Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Uniform

This is my uniform. Loungewear at its finest. I picked this set up at the Gap outlet two years ago. If I'm at home, I have it on. On bad days, I've been known to wear it to pick up the carpool at school, and maybe to the store. Alas, it has seen better days.

About a month ago I started looking for something to replace it with. Now, there is a fine line between pjs and lounewear and I'm not interested in pjs. My rules are that the loungewear top cannot under any circumstances require a cami. The material has to be soft, cozy and somewhat flattering. Oh, and I have to be able to get the top and bottoms on in under 10 seconds flat when the doorbell rings. Preferable, I should be able to leave the house in it in a pinch, or a house fire, whatever the case may be.

I knew I would wear this thing into the ground so I needed to take the time to really find something special. Behold, my next uni (it is velour and it's from Old Navy):

Do you have a uni? Are you people actually wearing real clothes at home? One friend admitted to me recently that she wears shoes at home! (the horror!) I am a slave to comfort. How about you?


Ashley said...

I have never seen you wearing these, but they look more like Gabby from Desperate Housewives than Roseanne from Roseanne. I don't really understand loungewear. I wear PJ's til I shower, then it's straight into real clothes til the PJ's again. Loungewear sounds like an extra step and I'm too tired for that. Please explain.

Shoes at home? Yowza.

The Mostess said...

Comfort all the way. I am taking my own velour to Utah tomorrow!

Loungewear is 1/2 way between jammies and real clothes, and can go either way if you're in a jam. Which is why I love it!

Merry Christmas!! :)


Terra said...

I have White sweat pants that say PINK on the but from VS with any long sleeve shirt from Old Navy...My Uni doesn't even MATCH...I couldn't wear it out of the house but I wear it to death!

lindsey said...

I asked for that same black jumpsuit for Christmas like four years running. I would wear it after I got home from teaching, it was decent enough to wear if my current flame stopped by, and comfortable enough to fall asleep in if I did by accident.

I would say that my Uni matches your Uni, only for leaving the house I pull on a pair of jeans.

Ash, you should look into loungewear. It's delightful.

Mandee said...

I just bought the navy blue set. It's my uniform as well. And I even wear them to the grocery store. I have no shame.

Mandee said...

oh, and I believe in pajamas on extra cold and snowy days when I have no where to go. But they have to be cute, and I still have to match.

Kimmie said...

Brookie...sorry to say, but Im with Ashley on this one! I have never owned "lounge wear"...I am a die hard pajama girl! If Im at home, Im in my pajamas...even wore them for the home teachers tonight! I REALLY have no shame!

brooke said...

I think I need to clarify that loungewear takes the place of pjs for us gals who sleep in our underwear (it's not nearly as sexy as that sounds!). So basically I roll out of bed, put on loungewear until I need to go to the gym or shower, then I put on real clothes--when I come home for the day, I put back on the loungewear which I wear until I climb into bed. Any questions? Oh, and if I'm home for extended periods of time, I'm out of my jeans and back into the loungewear. But as I said, I do wear it to the store, pick up car pool, etc.

Shelly B. said...

I need to invest in some decent loungewear. I used to go with the matching sets but these days I'm wearing scruffy pj bottoms and and a ratty t-shirt whenever I'm home. If I go out I put on real clothes, and as soon as I come home it's back into the nasty old pjs. I really need to invest in some cute pjs or's getting embarrassing!

Linda said...

I didn't think I had any loungewear until I looked back at the photos you and Ashley posted for my b-day. I am in the same pink Adidas/stripe soft pants and black top in about half of the photos. I quess thats my loungewear, only I wear them out - on planes, shopping, just about everywhere short of church. Talk aobut a uniform!

Amy M. said...

I'm with you on the loungewear. I love a good "leisure suit" for sure. I like your pose in your photos. I did that in a picture with Nabby awhile ago and she said I "did a good leg move."

Jacqui said...

Brooke, I have that SAME light blue valour set. Wow. I didn't know anyone else bought it.

I also have one in a light butter yellow that I only wear when I'm pregnant. My husband tells me I don't look like a school bus, but at 9 months pregnant he'll tell me whatever I want to hear.

Laura B. said...

So velour "jogging suits" were a staple of mine after the past two babies. (i use the term jogging suit only because I feel like i might actually wear it to the gym.)
I loved it until my father told me "your butt looks like two racoon are fighting in there". Awesome. Way to be subtle, dad.
Now I wear lounge pants from Target and a red long sleeve "Milwaukee" t-shirt that I picked up on a layover in the Milwaukee airport.
Yep...I'm a hottie these days!

suzi said...

I have the same black uni, only I refer to it as my jumpsuit. I don't know why I call it that, but Steve finds it really disturbing. Anyway, it's going on it's third year, but I am glad to hear that I can pick up a replacement at Old Navy. Viva Velour!

CorieW said...

Why I have that same uniform in navy blue. Gotta love Old Navy. I couldn't agree more that comfort is key when I'm at home. I actually look forward to my days where I know I'm not going out b/c then I know I get to wear my blue wonder all day. But my pride is slipping because I'm known to show up all kinds of places in mine despite the social faux pas(sp?. I tell you, if it was socially acceptable I'd drape myself in velour!

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