Sunday, November 16, 2008


I'm been tagged twice in the last two weeks. So I will post one today and one tomorrow (I know, this is so exciting!) Without further ado:

7 Things I can do:
1 – Fall asleep very quickly
2 – Juggle
3 – Make conversation with just about anyone (this drives my husband crazy)
4 – Convince a salesperson to do a return/honor a coupon/give me a deal they are not supposed to do. (I'm a lawyer--I know how to negotiate.)
5 – Bake a mean carrot cake
6 – Coordinate my kids for every major holiday and about every other week for Church.
7 – Jump off the third platform at the Cottonwood Spa.

7 Things I can not do:
1 – Keep my kitchen table free of clutter.
2 – Keep my car clean
3 – Keep my pantry organized--I don't have a mudroom--so everyone's shiz ends up there.
4 - Resist chocolate and diet coke
5 – Go to bed early
6 – Sing
7 – Sew

7 Things I always say:
1 – You know what I mean
2 – Totally
3 – Hey babe (Sam)
4 – Hey dog (Sam)
5 - I'm so tired (said under my breath like a chant throughout the day)
6 - For the love
7 - You're so cute (to my kids and especially my baby all day long)

7 Things I always eat: (this is so embarrassing)
1 – Oreos
2 - Granola bars
3 - McDonald's Chicken nuggets--don't judge me
4 – Protein shakes
5 – Halloween candy
6 - Carnation instant breakfast
7 - Hot chocolate with marshmallows

Tagging 7
1 – Heidi
2 - Lindsey
3 - Ashley
4 - Amy M.
5 - Jill
6 - Jaime
7 – Laura


The Mostess said...

I'm allergic to the first 4...but you got me on the last 3 foods I cannot resist either.

So glad you are in the 'no sew and sing' boat too, though I am tossing around the idea of learning how to know, for cute matching Sunday clothes.

Sam said...

Brooke is an excellent sleeper. We once drove across the country, and she slept in every State (and the District of Columbia). She is going to outlive me by 20 years based on the time spent sleeping.

Also, she failed to mention a few of her staples: Diet Rootbeer (a poor man's Diet Coke), Tootsie Rolls, Hershey Kisses, and Slow Churned Dreyer's. Our kids enjoy junk/fast food for some reason.

The rest looks accurate, but I have never seen her juggle.

lindsey said...

I love reading people's tags. I love Oreo cookies with my whole soul. But not as much as I love Diet Coke.

shelby said...

Everything on cannot do is me exactly! Why oh why cant I not seem to keep anything clean!

Ashley said...

I remember talking to Luke about talents and him telling me your talent was sleeping.

I also tell people I can juggle, but my juggling is crap. I don't believe you can juggle. Rex can juggle.

I shall do this tag.

Liz said...

I love chickie nuggets...I steal them from my kids happy meals.

sheryl said...

Sounds like a party with entertainment via stand up comics and the three jugglers. For treats - Diet Coke, Oreos and Tostitos...
Are there really enough calories in Diet Coke to taste good?