Friday, January 28, 2011

Chicken Enchilada Soup

My sister Ashley sent me this recipe for Chicken Enchilada Soup. I am sharing it with you because it is delicious and stupid easy. In fact, I regret that Sam watched me open up the 6 cans and dump everything in because I got no props for making dinner. He loved the soup and that is saying something since (like most men) he doesn't like soup. I suggest making this before your husband walks in the door and then acting like you really put yourself out!

Here is the recipe:

1 can of green chili enchilada sauce
1 (15 oz. can, drained) yellow corn
1 large (28 oz.) can diced tomatoes
1 can cream of chicken soup
1/2 package of taco seasoning
1 (14.5 ounce) cans chicken broth
1 (15 ounce) can black beans
1 can of chunk chicken (I bought a rotisserie chicken and pulled the chicken off--much better than the canned stuff.)

Open the cans, pour everything into a large saucepan or stock pot. Simmer over medium heat until chicken is heated through.

Serve w/ shredded cheese, sour cream, avocado,fresh tomatoes, & tortilla chips, etc

This would be good with my cornbread recipe found here.


Monday, January 24, 2011

It is My Day. It is My Time

Tonight I watched the show with my friend Mandee. Well, not in person--we watched it at our own homes and texted each other throughout the show. It was pretty much a running dialogue on our phones and I laughed so hard a couple times that I think I was starting to annoy Sam. So Mandee forgive me because I'm just going to be saying all the same stuff I already texted you.

I have to start by saying I loved Chris Harrison's cardigan at the beginning. I usually hate cardis on men but on Chris, it worked.

Okay, let's talk about Chantel. She is my current favorite. I think she is good for Brad. She has a little fire. Loved the cabana scene. But is anyone else sick of the producers putting every girl on a date where she has to face her biggest fear? I would never ever tell the producers that I am terrified of birds or I guarantee Brad and I would end up at an aviary.

I actually liked the group date. My cousin Liz has a thing for Dr. Drew so I couldn't help but think about her the entire time. But I'm sorry, Liz, Dr. Drew? I just don't see it!

Britt brought her A game to the Dr. Drew date. I wasn't loving her heart hoops (and she desperately needs a hair cut) but she got it on with Brad. She might just be the dark horse this season. Brad apparently loves her. My friend Mandee commented about how tiny her bum is. She is a toothpick. And the worst is--she is a food and wine critic. If I had that job, I would be 300 pounds, no questions asked.

The Dr. Drew after party was where Ashley H. took a train to crazy town. I don't think she's coming back folks. From her rant in the hot tub to her sneaking up on Brad and Britt to her tear-filled complaint to Brad the next day, she is on an emotional roller-coaster. I understand that the dynamics of the show bring out every girl's emotional side, but you've got to pull it together in front of Brad. He just saw the next 50 years pass before his eyes and it wasn't pretty. Can you even imagine if you were one of Ashley's dental patients? Would you not be on the horn first thing tomorrow morning trying to find another dentist? Me too.

Alright. Michelle. Have I mentioned how annoying she is? "It is MY day. It is MY time. She is taking MY TIME on MY DAY!" Can you even picture how Bridezilla she had to have been on her wedding day with the MY DAY business? I loved how Chantel called her out about causing a scene on the first group date. Maybe that's why I like Chantel so much.

I could seriously spend the rest of this post bagging on Michelle. I don't have to. You all get it. She totally sucks. She is always acting sooo tough to the camera in her monologues and then so different with Brad. Don't get me started on the black eye....I honestly couldn't watch her time in the pool with Brad. When I see Brad with Michelle, it makes me question his judgement. Yes, she's pretty. She is also Crazy.Like.A.Fox.

I fast forwarded through the therapist. Someone tell me if anything good happened with him. Heaven help us if he is going to be a regular thing. Apparently, Fleiss didn't get my letter last week.

I kind of thought the little picnic with Emily was hokey. He clearly really likes her. She is a perfect little Barbie doll and so nice. I just honestly don't know if she has enough umph for him you know? Did you all love her 6 inch gold hooker shoes?

