Thursday, September 27, 2012

Shallow Thoughts (Fall Edition)

September is almost over.  I can't believe it.  I love Fall.  We decorated for Halloween a few nights ago.  I know it's early, but we like to do it up right for Halloween: 

1.  You wouldn't know it's Fall because the little boys and I are still wearing summer clothes.   I have been too lazy to go downstairs and pull our Fall clothes out of the bins in the basement.  Sammie and Luke look great because they always get new clothes.  At least two of us look presentable! 

2.  I was eating at Cafe Rio recently and looked over to the next table and noticed these four young moms all rocking the sock bun on top of their, every one of them.  I guess this is THE thing.  How come no one told me?  That's okay.  Those buns don't really work with bangs.  Fuzzy pic:

3.  Luke is playing Flag Football and Sam is his coach.  I got to the game late and looked down the sideline to see two dudes in visors with clipboards yelling at the top of their lungs.  We are talking about 8 and 9- year-olds, people!  Apparently these guys were the coaches for the other team.  Sad.

4.  I have an older couple who home teach me.  (For those not "in the know" that means they come to our house and share a gospel message and kind of take care of us).  Recently, they decided I needed a makeover.  The wife (who I absolutely adore)  took me to Ulta and got me into Tarte Cosmetics.  I had no idea I had been looking so bad.  Goodbye under-eye circles!  Hello dewy cheeks!  By the way, Tarte makes awesome stuff.  I love everything, especially their eyeshadow and blush.

5.  I can't stop thinking about how much better I like Prince Harry now that those scandalous photos of him in Vegas came out.  Don't know what that says about me.

6.  It was just announced that Sean is going to be our next Bachelor!  I know that last season, he checked his personality at the door.  But I have high hopes that Fleiss can work his magic.  It is always crazy to me how much more attractive people are when they have the confidence that comes from 24 people vying for their affection.  Let's just hope he doesn't run through the streets of LA yelling any one's name.  Personally, I still would have rather watched Ryan a.k.a. "the Ox" as the Bachelor of Atlanta--now that would have made for some good tv!

7.  I am hooked on Light Pomegranite Minute Maid Lemonade from Subway.  They have it on tap in the fountain.  I don't drink my calories so I rarely get lemonade.  This stuff is good.  Speaking of great lemonade, I took Sammie to lunch on Saturday at Blue Lemon and they have the coolest drink machine.  Five flavors of Light Lemonade!!!  Blue Lemon is my new fav restaurant.  My friend Jaime took me there when she was in town and I love the food.  Everything is organic or healthy or something (which I totally don't care about).  What I do care about is that everything is delicious.  Their carrot cake is going to give my carrot cake a run for it's money. 

8.. I am embarrassed to admit that I may have to watch Dancing with the Stars All Star season.  Is anyone watching?  Is it good?  I know it's for old people but I have always had a soft spot in my heart for that show.  And I heard Carson Kressley was going to be on...turns out that was just a rumor to get our hopes up.  Now I have to root for Kirstie Alley.

9.  Living Social has been running deals for the craziest stuff--DNA testing, In-Home care for Elderly, and Lasik.  I understand trying to get deals and save a buck.  I am all for the $29.00 massage.  But aren't there some things like Lasik and Elderly Care that you just really don't want to bargain hunt for?  We are talking about your eyes people!  Or your elderly parents!  Sheesh.

10.  I love Sammie in her animal print pants and kind of want a pair for me.  I am aware that there is always the danger of looking like mutton dressed as lamb.  I am thinking these snake print skinnies from Target might be subtle enough for me to stuff my trash into.  What say you?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pop of Color

Right now, Old Navy has all of their bright Rock Star jeans on sale for 19 bucks.  Everyone always asks me where I got my bright blue pair:

Old Navy people!  I am 5'9 and need the tall so I always order online.  They have them in every color imaginable and corduroy too.  

All of the jewel tones are tempting.  I would get this pair if it came in tall:

I recommend ordering one size up in the colored denim.  They run small.  Snag them while you can.  At this price, they won't last long!

A Hair Story

This is the story of my hair.  Which is kind of the story of my life.  It has been my life's work to be a good person to have good hair.  Let's be honest.  My mom didn't do me any favors.  (Hi Mom!)  I love the woman dearly but she was the one in charge of my hair when I was a child and she did some criminal things to it.  My mom's best friend was a hairdresser--A hairdresser who fancied herself to be on the cutting edge (no pun intended!) of hairstyles--which is how I ended up with a boy short pixie cut WITH A TAIL! when I was about 10. 

Come with me on my hair journey.

Things were good until I got to be about 5.  My mom believes in in, she has a firm testimony of bangs.  I call this the "mullet bowl cut."  Gotta love the ribbon bow tie and vest!

When I got to be about 8, the '80s were in full swing and got the child version of the Farrah Fawcet.  Once again, I am donning a vest and ribbon tie. Mom, you should be held criminally responsible!

Then came the low point.  The boy cut and tail.  I searched and could not find a picture of the tail.  But trust me, I had one.  Ashley will confirm.  Salesclerks thought I was a boy.  I'm still not over it.

This morphed into some sort of awful awful 50 year old lady perm.  I just happen to be dressed as a 50 year old lady in this photo because I was in the Fourth Grade Utah Fair Party room (that was a big deal!)  Too bad I look sooooo bad!!!

In sixth grade, I had the requisite'80s perm with huge bangs and a scrunchie.  I got this mint sweater at Fashion Gal!

By the time I got to high school, my hair was better, but I was still rockin' the bangs:

When I got married, I still had bangs--one of my life's great regrets.

