Monday, August 29, 2011

Seriously, People!

People do obnoxious things.

For example:

This house down the street from me started having a garage sale about three weeks ago. I say "started" because the sale is still going. Yup. They drag the stuff in every night and pull it all back out the next day. If you see anything you like, let me know and I will point you toward their home. It will all be there again tomorrow. I want to send them a memo that says "take it all to the DI ...or better yet, the dump!" At some point, you've got to cut your losses and throw stuff out.

People do scary things:

Ashley and I were out on the road and saw this guy working on his laptop while he was driving! For reals! Texting doesn't look so bad anymore right?!

People do funny things:

When Ash and I were at the zoo with our kids, we saw this couple wandering around taking in the kids. Nothing wrong with that...who doesn't appreciate a regal cat or a majestic lion? But this cracked me up...taking close up photos of the pretend dinosaurs. Those photos are going to be keepers!

Finally, people do annoying things:

Ashley and I were at Robert's crafts today and I was trying to buy some supplies for Buster's baby book. In the past, I have always been able to use two coupons at a time. But at the register, the lady said "We only allow two coupons on Tuesdays and can come back Monday when everything in the store will be 50% off or you can just use one coupon today."

The extra coupon would save me $7.50 so I was torn on the value of my time vs driving back to save the money. Ashley finally asked the lady if her son Charlie (who is almost five) could buy my item and use a coupon. The lady said "I guess." So I gave Charlie a ten spot and he made the purchase.

What crazy things have you seen people doing lately?

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Saturday night, Ashley and I went to '80s prom birthday party that is. My cousin Liz's husband Bill was turning 40 and since he is officially halfway to 80, an 80's prom was in order. This is my darling cousin Liz and rockin' husband Bill:

The funnest part for me and Ashley was finding the dresses and getting ready. We spent Saturday afternoon going to various friends' houses, trying on dresses, laughing pretty hard and wondering how we were going to fit in these obscenely small dresses. Unfortuntely, every single dress required a shade top.

Ashley tried on a really awesome white hot dress from my friend Susan that I begged her to wear. It reminded me of the white suede dress from "Can't Buy Me Love."

Remember when Cindy throws the wine glass "Ronnie bought me and he bought alllll of you!" Such a good movie.

But white is so unforgiving and if she wore it, she would not be able to dance or move or breathe for that matter. She went with a classy bedazzled number that I bought at the DI a few years ago.

I ended up wearing one of Susan's dresses that she wore to Prom in 1991! My friend Marni loaned us a crimping iron and we were on our way.

When we got there, I saw my friend (also named Ashley) who I hadn't seen in a long time. She told me she reads my blog which made my night. This one's for you Ashley J.!

We had a really great time and I was so impressed with all the work my cousin did to make the party great. They had Atari's set up for people to play, Ferris Bueller playing on a large projector, 80's movie posters on the walls and an 80's trivia contest. There was a photographer taking prom pictures and of course, an awesome spread of refreshments and small Rubik's cubes favors. Happy Birthday Bill!

Friday, August 26, 2011

I Like Rules

I just don't think they apply to me. I am a "spirit of the law" type person.

Exhibit 1: Sammie came home from school on the first day and told me the teacher told her that her shorts were too short and she couldn't wear them anymore. Nonsense. She is 6 people! Apparently in the school's uniform policy, it outlines how long the shorts must be. I don't have time to read that, nor do I care. I will keep sending her in these until I get a personal note or call telling me to stop.

Exhibit 2. When I was at BYU, I got a letter from the Honor Code Office asking me to come meet with them because I had worn a skirt that was too short. (Like Mother, Like Daughter.) I thought I was being punked by some guys in my ward. Nope. Turns out I had worn a skirt that was about an inch above my knee to dinner one evening at the Cannon Center and a worker turned me in. I didn't like being told what to wear and I continued to wear whatever I pleased. I just was more careful about not wearing it to dinner.

Exhibit 3. I was driving through my town (where every road is under construction) and I came upon a construction worker who was directing cars to turn around and go back the other way. I needed to get through to my street because going around would add at least five minutes to my trip home. I ignored said construction worker dude and soldiered on.