I was so embarrassed for Shawntel (not Chantel!) with her 1-2-3 leap into Brad's arms re-enactment. My friend Heidi thinks she looks just like Hillary Swank. Good call.

I'm so glad Brad sent home the ugly bartender Stacey (who is also a cheater.) Sheesh--how did she stick around this long? I was kind of sad to see Meghan go. She seemed the most normal to me with the best personality but we all know that ain't what it's about. I was shocked that Lisa (from Kansas) with the horrible hair got a rose.

Next week, we are going to Vegas. I hate Vegas. And seriously Fleiss, we are doing the Broadway show thing again? We've got to get some new date ideas and venues. We've been using that same pool on top of the building for years now.

And the racetrack? Good grief. Poor Emily. They are playing her like a fiddle. It is such good tv. I don't know how I'm going to sleep this week!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This and That--Family Edition

It can't all be about the Bachelor right? Though if you spoke to me in real life in the last forty-eight hours, chances are good, we discussed it.

Here is what has been going on in my real life:

1. Ryan broke his arm yesterday. Again. Yes, this is twice in one year. Ryan was dinking around on the kitchen table and took a header. The part I feel guilty about is that I turned around seconds before he fell and saw him on the table, shrugged, and continued to unload the dishwasher. When I told the ER doc this was his second broken arm, I got the feeling he was considering contacting DCFS.

2. Ryan scored a new Woody costume from my mom for his pain and suffering. He has insisted on wearing it since he got home from the hospital. He wanted to wear it to the pediatrician today (I had to take Buster in) but I knew if she saw him in it, with his arm hanging out like that in a sling (and it was a blizzard outside) she would contact DCFS for sure:

3. The woody costume was supposed to be his big prize for when he got potty-trained. The training may have to be put on hold now that he only has one arm. Here is the best part. Guess who is training him? Luke. Yup. I'm bribing Luke with a wii game when Ryan gets trained. Brilliant right? Luke and Ryan are constantly in the bathroom working on technique. Here is Luke on Christmas Eve. (the only pic I could find of him--pathetic.)

4. Buster has bronchitis and is an angel during the day but keeps me up all night. He is still the cutest, chubbiest baby on the planet. I love his nakedness:

5. Sammie continues to be my shopper. We found this new adorable store called Beets n' Parsnips. It is run by the same lady that used to own Beets n Snips. The new store does nothing but skirts and ruffly cardigans and leggings, etc--no dresses. My mom laid down some serious coin in there a couple weeks ago. This outfit is for Sammie's birthday. If you are interested in checking the place out, you might want to wait a few weeks because they will be getting in all of their spring stuff soon.

6. I'm filling my days wiping bums, wiping noses, driving carpools and polishing off an entire Harmon's sheet cake. We bought it for Sam's birthday and it completely annihilated my new years resolution to get back on the wagon. I don't think I even ate a single piece on a plate. Nope. Just stood there over the thing with a fork and straightened out my lines until it was gone.

7. Sam is taking Luke to Pittsburgh this weekend to watch the Steelers play in the AFC championship game (last game before the Superbowl.) I don't mind them going because 1) it has been Sam's lifelong dream to see the Steelers play at home in Pittsburgh and 2) I buy stuff on the net to make myself feel better for being home alone. I'm desperate for new church clothes. I bought this dress at Dillard's online. I hope it's cute in real life:

8. I got my Christmas present delivered--a new leather couch. I spend my days staring at it and wondering if it is too dark for my house. Sammie has taken to calling it the "elephant in the room." My kids don't want to sit on it. They like the old couch. I really want to paint and get new drapes and maybe slipcover the big plaid chair. Don't worry Sam--I have a birthday coming and Valentines and Mothers Day....

9. My fridge looks like this. Does anyone else hate making dinner as much as I do. I know I'm in a gourmet cooking group. I still hate thinking about dinner I think it's time for me to find some more EASY dinner recipes. Crock pot anyone?

