Wednesday, December 3, 2008

BYOB--Bring Your Own Bag

I seriously never think about global warming or the environment. Isn't that a horrible confession? But lately, for some odd reason, when the checker asks me "paper or plastic?" I've felt guilty saying either one. So I bit the bullet tonight and bought these babies.

Now I'm on a high. I feel good about myself--I'm green! I'm someone who recycles! I use cloth grocery bags! The last time I was on a high like this was because I let my friend Susan put some food in my fridge for a baptism. I was on cloud 9 for a good week. It doesn't take much for me to feel good about myself.

I really shouldn't be bragging though. I'm not that good. I did leave my cart in the middle of the parking spot next to me because I was too cold to put it away. But I bought cloth bags!


Linda said...

Let me be first to comment. I am proud of you for going green. I feel no shame in asking for paper - I reuse them for garbage sacks. And I still can't get your dad to recycle or reuse anything. Don't worry about the cart. . .grandpa Poole makes up for it. At 90 - he pushes the cart back into the store - just to help out the baggers.

Ashley said...

I have been meaning to buy some of those (and then brag about it on my blog) for months. But I can't find one that is cute enough. I want one that says "I respect the earth" but not "I voted for Nadar." And I want it to express that message by being a cute plaid, stripe, or polka dot. And I want it for less than $2.

lindsey said...

You ladies are hilarious.

EVERYONE here reuses bags, because grocery stores actually do their part and charge you for the regular plastic bags (2-3 pence per bag).

You can also buy plastic "forever" bags (15-20 pence) at most places that are a little more sturdy with better handles and thicker plastic and if they ever tear or break you get them replaced for free. You just take the ripped ones in, they give you new ones, and they recycle the old ones.

Or you can get really great canvas or cotton bags like the one that you posted at pretty much every store. Only they are twice the size of what you can get in the U.S. Black ones at ASDA, cute ladybug ones at TESCO, yellow ones from Morrison's and these gorgeous ones with faces from the clothing store Primark.

What I find weird though is that Americans are WAY better at not littering, but Europe is FAR ahead of the US on established recycling programs. Everyone here recycles. It's pretty cool.

Wow...long comment. Can I still read your blog?

Amy said...

Too funny. Since we've been in WA the whole "go green" thing has a whole new meaing. This whole state is into it. You're almost a freak if you don't have your own bags with you.

Oh, and in case Ashley gets back on here, Trader Joes has the cutest re-usable bags for under $2.

Ashley said...

Thanks Amy, I'll check them out!

sarahwarner said...

I have thought about the reusable bags, but I still use every last plastic bag we get. They get used for dirty diapers, Rex's lunches, car trash name it. Without the free plastic bags I would have to find an alternative. Also my mom claims to stock up on the plastic bags in case of a disaster. I guess there's a huge list of how they can be used in emergencies.

Eliza said...

I totally laughed! When my husband asked what was going on, I read it to him and he laughed. We loved the part about the cart!!!

I look at those bags and think I should buy some too, but I haven't yet. I feel a little weird asking the baggers to use my bags. Maybe someday I'll be "green" enough to do it.