Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday. She is 29 again--funny how that works--She is actually younger than me now. Anyway, She is the best mom in the world and the best grandma and here are 29 things about her.

1. She is the world's biggest shopper. I am a shopper; she even puts me to shame.

2. She is always on the go. She rarely sits down.

3. She loves seafood, especially Lobster. One of her favorite restaurants is Scomas in San Francisco. My mom and dad have this thing they do every time they go there. She'll order salmon or shrimp and my dad will secretly call the waitress over and get my mom the lobster. Then when it comes she acts really surprised. It's painful to watch.

4. She wears Angel perfume. It's her signature scent.

5. She is a fabulous cook and can make amazing low-fat meals.

6. She taught Jazzercise for 28 years. She retired this year after a hip replacement. She still works out every day. She is in way better shape than me.

7. She is the best grandma in the world. She babysits, makes snowmen, gingerbread houses, cut-out cookies and anything else the kids want to do.

8. She took me to a lot of concerts growing up. We've been to Stevie Wonder, Michael Bolton and Cher, to name a few.

9. She loves babies.

Mom with grandsons Ryan and Max

10. She is the most generous person I know. This year, she got the name of a little girl off the angel tree at Macys. She went all out getting this girl the cutest coat, clothes, toys, etc. She really took the time to find darling stuff for this little girl.

11. My mom loves sales and getting a good deal. Growing up, I remember going to the Nordstrom sale with her each year religiously.

12. She spends more money at Gap and Gymboree each year than I do. (She spends it on the grandkids!)

13. She drives the biggest piece of shiz Ford Explorer. I only bring this up to show you what a big deal #12 is. She would rather spend on the grandkids than herself.

14. She makes an awesome photo calendar for our family every year.

Our family circa 2007

15. She majored in elementary education and minored in art at BYU

16. She taught first grade before she had kids. When she had my older brother, she quit to stay at home full time and never went back.

17. She is an amazing artist.

18. She loves to travel and has been all over the world. Her favorite vacation spot is Hawaii and goes at least twice a year with my dad. They hope to serve a mission there. (I'm serious!)

19. Everyone always says "You mom is so cute" or "your mom is so sweet." Anyone who knows her loves her.

20. She will always insist on getting the check every time we go out to eat. This happens no matter who we are with or how many people are with us.

21. She likes traditional houses--she hates the timberlodge look in houses.

22. She loves dark chocolate. She taught me that no trip to the mall is complete without a trip to Sees.

23. She always made me feel like I was the smartest, funniest, cutest girl in the world.

My sister Ashley, me and my mom

24. She loves Seinfeld. She will always iron or fold laundry while she watches tv.

25. She also always has a pretty good collection of trashy magazines on hand like "In touch." (Don't kill me for revealing that mom!)

26. She has the cutest decorations for every holiday. She has given me most of my cute decorations.

My mom made this advent calendar when we were kids. Now I have it. Don't be jealous Rex!

27. She hates snakes.

28. My mom always stuck up for me growing up. She wasn't afraid to chew out teachers, people in the ward or anyone else who was mean to me or one of my siblings.

29. To this day, I am totally flattered when people tell me I look like my mom.

Happy Birthday mom! You are the greatest. I hope your day is perfect.


lindsey said...

Happy Birthday Linda!

This is so sweet!

Tyler said...

Happy Birthday Linda. You're a wonderful mother-in-law.

Liz said...

Happy Birthday, Linda. You're by far my favorite cousin (well, look at the competition =-) ) By the way, loved the Warner Christmas letter. My mom is SO jealous about your grandma house plans. So am I!

Ashley said...

That was fun to read bc it was so mom! Except wasn't that advent calendar made by Aunt Jacqui? My favorites were the Michael Bolton concert and the lobster. I wrote my list in about 10 minutes and could write 29 more right now. I wish Mom would do a 100 list!

katie said...

Happy Birthday Linda!

Linda said...

THANK YOU BROOKE!! These lists have been the best B-day presents ever!! You forgot to mention that my kids are my greatest achievement - you all make me look like I did something right, in spite of the trashy magazines, chocolate/diet coke/shopping addictions, etc. Aunt Jacqi did make the advent calendar - I made the little "shrinky dink" ornaments.
I love you, and thanks for the best birthday ever!

sarahwarner said...

I posted this also on Ashley's...your mom's the best.

Happy Birthday Linda!! You are the best mother-in-law. I always hate using that word "in-law", you don't deserve in-law. As an in-law joining the family you have always treated me like one of your own. Thank you. Everything Ashley and Brooke have said are 100% correct. Have a perfect day!

sarahwarner said...
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Marni said...

Your posts always crack me up. This was such a neat tribute. My moms bd is Dec.6 and i didn't dare do a post, but I feel the same way. How lucky you are to have such a neat mom.

The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

What a sweet post for your Mom. Mom's Rock! Happy Birthday, Linda!

Sam said...

Happy Birthday Mom! I hope you were able to do something romantic/fun to celebrate--like dinner at Sizzler followed by a performance by Motab.

The Mostess said...

I love that advent calendar...does Aunt Jacqi wanna make me one for some big bucks???

We're sort of a family of elves, so it would be quite fitting.

I love trashy mags too. No shame there.

Amy M. said...

Your mom sounds fun! I like her already.

Also, I loved what you said about letting go. So true.