10. I've got spring fever so bad. Christmas is over. Where are the blue skies? Let's bring on some nice weather--at least the 50s right?

What's new with all of you?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Dear Mr. Fleiss,

Dear Mr. Fleiss,

I love your show. You've really got something good. But please, please never subject us to the therapist again. It was excruciating. If you need more footage, don't show us more of Brad soul-searching. Show us more of Brad showering, Brad in the hot-tub, Brad in his convertible, you get the picture...


Brooke H.

Now, let's get down to business.

First, Let's talk about the elephant in the room. How on EARTH did Seal bag Heidi Klum? I couldn't even focus on the rest of Ashley and Brad's date because all I could think about is Heidi Klum's perfect face and body and Seal's sweet spirit (You know what I mean!) Someone explain it to me? They even have kids together. I think it's for real:

I've said it before. I think Ashley S is adorable. Loved her leggings and cute black and white top. Love her crappy singing (I can relate!) Loved her getting emotional about her dad. I just don't think she will end up with Brad. I think she is going to be his BFF. I'm sad for her.

Does every woman on the show have a dad issue of some sort? We got dead dads, delinquent dads, cheating dads...the list goes on. I think it was some sort of prerequisite to coming on the show.

Let's discuss the group date. Didn't we just see this same group date last week? I'm so over it. Were you all embarrassed for the girl who talked about getting pit stains in her work-out top? (The same girl who talked to Brad about her bum being too big for her last boyfriend.) Cringe again.

I should have stuff to say about Shawntel (the funeral director) from this date since she got the rose and all, but she is kind of mute and boring so I've got nothing to say. All I really want to say is how annoying Michelle is. I could say that all night. I was soooo relieved when she didn't get the rose. Shame on you Fleiss for leading us on like that!

I wanted to roll my eyes when Michelle was acting like she feels bad about leaving her daughter to come on the show. I wonder how she felt when she slept with Boozer. Oh crap. Did I just say that? Do you all love it as much as I do when she does the fireworks thing to describe her kiss with Brad? Classic. Loved her telling Brad "We're in our first fight" and he's like "we are?" He knows she's crazy but he's a slave to her looks. Annoying.

Sweet sweet little Barbie doll Mother Theresa Emily. I love that description of her. You want to hate her but you can't. A good friend of mine thinks she looks like a playmate with the bleached hair and the hooker shoes. It's true but you can't be a hater. Her story even made me tear up and I have a black heart. Loved her date with Brad.

Are we all loving Chantel? Good, me too. I'm confused about the vampire. Why did she leave? I kind of think she didn't think she had a chance and didn't want to get hurt. Or maybe, she just wanted Emily to win.

Finally, the crazy exit interviews. This is why I watch people. Neither girl let me down. The first decided to go all "I'm the bomb and he's missing out" and the other went completely sob-fest, mascara dripping down the face, "I'll never find love again." I felt bad for that girl. Someone needed to tell her the 90s called...

Can't wait 'till next week.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Every Dog has his Day

There is no particular reason for this post. I promised Sam I would not mention the significance of this day on my blog. So without further ado. Here are 36 things about Sam:

1. I have called him "Dog" since before we were married. Sometimes I call him "Babe." I rarely call him Sam.

2. He is an attorney and works in-house for one of Larry H. Miller's companies here in town. Though we are both attorneys, we never, ever discuss the law or his work at home--too boring:

The dog being all serious and lawyerly.

3. Sam lived in Pittsburgh as a child and is a rabid Steelers fan. He has traveled to several games and dreams of seeing the Steelers play at home in Pittsburgh.

4. He wears a very ugly Steelers tie to church when they have a big game. He has also been known to wear some yellow Steelers socks to church as well.

