Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree(s)

We have four Christmas Trees. Let me introduce you to each one.

The Family Tree:

This tree is in the (wait for it!) family room. I actually let the kids help decorate it--and then I fix it once they go to bed. It is mostly Santas and snowmen with a few random things mixed in. This is where we put the ornaments that the kids make at school. I also have a tradition of buying an ornament whenever I go on a trip. These go here as well.

Mom's Tree:

I almost get teary-eyed telling the story of how this tree came to be. My kids and I were at Thanksgiving Point two years ago riding the trolley with a group of people from my neighborhood. It just so happened that TPoint had put all of their Christmas stuff on sale half price that day. I fell in love with these red and green balls. I called my husband and asked if it would be okay if I bought a few things for a tree in the living room. He was distracted with some game and mumbled a yes. I came home with all of it.

I'm pretty sure I had this tree in the pre-existence--I love it that much. The kids aren't allowed to touch it or help decorate it. Ignore the lamp cords and the fact that I cut off the top of the tree in the photo.

The Boys' Sports Tree:

Luke decorates the entire thing himself and I don't touch it. My mom sewed the bball tree skirt.

Sammie's Sweets Tree:

There is a tree under all those ornaments, I promise. I collected ornaments for this tree over a couple years time from Taipan and Roberts. I love this tree. Sammie understands that she can help unwrap the ornaments but not help decorate the tree because of the flocking. I am very anal about some things and Christmas brings it out in me.

This pink velvet Santa stands next to Sammie's tree. It is over 50 years old. My mom had it when she was a little girl and I had it when I was a little girl and now it is Sammie's. She plans to give it to her little girl.

Finally, while I was bathing my older two kids today, Ryan rolled his way to the tree (He doesn't crawl yet--he rolls where he needs to go!) He proceeded to unwrap two gifts--luckily one of them was for him. He got a gloworm! Someone needs to tell him horizontal stripes are not his best look.


Ashley said...

Ryan looks so scrumptious in that picture. Tyler leaned over and said "He's got junk!" He looks so soft and sweet and I can't wait to see him and Max together. I love that he (Ryan) found his gloworm.

Your trees are always so cute--brutally cute. I feel good about my tree til I see yours. Your ornaments are big and tie your trees together so well. Funny how that pink santa was always yours and not ours, but it was.

lindsey said...

I love the trees! The "Mom" tree is my favorite, I have a thing for those tall and skinny trees.

My tree (in storage in CO) is not as cute and you or Ashley's trees. You Warner's take tree decorating seriously.

I love your tradition of buying an ornament on your trips, I do the same thing.

shelby said...

I have one tree that I haven't even managed to put up yet! You have 4! Go Brooke! I just need a little of your energy!

I love your trees! They are all so cute, and what a great idea for all of them to have something of their own!

Eliza said...

Super cute and really festive. You sure know how to get into the Christmas spirit! I love the pink Santa and that it will live on for future generations.

Heidi Jean said...

I finally figured out how to post comments! (It's amazing what 8 years of post-high school education will do for you.) Love the trees! From now on I'll just send you a check and ask you to buy the stuff for my house. I'm with Ashley -- I'll feel good about my trees until I look at yours again.

Pix from Disney were cute. Looks like you survived. If you made it out without vowing to never return it was a success.

Looks like Ryan got Sam's BB (I wont' comment on the microscopics.)

Loved all your lists as well. Any woman who owns up to liking McNuggets deserves props!

Liz said...

So cute....I love Ryan's stripes. Too fun...I want to squish him.
That pink Santa is soooo your Grandma Kathleen and your mom. And I love your candy tree. You should do this professionally. I will be your first client!

Amy said...

You are so much like your mom it's scary!!! That pink santa is sweet. I love all of your trees, but that Tpoint tree is pretty special.

Jaime said...

I love your trees. I had to pull Steve off the couch to come over and look at them. Then I even scrolled down to show him your Halloween decor. Love it all! I am totally jealous. I wish I was you!

katie said...

I am so impressed by all the trees, but especially by those metal sparkly red bows on your tree. Your mom and I pikced some out just like it for mine from Robert's. I tried to do one and gave up because they looked nothing like the ones on the display. You did a great job with them though! Love it!
Also, baby got back!

The Mostess said...

Are we related?? If we didn't live in the cracker box house we do, we would TOTALLY have several trees.

I always grab an ornament from our vacations too. If you take a good look at our tree you will see flip-flops from Hawaii, a cowbell from Switzerland, a beefeater from London...and so on.

My sister does a candy tree every year just like your sweet tree. If you ever need some cool sisters to join your family, we would like to apply!

Jill said...

Kate saw the pink tree and said, "I wish we could have one of those!"

nic said...

I love the trees. How cute is Samanthas. Perfect for her room.