Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Ashley!

My little sister Ashley is 2 1/2 years younger than me and about 2 1/2 times smarter, cuter and funnier. Anyone who knows the two of us, knows this is true. The funny thing is, even though I have every reason in the world to be jealous of her, I've always just been very proud of her. She lives in California and I miss her like crazy. Here are 29 reasons why she is the best sister in the world (she is 29 today!)

1. We look like sisters but definately not twins--yet some people still cannot tell us apart.

The two of us with our baby boys in July

2. She is very bright--I won't embarrass her by sharing her test scores but I will tell you she was accepted to Harvard.

3. She graduated from BYU in American Studies and attended law school at BYU.

4. She was a DA in California until she had her baby and quit to stay home and roam the malls.

5. She has two adorable red heads--Charlie who is 2 and Max who is 9 months.

Ashley and her family at my brother's wedding in August

6. She loves a good chain restaurant (Chili's, CPK, the OG!)

7. She loves Pottery Barn Kids and buys a lot of holiday decorations there.

8. She cries watching the tv show "The Biggest Loser."

9. We took ballet together growing up and we got in a lot of trouble playing around in Fashion Gal and the Dollar store while we waited for my mom to pick us up--my mom was always late.

Ashley, me and my mom

10. We shared a room and would stay up late every night talking, laughing and playing games.

11. When I was a Senior in High School and she was in 9th grade, we were in the same math class. (I told you she was smarter than me!) She had it first period and I had it third period. She would meet me by the vending machines every day and we would exchange calculators. She had all the quiz answers saved for me on her Ti85. One time, I scored 1 point higher than her on a math test because I got the extra credit point and she didn't. I put both of our tests on the fridge and lorded it over her. She got upset and refused to cheat for me anymore. My dad pulled her aside and told her she had to keep doing it. She got me through trig!

Ashley in her mathlete days--don't kill me for sharing this photo!

12. We worked at Golden Swirl together and used to race our cars home after midnight. It's a miracle we are both still alive.

13. She is a horrible driver. So am I. (We're Warners!)

14. Ashley and her husband are very creative and enjoy making gingerbread houses, costumes and Pinewood derby cars.

15. We talk on the phone every day. She still uses her cellphone in the car, even though she lives in California because it is the most convenient time to talk. If she hangs up unexpectedly, I know it's because she saw the fuzz.

16. Ashley always had a boyfriend from about age 14 on. Every one of them thought they were going to marry her. She's never been "dumped."

17. She has opinions on everything from baby showers to Halloween costumes for adults.

18. She loves Oreos.

19. She would never drink her calories--she does have a diet coke with breakfast every day.

20. She teaches early morning seminary. She has to be there at 6:00 am. She is a good person.

21. She had a crush on Brad Paisley until I told her he was a small man. She didn't believe me at first, had to google it, and then was over him. Never looked back.

22. When I was in college, she taught me that calories are the only thing that matter. I still thought it was all about fat grams--changed my life.

23. She grew out her bangs first and started plucking her eyebrows--I copied her. Changed my life even more.

24. She makes the best rolls.

25. She is terrified of the "big one" hitting California and is constantly acquiring food storage--even though she has no where to put it.

26. She is genuinely interested in my kids and will play ninja turtles or build a fort with Luke when she comes to visit. My kids adore her.

27. She met her husband at a costume party in college. They didn't see each other for two years. Then he appeared at her door step one day. He had come to home teach another Ashley and got the wrong apartment. The rest is history.

Ashley and Tyler on Halloween this year--she is Baberaham Lincoln.

28. She is the most kind, genuine, caring person I know but won't take any crap from anyone.

29. She has the best blog on the planet.

Happy Birthday! I wish I was there to take you to Olive Garden. We'll do it in December!


Liz said...

Growing up, none of us could ever aspire to being as smart as the Warner Girls. I love the math cheating story. Happy Birthday Ashley!

Ashley said...

This completely made my day and totally made me laugh. I read it nodding saying, "Yes, I do roam the malls. Yes, I do cry at Biggest Loser. Yes, I did teach her about eyebrows." I had forgotten about us racing home from Golden Swirl--that is appalling now! I thought it was funny how I had a few similar things on my own list today without having read yours first. Your list was way too flattering, but it was so nice and fun to read. Thanks for making it!

Linda said...

Great job, Brooke! And once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ASHLEY!! I got so lucky to get you girls, and I'm so glad you both had a sister and that you are so close! (I always wanted a sister)

Laura B. said...

I love this. Ashley staged an eyebrow intervention for me in Jerusalem...Galilee, actually. She pinned me down and told me that my eyebrows were offensive. She worked her magic and I've never been the same!

Happy Birthday Ash!

Alexandra said...

I think the truest of these remarks is #28. I have never met anyone of whom that was more true. It is probably a big part of the reason people like her instead of begrudging her.

lindsey said...

All of you Warner women (Linda included) are so beautiful inside and out. And you have the BEST blogs.

Ashley is one of my dearest friends. She's all of these things and MORE.

And she introduced me to feed bags and drinking Diet Coke for breakfast, so she pretty much changed my life for good.

shelby said...

I have tears in my eyes and Im laughing at the same time! How fun that you are that close! I especially love the cheating story! You both are so great!

Sam said...

I would like to add one. #29b. While single, Ashley would fall in love hard and fast.

Her dating and engagement(s) kept the family entertained for years. Most Sunday dinners would involve a query from Grandma Warner, "Ashley, are your eyes twinkling?" They usually were.

Ironically, she started and ended with a Tyler. In between there were some memorable suitors, who I will describe and not name so as to protect the innocent: the guy who stole the mints, the guy who dressed/acted old, the guy who dated Rex before you, and the guy with whom you made a paperweight. I am surely forgetting someone.

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

I love this post, because I LOVE Ashley. I worked with her in YW in our Ward in Fremont. Charlie and my daughter are 6 weeks apart and I hate that she's not in our ward anymore. I'm terrible about keeping in touch, but I feel so close to her when I read her blog. Thanks for the awesom post!

The Mostess said...

Okay, I shall add you to my 'Friends and Foes' list as well. You two are hilarious--seriously. Are you sure you're not twins? Not only in the looks Dept, but the witty and funny Dept, too.

If you were my sister, I would kill you for publishing the Mathlete photo.

And who doesn't start there day with Diet Coke? People who look down on Jazzercise, that's who. And I wouldn't associate with such people anyway!

D-dawg said...

This was a great list and had me cracking up- especially the cheating part. It's so awesome that you dad made her keep cheating for you.