5. His dream when he retires from the law is to buy (I hope rent) an RV and follow the Steelers for a year:

6. Sam has an uncanny knack to be able to imitate just about anyone. Beware!

7. About once a year, Sam gets all domestic and brings home a huge frozen turkey. We call it "the bird." He then prepares an entire Sunday dinner with all the side dishes. This year, he paced around the kitchen for a good fifteen minutes before he worked up the courage to remove the neck. He finally got it out and almost gagged in the process. To which I always respond "Save the neck for me Clark!"

Sam holding the neck. Yes, he is wearing latex gloves. He has his own box just for these types of projects.

8. Sam has the nicest dress clothes on the planet. However, he has the trashiest collection of casual clothes you have ever seen. We are talking cargo shorts, Steelers tees and Steelers polo shirts. Casual Friday at his work has been a major source of stress for both of us.

9. For years, he has been afraid of sweaters--the heat! This year, I finally convinced him to try one. He now owns three. A huge victory for me!

10. Sam has a man crush on Robert Downey Jr. and Hugh Jackman.

11. His favorite movies are Tropic Thunder and Wedding Crashers.

12. He has run the St. George marathon three times. I keep telling him to cross it off his bucket list:

That is my friend Missy crossing the line. Sam is right behind her. Sadly, this is my only picture of Sam from the race because I wasn't there. Thanks Missy for the photo!

13. I believe that each time he ran the marathon, Sam placed in the Clydesdale category, for which he is both proud and ashamed.

14. Sam always orders well at restaurants. He will also eat pretty much anything without complaining. The result is that oftentimes, he will end up having to trade me plates when I pouting because I ordered badly.

15. Sam is a food snob and turns his nose up at chain restaurants like Chili's and the OG.

16. He has a love of Disneyland that is unparalleled. Each year, we go for a longer period of time. The first year, it was two days, then three, then four. I fear we will do a five day Bataan Death march through the park when we go next month:

Sam enjoying the "Dapper Dans" at D-land.

17. I know Sam would secretly love to get involved in the pin trading but is too prideful to do it.

18. Each night, Sam reads Harry Potter to Luke. There is no question that he enjoys it as much as Luke does.

19. Sam loves technology and gadgets of any kind. I considered buying him the ipad for Christmas and then got a hold of myself--He already has the iphone. If he had an ipad, I can pretty much guarantee he would never look up again.

20. Sam is constantly talking about how when my grandma dies, he can't wait to stop at Subway for a six inch turkey on wheat. This might sound completely crass and inappropriate and it is. He only says it because when his grandmother passed away 9 years ago, I was starving after the funeral and made him pull through Subway on our way to the cemetery for the burial. Turns out the line at Subway was long and we missed the graveside prayer. He has never let me forget it and promises that he will be hitting subway after my grandma's funeral for payback:

21. He honestly believes you get what you pay for. If given the choice between two items, he will generally buy the more expensive of the two.

22. Sam will hate me for telling this but he goes tanning regularly.

23. When we first got married, Sam cared a lot about politics. He would wake up early on Sunday mornings to watch Meet the Press and volunteered on campaigns, became a delegate, etc. Now he is completely apathetic to the entire process.

24. He once called in to the Larry King Show and actually got to ask a question on the air. I'll never forget Larry saying "Are you there Provo" and then hearing Sam's voice asking the question. It was a big moment.

25. For the most part, Sam watches manly tv shows like PTI, Burn Notice and Dexter, but he does enjoy the real housewives series. He was really into the Real Housewives of New York and would defend Ramona to no end. It drove me crazy. He finally turned on her and admitted she was crazy.

26. Sam is generally mortified by all of my customer service disputes and will hide when I make my calls to management or have a throw down with an employee. However, one time a few months ago, he got on the phone with someone from Direct tv and opened a can. I've never heard Sam so persuasive or argumentative in my life. He got everything he asked for, including a year of free cable. Apparently, you don't get between a man and his tv.

27. Sam hates my feet. He calls them the feet of a "Kansas city crack-whore." He thinks they looks like the feet of a woman who has been walking barefoot for three weeks down Hollywood Blvd, turning tricks for a dime bag of hash.

