Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's Time to Get Real

I recently caught a few minutes of Dr. Phil where the good dr. was helping a woman who hoarded things. I was disgusted; I couldn't believe someone would live like that. Then I realized. I do it too.

I hoard empty boxes.

I can't help myself. It happened today. A box arrived from Gymboree and I emptied out the merchandise. As I went to take the box out to the trash, a little voice in my head said, "what if you need that box to transport a hot crock-pot to Christmas dinner?" So I took the box down the basement guest room where I store my boxes and threw it in the pile.

I realized right then and there, I never ever throw a good box away. I have little ones, big ones, medium ones. If stores are offering free gift boxes, I'm all over it. Christmas morning, I'm grabbing the boxes back as the kids are opening gifts. If someone gives me a gift in a box, I don't ever throw it away. I have more boxes than I'll ever need in this lifetime. I hate clutter and I am constantly throwing things away, except for boxes.

Am I crazy? Does anyone else have this problem?


Ashley said...

Of course I have this problem. We were raised in a home with a huge box of boxes out in the garage. It's in our blood.

I am jealous that you have a room for your boxes. Mine are literally hidden throughout the house--under the couch, under the ottoman, etc. I find that I need and use them all the time.

Then there's the desire to hold onto original packaging. You know it's going to be easier to return that Dyson in 4 years if I still have the box. It's balanced in the rafters in the garage.

Tyler said...

Yes. Ashley has this problem. Big time! It's another area where I've tried to stage interventions (multiple times) but its a habit only someone like you or Dr. Phil can break. I'm powerless. We used to have cardboard boxes stuffed under every piece of furniture and in every nook and cranny (what's a cranny?). The problem only got slightly less severe when Ashley learned she could find boxes on craigslist. I think she has a legitimate fear of being stuck with a gift or a move and no boxes.

Ashley said...

P.S. I'm curious what people who don't hoard boxes do when they need a box. Do they buy them? That's crazy. Not to mention that you only ever realized you need a box two seconds before you NEED that box.

Tyler said...

I really can't think of many situations where you would need a box that didn't come with the item you purchased. If you buy a gift, it usually comes in something like a box. If it doesn't, then you wrap it without a box.

Having boxes around only gives you a place to keep junk you shouldn't hold onto in the first place. Like pictures of old girlfriends.

Seriously, I don't see why it is so necessary to have a stash of boxes around.

brooke said...

Tyler, Wrapping soft gifts like a sweater without a box is totally ghetto. Also, I have thrown showers at my home and at the end, have retreated to the basement and surfaced with a large box for the bride-to-be to pack gifts in for easy transport to her car.

The Mostess said...

My husband has this same affliction. We also have a box of boxes in the garage, and it's ALL him. He thinks he may need them "in case he sells something on Ebay, and needs to ship it." For the record, I don't think he has ever sold a single thing on Ebay in the 7 years we've been together.

He also stole part of my party shed for boxes in case we move. We *bought* our house 4 years ago, and kinda plan on staying here for good.

Yes, I buy boxes. They're cheap, especially after the holidays!

Jessica said...

We have an unfinished room in our basement so we saved all the boxes from the moves as well as the bubble wrap used to protect the breakables. Whenever we buy something we save the box in case we move again, its more protected if you pack in the custom fitted Styrofoam, right? The problem is that I can no longer walk in the basement and it is a pain in the butt to find anything as it is a maze of boxes. Also, I have rubbed off on my brother who lives in an apartment, so I store his boxes for him as well.

Amy said...

I have tons of boxes that you use for gifts. I don't keep the box that stuff somes in. However, Landon keeps everything. He has boxes in boxes "just in case". That drives me crazy. I mean, once we own the dvd player for a couple of year, can't we please get rid of the box??

Dave and Christine said...

I used to have this problem until my marriage was on the rocks over it (it really wasn't that severe). Dave hated it so much that he would turn into the Incredible Hulk and go on rampages throwing all my boxes away along with anything else that was in the way of those boxes.

Needless to say I just get rid of the boxes now but I lose sleep over it. And yes Ashley, us boxless schmucks have to buy boxes. What a waste of money!

By the way, you and Ashley need to help me convince Sarah to get in on this blog thing.

Linda said...

Brooke and Ashley, you did inherit this most noble trait from me! (Ashley mentioned the box of boxes in the garage.) My boxes don't really take up that much room - I spend hours every Christmas "nesting" them inside each other and breaking down the bigger ones. Every year when I start wrapping for Christmas, I am so glad that I have every shape & size box I need! Brookie - DON'T throw out the big ones - we'll store them if we can use them in the future!!

sheryl said...

Boxes! Wow! I had to laugh. At least you have some cute ones in there. I save christmas boxes in a tote but others?... If you have a big enough bag collection, you need no boxes. However, I will admit! There has been a time or two I wished I had a Camerons Wedding gift. I actually went shopping for a box or wrap when I got to SLC. Boxes are not easy to find! I gave up on the box and had to make due. If I had only known where to go!

marta said...

oh my gosh, i LOVE this post. i so have this problem. i mean those adorable gymboree polkadot boxes WILL come in handy someday, if i can ever part with them. yes, me too. now i have a storage garage full of moving boxes, i can't say goodbye to them.. i am happy to be in the same boat!