Soon after, I grew my bangs out, parted down the middle, wore my hair super straight and kind of had a '70s vibe going on:

Then I had kids and I did the shoulder length mom bob for the next few years or so:

Then for the next five years I did the side bangs with longer hair (Utah hair):

Back in January, my hairdresser talked me into going back to regular bangs. (This is when they were at their longest a few days ago and driving me crazy.)  Most of the time, I loved the bangs.  I got good feedback from guys for the most part.   But sometimes I felt really hip and othertimes I felt frumpy.  And I missed being able to do beachy waves.  Because I feel like bangs go with straight hair.

So here I am today.  Growing out the bangs again: 

Trying to decide what to do next. What say you on the bangs?  Keep growing them out or go back to regular bangs?  I know we aren't curing cancer here but this is kind of a big deal.  Help me people!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Rise and Shout!

We are gearing up for the big game tomorrow! For those of you not "in the know," tomorrow is the BYU-Utah football game..a huge rivalry here in Utah.

I put these flags on my car and drove to the mall.  I got flipped off on the freeway and one dude actually gave me the thumbs down sign when I pulled into the mall parking lot.  I was afraid my car was going to get keyed.  U of U fans can be really classy.  cough cough.

My kids are all decked out in BYU gear:

My dad has season tickets and I have already taken Luke to the two home games this year.  My fondest hope is that he will love BYU football and want to go to BYU.  I think it is working:

I am planning to make this for the game.  I will probably eat the whole thing myself:

I took my little guys to Costco today for hot dogs since I won't be getting one tomorrow at the stadium.  (The game is at the U.)

Go Cougs!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Love You to the Moon and Back

Today I stumbled upon a YouTube video of a song Taylor Swift wrote for a little four-year-old boy named Ronan, who died of cancer.  Ronan's mother has a blog and Taylor Swift had been reading it and decided to write a song as a tribute to this mother and son. 

This song reminds me so much of my two little boys who love race cars and dinosaurs. I love to see my little guys playing together and hearing Buster's little voice calling Ryan "Ry Ry." My big kids went back to school last week and I have had a lot of time with these little guys.  Don't get me wrong..there are times when I want to pull my hair out.  Like when I find Buster's room like this:

And when I find them lounging in my brand new (off limits) chair and looking like orphans: 

But then they hug and kiss me and say "love you mama" and I melt.  I was just telling my mom that my favorite thing about Buster is hearing the pitter patter of his little bare feet in the hall.

Both of my little guys are so sweet.  Ryan helped me make lasagna and says the sweetest prayers.  It melts my heart.  Today they "got naked" outside when they were playing with the water and I couldn't get mad because they were so cute.  I wish I looked that cute naked. 

Anyway, Taylor Swift is so talented and I love her music.  In this song she says "I love you to the moon and back" and it made me cry because I always say that to my kids.  As bad as divorce is, it doesn't touch losing a child.  I am so grateful to not be in that club.  My heart goes out to any parent who has ever had to go through something that heartbreaking.  I also love this line in the song.  "Maybe the miracle was even getting one moment with you."  Such a hopeful way to look at losing someone so young.

"C'mon baby with me, we're gonna fly away from here"
"You were my best four years."

Take a listen. Prepare to cry.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Best of Summer 2012

I spent the better part of August dreading the kids going back to school.  I hate following a schedule, and routines and the driving non stop.  What was I thinking?  Back to School is the best thing that happens to moms.  It is delightful having my big kids gone and occupied for a good portion of the day.  Preschool starts in a few weeks and then my life will really be complete!  There is a bit of crispness in the air...Fall is coming.  Bring on the cute clothes..jeans, sweaters, boots! 

But before we dive into Fall, I do want to document our summer with a "best of" list.  Without further ado:

Best Vacation (and only vacation): Sun Valley with the kids (and the Ex):

Best Weekly Activity: Seven Peaks.  I tried to take my kids every Wednesday afternoon.  Food is half price after cheap, we couldn't afford to NOT eat dinner there.  The Diet Coke on tap is delicious.  I have only good things to say about the place.  Last year I thought it was totally nasty.  This year, my friend Susan and I decided it was nice.  I doubt the place has changed one bit..we just lowered our standards...a lot.

Best lessons:  Swimming lessons at Swim Kids.  They are the best out there, people.  Not cheap but really good private lessons.  I am a fan.

Best Treat: Red Mango Frozen Yogurt.  Golden Spoon is dead to me.

Best Shindig at my house:  Bridal shower for one of my old YW, Megan:

Best Purchase: A new bike!  I call it my Barbie bike.  It is so girlie and I totally love it.  I hate this photo because I look like I have some dead animal around my neck.

Best Value: Ice Cream at Thanksgiving Point.  I think it is 25 cents for a cone.  I am a sucker for their chocolate malts:

Best Boy Heaven: Cub Country:  Yes, that is dirt all over Luke's face.  The four hours I was up there chaperoning was the longest day of my life.

Best Educational Activity: Taking Luke and Sammie to watch my dad in Court (he is a Federal Magistrate judge:

Best Warnerpalooza get together: Fourth of July Weekend and being the Patriotic Pirates in the East Millcreek Parade:

Best Shopping Find: These pink kicks at Nordstrom Rack.  I am addicted to pink right now. 

Best Song: Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen (I don't care how bad you hate is catchy and happy and I love it.

Best Time Suck: Swim Team for Luke:  Practice every day for an hour and three hour swim meets every week about did me in.  But he liked it so it was worth it:

Best Cousin Activity: Playing in Grandma's "river"

Best After Church Activity: Temple Square with the kiddos

Best Mama-Son activity: BYU season opener in Provo with Luke:

Okay, now bring on Fall!