28. Sam is the best dad on the planet. He spends a ton of time with the kids every night wrestling, helping with homework, reading and cuddling. He takes them camping, to Bees games and on bike rides. Tonight he is taking the older three to the Jazz game by himself.

29. Sam has very eclectic taste in music. If you listen to his ipod, you will hear everyone from Kenny Rogers to Lionel Richie to Meatloaf to hardcore rap.

30. He loves the Broadway play Wicked.

31. To this day, when I see a silver Honda civic, I think of Sam. That was the car he drove when we met and for the first few years of our marriage. It will always be him to me:

32. He now drives a black jeep wrangler. He actually tried to convince me not to have fourth child because then we all couldn't fit in his jeep for Sunday drives. Turns out, we all just smash in there anyway.

33. Speaking of our fourth child, Buster is Sam's spitting image:

34. Sam has no interest in anything pertaining to interior decorating. He was more than willing to pay for our home remodel last year and even install the hard-wood floors as long as he didn't have to be involved at all in any of the selection of colors, products, etc.

35. Sam is very funny and everyone falls in love with his sense of humor. He still makes me laugh all the time.

36. Sam is a great guy and I'm glad he is mine. I love you Babe! If you are really desperate to read more about Sam, go here and here!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I'm back from the dead. Thanks Ashley for the public service announcement. There really is no worse feeling than lying in bed, sick as a dog, knowing I was missing out on the Bachelor. I hated being the last one to see it. I refused to look at any recaps today until I watched it for myself.

So much to say. First, I have to start with Michelle "It's my freakin' birthday--I got a rose--it's my birthday--I'm obnoxious as hell--my thirtieth birthday--I'm a drama queen--Michelle. I haven't wanted to reach through the tv and slap someone so badly since Jake did his After the break-up interview with Chris Harrison and Vienna.

Did anyone get the impression that Michelle has used that "you've got walls, let's peel away the layers" thing like a million times. Skanky miss skanky. I'm sure Brad was super impressed with her walk off the set dramatics. I could spend all night on her but I must move on.

Ashley was adorable at the carnival. Didn't you all love her fluffy little gold dress? She scored major points with the twinner dad stories. Plus, she's a freaking dentist! That scores points in my book.

Speaking of jobs, Melissa (crazy like a fox) kept talking about how she quit her job to come on the show. You are a waitress! I'm sure you have already been hired back at Chili's as I write this...I like the girls with real jobs.

Through the entire episode, crazy Melissa and Raichel the manscaper go at it. I genuinely think Melissa was the more crazy of the two but Raichel let herself get pulled into the drama. Did you see how they both had been crying so much that neither of them had any make-up on at the rose ceremony! Gimme a break. Ali and Roberto sniffed out both of them.

I'm all over the place tonight (sue me--I'm sick!) For the massive group date, the crew films some publc service announcements for the Red Cross. I have to confess, I hate the dates where they put on costumes and do fake soap opera acting. Haven't we seen this premise like every season? Someone dislikes their costume, someone totally makes out with the bachelor, everyone gets ticked off. Someone storms off.....shocking.

I loved Jackie's date with Brad. Sam, are you taking notes? A facial, followed by a hotel room full of dresses, shoes and Neil Lane jewelry and then a private concert by Train? Most of my dates with Sam entail a corner booth at Goodwood where we can plow through a platter of chicken nachos with no one watching, but I digress. Jackie ain't sticking around much longer though. She is too sweet and not nearly sassy and sexy enough.

Do you all think Britt looks just like Britt on Glee?

So now we have two Glee cast members. (Jackie looks like Rachel.)

I still like Emily from North Carolina:

I still like adorable Ashley S:

And I like Chantel O. too. She is no-nonsense.

The most-cringe worthy moment of the night was Keltie's exit interview. Sobbing, she says, "This was a last-ditch effort for me...I've tried every kind of dating imaginable...I think I'm meant to be alone." You are on national tv, girlfriend. Just walk away with your dignity.