He chased down my car, pounded on my window and yelled at me. I rolled down the window and he said "What are you doing are going the wrong way and YOU ARE EATING A SANDWICH! You've got kids in the car..think of their safety!" I was laughing so hard from his sandwich comment (I was eating a six inch sub) I just rolled up the window and kept going. Oh, and Ryan was riding shotgun. I think that really impressed him.

Exhibit 4. I don't put my baby in a waterproof swim pants at the pool even though it is required. I think a swim diaper is good enough.

Exhibit 5. I bring outside food in almost everywhere including movie theaters, Lagoon, Disneyland, etc.

Exhibit 6. I haul all four of my kids into the aerobics room at the gym to get my spot and set up. This is off limits and I don't care. Gotta get my spot.

Exhibit 7. I don't leave my underwear on when I try on bathing suits in the dressing room. Ashley is especially appalled by this.

Exhibit 8. I break every rule of fashion...I wear silver and gold together, I never match my shoes to my bag and I wear white pants after Labor Day.

Exhibit 9. I park where I shouldn't.

I could go on all day. What rules to you break?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Salute to the End of Summer

Today is the last day of summer...not officially, but for all the reasons that really count. My kids are going back to school tomorrow. Hallelujah! We have had a lot of fun but the last two days have put me over the top...Can you say "Friend Overload!"

When I was in high school, the night before school started, my parents actually let me and my friends climb onto our roof, sit on lawn chairs and watch summer die. ( I have a picture I will scan tomorrow) Now that I think about it, chances are good my parents had no idea we were up on the roof. Bygones.

Circa 1994

With today being the last day of summer, what better time than now to learn to use my grill? To hell with waiting for Sam to put things on the BBQ! I am woman, hear me roar. I have always been afraid that the thing would blow up in my face. But I put on my big girl panties and went out and got er' done....all with a baby on my hip!

I also made a peach pie just for kicks...I know...I don't even recognize myself anymore. I plan to eat the whole thing myself, with no plate, just a fork that stays in the dish. Thanks to my sis-in-law Sarah for the delicious recipe.

Here is my favorite recipe for Chicken Teriyaki Kabobs (a Warner family favorite): (sorry Ash, I loved your Asian style ones but they were too spicy for my kids.)

2 Pkgs chicken breasts--cleaned and cubed

Marinate in:

4 TBSP soy sauce
4 TBSP oil
4 TBSP orange or lemon juice
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp ground ginger

Thread chicken on skewers with green peppers, cherry tomatoes and small white mushrooms. I forgoe all of the veggies because my kids don't eat them but they do give the chicken flavor.

In another final salute to summer, we took a picnic of KFC up to Snowbird the other night. Say what you will about KFC, the Colonel knows chicken. I love me a piece of fried chicken now and then. And the mashed potatoes are second to none.

This little boy has a thing for my mother. He won't let the woman out of his sight. If she is around, he wants nothing to do with me. He only has eyes for her:

Who is excited for fall? I'm ready to start unpacking the Halloween decorations...who's with me?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Best of Summer 2011

This is our last real week of Summer vacation. Summer always goes by way too fast but we packed a lot into three months. We are hitting 7 Peaks tomorrow and then I will feel like we have done it all.

I give you the Best of Summer 2011:

Best Movie: the Help (with 17 Miracles coming in a close second)

Best Trip: San Diego without the kids

Best Activity for little kids: The Farm at Thanksgiving Point (little boy Heaven)

Best Lessons: Swimming lessons at Swim Kids

Best free Lesson: Tennis with my brother Cam

Best Family Activity: Bike Rides to the Park

Best Meal: Toscano with my Parents (artisan pizzas, divine Caesar salad and gelato to die for) How come no one has told me about this place?

Best Value: Art and Games in the Park

My kids went twice a week for two hours a day for the entire summer and it cost me 44 bucks a kid. Awesome. They came home every day with amazing crafts (like tie-dye t-shirts, dream catchers, etc.

Best Friends when you really need them: Kristen and Susan

Best Accomplishment: Getting Ryan potty trained (It took Divine Intervention...ask me in person if you want details!)

Best Cousin Activity: Noah's Ark at Thanksgiving Point

Best Easy Birthday Party: Luke's birthday at Boondocks

Luke with his two bffs who happen to be my bff's sons (Are you still with me?)

