Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This and That--Family Edition

It can't all be about the Bachelor right? Though if you spoke to me in real life in the last forty-eight hours, chances are good, we discussed it.

Here is what has been going on in my real life:

1. Ryan broke his arm yesterday. Again. Yes, this is twice in one year. Ryan was dinking around on the kitchen table and took a header. The part I feel guilty about is that I turned around seconds before he fell and saw him on the table, shrugged, and continued to unload the dishwasher. When I told the ER doc this was his second broken arm, I got the feeling he was considering contacting DCFS.

2. Ryan scored a new Woody costume from my mom for his pain and suffering. He has insisted on wearing it since he got home from the hospital. He wanted to wear it to the pediatrician today (I had to take Buster in) but I knew if she saw him in it, with his arm hanging out like that in a sling (and it was a blizzard outside) she would contact DCFS for sure:

3. The woody costume was supposed to be his big prize for when he got potty-trained. The training may have to be put on hold now that he only has one arm. Here is the best part. Guess who is training him? Luke. Yup. I'm bribing Luke with a wii game when Ryan gets trained. Brilliant right? Luke and Ryan are constantly in the bathroom working on technique. Here is Luke on Christmas Eve. (the only pic I could find of him--pathetic.)

4. Buster has bronchitis and is an angel during the day but keeps me up all night. He is still the cutest, chubbiest baby on the planet. I love his nakedness:

5. Sammie continues to be my shopper. We found this new adorable store called Beets n' Parsnips. It is run by the same lady that used to own Beets n Snips. The new store does nothing but skirts and ruffly cardigans and leggings, etc--no dresses. My mom laid down some serious coin in there a couple weeks ago. This outfit is for Sammie's birthday. If you are interested in checking the place out, you might want to wait a few weeks because they will be getting in all of their spring stuff soon.

6. I'm filling my days wiping bums, wiping noses, driving carpools and polishing off an entire Harmon's sheet cake. We bought it for Sam's birthday and it completely annihilated my new years resolution to get back on the wagon. I don't think I even ate a single piece on a plate. Nope. Just stood there over the thing with a fork and straightened out my lines until it was gone.

7. Sam is taking Luke to Pittsburgh this weekend to watch the Steelers play in the AFC championship game (last game before the Superbowl.) I don't mind them going because 1) it has been Sam's lifelong dream to see the Steelers play at home in Pittsburgh and 2) I buy stuff on the net to make myself feel better for being home alone. I'm desperate for new church clothes. I bought this dress at Dillard's online. I hope it's cute in real life:

8. I got my Christmas present delivered--a new leather couch. I spend my days staring at it and wondering if it is too dark for my house. Sammie has taken to calling it the "elephant in the room." My kids don't want to sit on it. They like the old couch. I really want to paint and get new drapes and maybe slipcover the big plaid chair. Don't worry Sam--I have a birthday coming and Valentines and Mothers Day....

9. My fridge looks like this. Does anyone else hate making dinner as much as I do. I know I'm in a gourmet cooking group. I still hate thinking about dinner I think it's time for me to find some more EASY dinner recipes. Crock pot anyone?

10. I've got spring fever so bad. Christmas is over. Where are the blue skies? Let's bring on some nice weather--at least the 50s right?

What's new with all of you?


Elizabeth said...

oh this post is fantastic!
Poor Ryan. Poor you. He will love telling the story about the two broken arm year when he gets bigger.
Buster is too gorgeous for words. Sorry that he is sick and you are getting no sleep.
The pic of Sammie is like looking at you!
Dave has flown home for a funeral and so far I have fed the kids pizza, chicken nuggets and pizza. I also have no will to cook tea everynight.
I love the new elephant.

Denise said...

I love that you update so often. Surely I should get on the ball if you can do it with 4 who is a baby. I always let my kids hang out on the table... Maybe I'll buy that dress, too. Let us know if it really is cute. I think your fridge is super clean, that's what I see. I hate cooking every night too. Last night we had scrambled eggs.

melissa walker said...

I'm with you on the dinner thing--while it's fun to do yummy gourmet dinners, the every night gets old pretty quick. Especially when I'm trying to lose the last of the baby weight and we're eating chicken breasts every night--boring! And Buster is getting so big! I also love your new header!