That's it folks. What did you think? Am I being too hard on Michelle from Salt Lake? Who do you think are the front runners right now? There are still a handful of girls that get no air time but make it through. Weird.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Brooke's Sick . . . Bachelor Recap Postponed!

This is Brooke's sister Ashley here. Brooke called me tonight from her "deathbed" (her word . . . she has the flu) to tell me she is sicker than a dog and even Brad can bring her no joy tonight. She wants her loyal Bachelor readers to know there will be a recap post coming as soon as she can summon the strength. The girl has her priorities. So go enjoy the show if you haven't already and come back soon to discuss. Brooke, do as all a solid and get well soon!

Friday, January 7, 2011

I Must Be Living Right

Remember #8 on this post?

Tonight I was walking through Macy's department store and saw this display:

Here is a close-up:

Hallelujah. 50% off people! Is it too early to quit my New Year's Resolution?

Good, I didn't think so.

Monday, January 3, 2011

I Wasn't Going to Do This

I told myself I was just going to enjoy the show this season and not do recaps. But if you don't know me by now.....I always have something to say.

First, Brad is FINE. Are people still saying "fine." Whatever, he is hot to trot and I may be the only woman in American who liked what he did three years ago. I applaud his honesty and I wish he would quit apologizing for it. He didn't love either woman enough to marry her. Sue him. He is my favorite bachelor and I'm glad he's back. Who can resist that southern drawl?

It was super lame to waste our time bringing back Deanna and what's her name. I'm glad Deanna isn't holding a grudge or anything....

Let's talk about the show. I think the best thing the ladies can do the first night is just look pretty and not do anything stupid. Don't sing! Don't can can with him and holy hell, don't freaking wax the man's arm. Did that girl go home? I don't remember. The girl who sang looks just like Rachel on Glee though. And Fangs girl looks like Michelle Williams and that's not a good thing.

Speaking of "Fangs"--What the? Is anyone else completely freaked out by this? The teeth were bad enough, but she seemed slightly stoned or something and manly. I couldn't believe he kept her and was "intrigued by her."

I liked the gal who got the first impression rose. She was really cute and sweet. Forgive me right now because I don't know anyone's names and I'm way too lazy to look them up.

I also liked the southern belle with the dead fiancee. I think she runs events for a children's' hospital or something. I predict she is in the final four.

Renee is an idiot. She shouldn't have kept forcing herself on Brad. If he wanted more time with her, he would have come and gotten her. I was embarrassed for her. Same with girl in the green dress who asked Brad if her bum was too big for him. How awkward did she look sitting there on the couch after Brad walked away? Cringe.

Michelle from Salt Lake. What do we think folks? I don't some of you know her. The jury is still out for me. I know I should be rooting for her but I don't know. I'm going to give her some time. I did like her dress. It was a nice departure from all the prom looking numbers.

Okay, finally, I'm so embarrassed for the girls who leave the first night either pissed off or in complete tears. It is the first night people. You don't even know the guy! Stop planning the wedding and talking about how you know you'll find true love eventually. Leave with dignity! If I were you, I wouldn't even do an exit interview.

Did you see the preview of the upcoming season. Holy crap I'm giddy. Cat fights, exotic locations, Brad chasing down a limo....Fleiss has done it again.

BTW, you all should go back and read Sam's comment on my Christmas memories post. He is funny.

This post took me 8 minutes to write. Forgive me for poor grammar. I'm out!

Thanks so much to my extremely talented friend Heather for providing my amazing new blog header!

I Have Something to Live For

Hello old friend.

Tune in tonight to see Brad get a second chance at love.

I will be slipping into something more comfortable, baking up a big batch of brownies and folding laundry on the couch.

Will you join me?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Memories of Christmas 2010

Happy New Year everyone! I'm anxious to start 2011. 2010 wasn't my best year. I'm not sad to see it end. But I am sad that the holidays are over. I love the week between Christmas and New Years when all of the craziness and running around to get ready for Christmas is over and the only thing on my agenda is to chillax.

