Monday, September 3, 2012

Best of Summer 2012

I spent the better part of August dreading the kids going back to school.  I hate following a schedule, and routines and the driving non stop.  What was I thinking?  Back to School is the best thing that happens to moms.  It is delightful having my big kids gone and occupied for a good portion of the day.  Preschool starts in a few weeks and then my life will really be complete!  There is a bit of crispness in the air...Fall is coming.  Bring on the cute clothes..jeans, sweaters, boots! 

But before we dive into Fall, I do want to document our summer with a "best of" list.  Without further ado:

Best Vacation (and only vacation): Sun Valley with the kids (and the Ex):

Best Weekly Activity: Seven Peaks.  I tried to take my kids every Wednesday afternoon.  Food is half price after cheap, we couldn't afford to NOT eat dinner there.  The Diet Coke on tap is delicious.  I have only good things to say about the place.  Last year I thought it was totally nasty.  This year, my friend Susan and I decided it was nice.  I doubt the place has changed one bit..we just lowered our standards...a lot.

Best lessons:  Swimming lessons at Swim Kids.  They are the best out there, people.  Not cheap but really good private lessons.  I am a fan.

Best Treat: Red Mango Frozen Yogurt.  Golden Spoon is dead to me.

Best Shindig at my house:  Bridal shower for one of my old YW, Megan:

Best Purchase: A new bike!  I call it my Barbie bike.  It is so girlie and I totally love it.  I hate this photo because I look like I have some dead animal around my neck.

Best Value: Ice Cream at Thanksgiving Point.  I think it is 25 cents for a cone.  I am a sucker for their chocolate malts:

Best Boy Heaven: Cub Country:  Yes, that is dirt all over Luke's face.  The four hours I was up there chaperoning was the longest day of my life.

Best Educational Activity: Taking Luke and Sammie to watch my dad in Court (he is a Federal Magistrate judge:

Best Warnerpalooza get together: Fourth of July Weekend and being the Patriotic Pirates in the East Millcreek Parade:

Best Shopping Find: These pink kicks at Nordstrom Rack.  I am addicted to pink right now. 

Best Song: Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen (I don't care how bad you hate is catchy and happy and I love it.

Best Time Suck: Swim Team for Luke:  Practice every day for an hour and three hour swim meets every week about did me in.  But he liked it so it was worth it:

Best Cousin Activity: Playing in Grandma's "river"

Best After Church Activity: Temple Square with the kiddos

Best Mama-Son activity: BYU season opener in Provo with Luke:

Okay, now bring on Fall!


Megan said...

I agree -- bring on the fall!

jacey said...

Looks like you did some fun things this summer, thanks for sharing. It does NOT look like you picked up roadkill on your bike ride. Ps- love the family room.

Jill T said...

I cannot believe you said golden spoon is dead to you! And now that you gave your new Barbie bike I think Saints to Sinners us calling your name! :)

Jill T said...

Uh "have" and "is"

Terri said...

Adorable pictures of you and the kids. You are a great Mom.

(side note) You really need to leave the "dark side" and become a Utah Woman! We are in the Pac 12


Liz said...

This will probably show up as Bill, but it's really Liz. I too began a new love affair with 7 peaks, but I was all about the Wednesday mornings and leaving when they let the non-pass holders in. And I totally want a pink bike.

Super pictures. I still have oodles of summer pics to post. Your a super mom.

And Paul makes that robe look good.

Linde said...

Love your summer post! So fun!

alexandra said...

That photo of Luke at cub camp with dirt all over his face was hilarious. You are such a good mom and it looks like you guys had a wonderful summer. You make me wish we still lived in Utah to take advantage of all that stuff. I have always had low enough standards to have nothing but love for Seven Peaks. I'd go weekly if I could, too.

Kimmie said...

now i think you have gone too far my friend! "golden spoon is dead to me"....did you really say that????? i am in severe shock right now. (guess we will have to find a new meeting place, but im sorry, i cannot do red mango...that was dead to me the first time i tried it! ha ha ha)

Linda said...

I'm with Kimmie--NOT a Red Mango fan!! but I have to agree with the rest-- looks like a great summer, one the kids will remember.

Em said...

I am so loving the Seven Peaks idea. Genius, and I am jealous.

So, next time I am in Utah, may I please go and watch your dad in court? Not only do I think it is so very cool that he is a Federal Magistrate judge, but I have been watching a lot of lawyer shows lately and would really like to see it done in real life. :)

And frozen yogurt is the new ice cream; I approve your new Red Mango fetish.

Ashley said...

Is red mango one of the tart places? Gross. And ha, it does look like a dead animal around your neck! So fun about the new bike! I'm jealous. The kids are darling but summer seems like ages ago to me. I'm ready now to hibernate til spring.

The Mostess said...

Even Beezie likes Call Me Maybe. She sings "I miss you so, so, bad!" in the backseat as we drive. I don't know whether to be proud or ashamed. Maybe a bit of both.

Love Red Mango. We only has GS here for a brief spell, then it went the way of the dodo. But I have to say I prefer Pinkberry to Red Mango.

That waterpark looks great--uch less ghetto than our version here. I can't believe yours has grass.

Dirty Luke is hilarious. I could never work with scouts. ~~Shiver~~

Ashley won't be hibernating if I have anything to do about it. And I have plenty to do about it. She's going to cry by November 1st.