Brandi said...

I love,love, love, Sammies outfit. What time do they open. It is so cute! Love her hair too. Love the couch and the cute pillows. I want both of those. Love Ryan, I would kidnap him in a second. Love that Sam is taking Luke to the game. Love it!

sarahw said...

The x-ray makes me cringe, but I'm glad to see that he is on the mend with the Woody costume. Buzz..umm Trevor would love to get together with Woody.

I'm still so frustrated with the beet's and parsnips shop being closed over christmas. Can't wait to go in there next time I'm in utah. And I can't wait to see your couch next time I'm up there. It looks amazing.

Heidi said...

I love the couch. The fact that the kids don't like it makes it the best couch ever. I just had my front room painted and the painter was awesome and cheap. Let me know if you want his name. I also have the two best websites for dinner. I discovered them about a year ago and seriously everything we eat comes from one or the other. www.sisters and I have never tried anything from either site that wasn't good and they have good easy directions.

alexandra said...

oh my gosh, how old is sammie? i know she is 5, but her sense of humor is more sophisticated that most adults' i know. the crock pot is my go-to if i am cooking with the intention that brigham eat, too. otherwise we just do our old standby of rice, broccoli with cheese and costco mickey mouse shaped nuggets. at least it is sorta healthy. eggs?

Jill said...

The DCFS stuff is cracking me up, but I think every parent feels like that because kids are walking disasters!

Your description of evening out the sheet cake was perfect, I would do the same thing! I swear it tastes better like that.

I despise making dinner and have actually thought recently that it's one of my true failings as a mother. We aren't having dinner together very often because we forage and go our separate ways most of the time...not good.

The Mostess said...

Ugh! 2 broken arms in one year. Boo. He looks like a poor little orphan in that costume, one arm all hanging out. Good call on not taking him to the DR like that--they would call Raggamuffin Protective Services on you!

I have NO desire to cook. At all. Now that I'm home more, I have to contend with more meals. Kill me now. Crockpot is the standby.

LOVE Sammie's outfit. She looks so glamorous and grown-up!

Sam and cute. :)

Em said...

I know I've never met your children, but I was looking at these pictures and thought, "Good grief, her kids are looking so grown up!"

Oh, and number nine. I can kick out a good meal now and then, but that's just it--now and then. Cooking every day/night is the WORST! But last night we had the sisters over and I had to take a meal to a friend, so I made an enormous batch of yummy Italian Chili. (Let me know and I'll send you the recipe.) And I served it with the cornbread recipe you shared on this very blog. I owe ya one.

Liz said...

Poor Ryan!

Loving the naked Mitchell.

Dropped hints to my mom about Beets and Parsnips.

Ashley said...

The two cutest things about this post were Mitchell (dying at that picture--he is SO Sammie at that age in her tutu pics) and your gorgeous couch. It looks expensive, which is a compliment for a couch. And it is saying a lot for those to be the cutest things what with Sammie's get-up. I wonder if Charlie could potty train Max.

Heather said...

Oh crack me up. I can't wait for you to crack me up in person...we're going for froyo!

Stephanie said...

How's Ryan's arm?

I have a couple of favorite easy crock-pot recipes that I love that I'll have to share with you :)

Toria said...

love this post- love all your posts and I'm sorry I don't comment more.
i'm with ya in that a new couch snowballs into all sorts of changes. I think that's why John won't let me get a new dining table- yet. I need to start pre-requesting for birthdays, valentines, Mothers day etc.

I'll see if I can come up with a few easy recipes we use.

oh and your new header is hilarious!

Peggy Newman said...

Why wasn't I ever smart enough to let the older one potty train the younger one?

Sorry about the arm.

sheryl said...

I am so burried in homework that I have not even looked at blogs...and I don't know why not! Yours is always a great way to end the day. I am sorry about the arm. (and the doctor may have called DCFS, but that does not mean they would do anything about it). ...ask your neighbors, anyone get a call? LOL. The secret is to be sorry when something happens. (heads up for next time) Love the sofa. It is NOT to dark. Love the dark! It might be my sofa if it is a flexsteel. I wish I had time to watch the bachelor...but not this time so I am glad you post. Keep it up!