We got to spend lots of time with family in town and Sam took the week off work. It was Heavenly. He went on errands with me, fixed stuff around the house, made the kids big breakfasts and I got to go to the gym by myself every morning. It was sort of like having a wife around--maybe those sister wives have it figured out.

I took some time off the computer and I kind of loved it. I know I've been threatening to quit blogging (some would argue that I already have) and we'll see. My bloglines went down and I've been too lazy to find another way to check blogs. So forgive me for not reading yours either.

I do want to share some memories of Christmas 2010:

1. Every time Ryan opened a gift, he yelled "Ta Da!" Probably my favorite thing of the whole holiday season.

...he is also terrified of Santa, reindeer and elves. After we got home Christmas Eve from my mom's house, he hid all of the presents he received in his closet. He didn't want Santa and the reindeer to find them.

2. We had a good experience doing a sub-for-Santa project for a Sudanese family. We delivered the gifts to them on Christmas Eve day. Their home had a very distictive odor and my kids were kind of freaked out by the experience.

...the rest of the holiday season, when one of my kids was acting up, we would offer to drive them back to the Malek home and let them spend some quality time there. Worked like a charm.

3. For Christmas, I gave Sam a pair of Oakley sunglasses for cycling that he totally loved. This was the first time in years that I got something for Sam that he actually liked and kept.

...A few days before Christmas, I nonchalantly told Sam he better not be getting me anything electronic for Christmas. I thought I was pre-emptively striking a video camera. Next thing I know he had returned an iPad.

4.We spent Christmas Eve at my mom's house eating yummy food and enjoying a nice evening. Can you guess why my kids love my mom's house? kids insisted on playing two songs each on the piano that they hadn't practiced and my dad sang his annual eardrum-splitting rendition of "Oh Holy Night." We all barked.

5. I ate out at least once, sometimes twice a day for the week following Christmas. Here are me and my sister Ashley with blogging friend Jill at kneaders. She has a very entertaining daily blog!

...I feel like I'm in a food coma. I've never eaten so much in a two week period in my life.

6. All of my siblings are in town and it has been Warnerpalooza non-stop. Here are all my siblings, their spouses and my parents at an adult dinner:

...Wednesday night, we had a terrible snow storm and I drove Sam's jeep up to my parents house with all four kids. We almost died getting there in the blizzard. Sam was worried about us getting home, so he ran the four and a half miles to my mom's house (on foot!) in a blizzard to drive us home.

7. Sam and I celebrated our 12 year anniversary on December 28th. We went to Market Street for a late dinner.

...I splurged and got the lobster tail and it wasn't good. When I pay 53 bucks for an entree, it better be the best damn thing I've ever eaten. I sent it back which resulted in a total weirdness with our waitress and the manager and probably a lougie in my clam chowder.

8. Since Sam and I are really fancy and classy, we headed to Harmon's after the lobster debacle to go through the carts of clearance Christmas candy.

....I was up to my shoulders in Christmas Hershey kisses digging for Fernwood mint sandwiches. Turns out, those babies are sold year-round and never go on sale. One of the true low points of my holiday season.

9. Ashley and I went through my 10 pink Rubbermaid containers of girl clothes and I sent her home with a huge duffel bag and a box to give to needy people in California. (We're saving the really great stuff for her in case she ever stops spawning red headed boys.)

Ashley's baby Bennett, my neice Courtney and Buster.

....I had an embarrassing teary meltdown in front of Ashley and my mom when I was going through the clothes. I chalk it up to realizing that Sammie is growing up and I'm never going to have a little girl again. Then the kids started screaming and fighting and I was over it.

10. It really was a fun, crazy-busy and yet relaxing couple of weeks.

...I now feel like I need to clean out every nook and cranny of my house. This is the aftermath of Santa's workshop:

Please don't contact the tv show "Hoarders." I keep telling Sam it is temporary. I'm going to get to it as soon as I clean out my car, the pantry, the kids' get the idea. Please tell me I'm not the only one with a room like this in my house. Oh, and I still have every bit of Christmas to take down too!