I need to reschedule for next summer.

Corinne said...

if i looked at the nutritional info on everything i ate i think that i would have eater's remorse every day! and i can't figure out why i can't get skinny! go figure! k your family pictures turned out so cute. sammie's skirt is to die for where did you get it! i love that there are like 50 pictures of her and 1 of each of your boys! ha makes me not feel so guilty about camree!

Jill said...

Oh my goodness, no wonder you had to lie down! I felt that same betrayal a couple years ago after discovering (I tend to avoid nutritional information) that a Sonic Orange Cream Slush (so good) has 14 grams of fat in it. I had been ordering those fairly regularly to that point. Now I pretty much only ever eat ice from Sonic, but I'm still fat so maybe I should check the nutritional info on that too.

Melissa Walker said...

I have eater's remorse every time I take the kids to McDonald's and intending to be good, I order a salad with grilled chicken--only to finish off what my THREE kids don't eat from their happy meals which probably amounts to 1/2 cheeseburger, 4 chicken nuggets and a medium size fries. This is in addition to my healthy salad that's still probably 400 calories! The only way I can refrain from overeating is to lock myself in my room. And sorry Lisa, but I had a baby a couple months before you and still have 15 pounds to lose--I don't feel bad for you!

Heather said...

From yesterday...I ate 1/2 a cherry pie leftover from Chad's birthday, after that I ate a berry blossom and an apple blossom (because I needed a taste of each). You can find the delicious fruit pastry that is a blossom at your local Walmart freezer section. Just pop them into the oven and you have lovely homemade pastry dessert. I love pie.

The Mostess said...

Rocky Road ice-cream. I thought...meh, 18 grams of fat isn't too bad.' Then I realized it was 4 servings per container. Um...I ate 80 grams worth of fat 4 times over the span of 4 days. Ugh. A week later it showed up on my booty and gut.

Totally unrelated--did you see this???


The Mostess said...

And the two tacos from Jack in the Crack that I ate last night to drown my sorrows about the concert being canceled. I regret it now. Ugh.

Mandee said...

two tacos from Jack in the Crack sound really good right now. And some curly fries.

So, about a month ago Chic-Fil-A gave me a peach shake by mistake- I had ordered the cookies-n-cream, I took one sip and did not love it. Maybe because I was expecting a cookie shake. I am saddened and shocked over the news about calories and fat grams. I love their cookie shake, probably as much as I love my children. This goodbye will be difficult.

brooke said...

Lisa--you just had that baby--I still probably have 13 pounds "of baby fat" to lose.

Missy--I do the exact same thing at McDonalds--why do I even order myself food?

Mostess--Is Jack in the Crack Jack in the box? I wish we had one here. Your link isn't working..but I'm intrigued.

Mandee--the peach shake is divine but I bet the cookies and cream is even better. Remarkably, the peach shake is the most caloric and has the most fat and sugar of all of their shakes. Cookies and cream wasn't as bad!

Bonnie said...

Oh that peach shake does look good! I've wondered about it myself. Maybe if you just had it for your meal and nothing else? haha

I've been stuck on McDonalds new Sweet Tea and I know it's all sugar, and empty calories but I LOVE it!

Christie said...

I have eater's remorse every day. Like those three cookies I just finished eating? REMORSE.

Stupid, delicious cookies.

j3and12002 said...

I drive to MCD's almost every day for the .99 large diet coke, telling myself I'm only getting the drink. Kids meals and a few large fries later- there is my eater's remorse. I'm sitting here right now with a large fry in my belly. I need to figure out how to avoid temptation and only get the diet coke!

- By the way, your pictures turned out so cute!

Lisa P

Alexandra said...

i hate drinking calories. only an icecream milkshake is ever justified, in my view. i dont really care for fruit blends.

the 90s were really funny insofar as dieting was concerned. i had a friend that was constantly on a diet and would only eat fat-free things, but they were loaded with calories. she never lost weight until she went off her diet and ate like a normal person. it was pretty funny.

i prefer not to know what the caloric information is. i would rather just going running a few times a week and eat as i please.

Linde said...

Have you read my blog about downing a bag of chocolate chips. :) I understand, but as long as it is not everyday it is fine. Besides, you had sick kids alllllllll day and at the end of the day I am usually past caring. :)

LOVED the dating blog. I could so relate. Over 30 or so and it is hard to find people you feel might be normal enough to date. But there is hope for her--I found Jason.

Cute family pictures!!

The Mostess said...

Mandee--don't do it!!

Jack in the Crack is what we all call Jack in the Box. We're a classy bunch.

Copy and paste the entire link into your browser, and the story will show up. Allegedly, Jillian dumped erectile dysfunction over the weekend in Vegas.

sheryl said...

Is 19 grams of fat a lot? 118 grams of sugar bad?

Grams are so small I don't think they really matter on a big girl like me. :)

As my daughter who graduated with a nutrition degree said to me... Mom, the food you eat DOES matter! Oh....

...I'd put my tail between the legs again, except that it wont fit.

And seriously Brooke, you talking about being fat is like WHATEVER! You can't post tweety bird legs and cry fat! You get ZERO sympathy!

p.s. I have two sizes of windows, how do you want to use it?

Ashley said...

Sheryl's comment is hilarious.

brooke said...

Sheryl--you are so funny.

I want to hang the window on the big wall going down my stairs. Maybe hang a little wreath on the window as well.

What do you think? If that doesn't work--I can hang it in my basement--plenty of room.

sheryl said...

sounds cute. I will give you the bigger window. Sounds like you can handle it.

D-dawg said...

This was so funny as were all of the comments. It feels good to know we all have bingers remorse weekly, if not daily. Today I ate chips and dip (the sour cream kind) for my morning snack and chocolate chips cookies for lunch. It was disgusting. ANd speaking of the 90's I used to buy a fresh baked loaf of french bread from safeway and eat the whole thing for lunch- just breaking of a chunk at a time! But the 2 costco muffins is so funny! I'm linking to this post.

Rochelleht said...

Ha ha! Came over from Danae. Just got out of a car driving from Utah to Texas for 20 hours. That's 20 hours of remorse, baby.

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