Best Breakfast: Kneaders chunky French toast

Best Fourth of July: Being in a parade as the Patriotic Pirates

Best Spiritual Experience: Luke's baptism

Best Girls' Night out: Zupas with my High School Friends

(We went back to Natalie's amazing house for dessert and laughed our guts out--yearbooks and facebook was involved!)

Best low-key weeknight dinner: S'mores and dogs up the canyon.

Best shopping experience: Finding the perfect jeans at the Nordstrom Sale (Hudson's baby boot)

Best Treat: Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt:

Best Shindig at my house: Throwing a bridal shower for my favorite girl Morgan

Favorite Summer colors: Red and Torquise (candy bought for Morgan's shower)

We hit everything on the Summer Bucket List except Snowbird, Alpine Slide and the Zoo. But I'm planning to do all of these in the fall. What was your Best Summer activity?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Day I Turned Into My Parents

Sam and I took the kids to Lagoon on Monday. I had high hopes since we had a pretty good time there two years ago. My philosophy with Lagoon is that you have to give in to the Nasty, embrace it, if you will. This is not where we turned into Paul and Linda. They don't embrace the Nasty.

I came with my game face on and we immediately rode a new small coaster called the Bombora. Instantly, I knew it was going to be a long day. I was already feeling nauseous. Then we headed over to The Bat. After getting my head thrown around, I told Luke I was cashed out for the day. He was not impressed.

This is when I turned into my parents. I started complaining about the "lagoon headache" and got myself a huge diet coke and kept looking for a bench in the shade. Except if you've been to Lagoon lately, you know there is no shade.

Look how scared Ryan is on Puff the Magic Dragon:

I did the Tidal Wave and Turn of the Century (the swings) and then I was really DONE.

From that point on, I couldn't do another ride. We found the only indoor restaurant at Lagoon for lunch..a Subway. After laying down 36 bones, yup you read that right!, for lunch we were back at it.

Sam made a very insightful comment about why I was so sick. Lagoon has nothing but carni rides--they all go in circles. I love a good roller coaster (my favorite is California Screamin' at Disneyland) but I can't do carni rides anymore...I'm too damn old.

So that was our day at Lagoon. Sam and I ended up bribing the kids by letting them each do a $5.00 carni game on the way out just to let us leave. They all brought home huge stuffed animals that I'm sure are full of AIDS. But it's over. Cross it off the Summer Bucket List!

On the way out, Sammie spotted this lady with the super long hair:

Seeing that hair swinging around was all it took for me to cut three inches off my hair yesterday!

The end.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Window Got the Treatment

Behold the new window treatment in my kitchen:

My kitchen window has looked like this for the last 9 years.

I have always hated how the window stopped about 18 inches from the ceiling (Brian Apsley are you reading this?) Anyway, I found some cute fabric at Joanne's and my amazing friend Heidi whipped it up.

I know you are wondering who this uber talented Heidi is. Remember this wreath from by birthday?

Heidi made that too.

Heidi and I met about 5 years ago when I was YW's president in my ward and she was in the Stake YW's presidency. We became fast friends. Now I am in cub scouts (Heaven help me!) and she is Stake YW's president (Heaven help her more!) I am constantly amazed at her many talents. Not only is she one of the smartest women I know, she is insanely talented in the home decor/craftiness department. In case you don't know me in real life--that gene skipped me.

I forced Heidi to pose in front of the valence for a picture. She is slowly going to make my house cute:

So Heidi not only sewed that valence, she brought her drill over and installed it too. Then I mentioned that I would have to get my blinds down sometime and she climbed back up on the counter and took them down. That is what I love about her. She thinks about doing something and does it. I think about doing something for 9 years and do nothing about it.

I can't stop staring at my window. I love it so much. Heidi also bought some chairs at IKEA and had a lady sew slipcovers for them. So of course, I had to copy her. I special ordered this fabric from Joanne's too.

Sam recovered my kitchen chairs in the same fabric. Here is the before and after:

I had the same lady make me some pillows:

And I bought new plates for my hutch (Heidi also gave me the glass dome on the middle shelf):

Today Heidi brought me over a Family Home Evening kit with this awesome book of easy lessons--perfect for my kids.

And just so I don't put her on too much of a pedestal, I have to remind myself that she was the cause of some major Eater's Remorse a couple years ago.

Don't you all wish Heidi was your friend too?