Monday, November 17, 2008

Tagged Part Deux

So I was tagged a couple weeks ago by my cousin Liz (she is actually my mom's cousin.) Liz is one of the coolest, most talented people I know (she was a BYU cheerleader for crying out loud!) So when she tagged me, I obeyed.

8 TV Shows I Watch:

1-Dancing with the Stars
2-What Not to Wear
3-Boston Legal
4-GAC music television
5-Access Hollywood
6-the news
7-Bachelor (when it starts again)
8-I can seriously go no further--this was even a stretch--I just don't watch TV anymore. Weird.

8 Favorite Restaurants:

1-Market Street Grill
2-Goodwood BBQ
4-Rio Grande

8 Things that Happened to Me Today:

1-Chubby baby woke up with a fever
2-Took Sammie to ballet
3-Went to lunch at Hagermans with kids because I felt bad for myself for having to miss the gym because of sick baby
4-Picked up kindergarten carpool
5-Took all three kids to the post office at busiest time of the day.
6-Took sick baby to the dr. My mom babysat Luke and Sammie at TJ Maxx while I was at the dr.
7-Made pizza for dinner tomorrow night (made tonight's dinner last night--don't ask.)
8-Folded two loads of laundry.

8 Things to Look Forward to:
1-My golden years
2-Family coming in town for Christmas
3-Getting Christmas cards in the mail
4-Disneyland trip
5-My 10 year anniversary trip to Hawaii with no kids
6-My GNO this Friday to see Twilight and go to dinner
7-Getting in bed tonight
8-Getting a massage at Sanctuary Day Spa--whenever my sweet husband decides to spoil me for no reason, wink wink.


Amy said...

I loved both of your tags. It's funny when I read them. I don't know what you're going to say, but when I read it I go " yep, that sounds like Brooke!"

Liz said...

Man...I'm flattered! And I am insanely jealous that you get to see Twilight on Friday...I have to wait until Tuesday!

Ashley said...

That's sad that Ryan was sick. What does he have? I love it that Mom babysat at TJ! I thought about this and I couldn't come up with that many tv shows either. Blogging is the new tv.

Ashley said...

P.S. On your things to look forward to section, I saw "GNO" and thought you were excited to go to your gyno. The sad thing is I thought, well if she has a babysitter I can understand that's like a mini vay-cay.

lindsey said...

Mmmmm...Market Street Grill.

I also thought it was strange that you were excited to go to the gyno! Then I kept reading and figured it out. I was glad that Ashley fessed up too. Uggg...the gyno. That's no teen-movie and dinner is it? Although I don't have kids and would imagine any break where you could read a magazine and run through Sonic in peace would be like a mini-vacation.

Christie said...

Doing Twilight this Friday, too. CANNOT wait!!!!

Liz said...

Brooke, how are you? I love your blog you are so funny!

The Mostess said...

I'll be thinking of you while at my own GNO/Twilight shindig this Friday! :)

Mandee said...

I can seriously relate to almost everything on your lists- except that I am a TV addict.

We had out GNO last night, and discussed our next trip to Santuary. How can we be total strangers? I immediately like you!

I mean seriously- Rio Grande, Market Street, Kneaders? I think we are supposed to be best friends!

You HAVE to tell me what you thought about Twilight. I think I am the only adult that loved it as much as the teenage girls.