Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Window Got the Treatment

Behold the new window treatment in my kitchen:

My kitchen window has looked like this for the last 9 years.

I have always hated how the window stopped about 18 inches from the ceiling (Brian Apsley are you reading this?) Anyway, I found some cute fabric at Joanne's and my amazing friend Heidi whipped it up.

I know you are wondering who this uber talented Heidi is. Remember this wreath from by birthday?

Heidi made that too.

Heidi and I met about 5 years ago when I was YW's president in my ward and she was in the Stake YW's presidency. We became fast friends. Now I am in cub scouts (Heaven help me!) and she is Stake YW's president (Heaven help her more!) I am constantly amazed at her many talents. Not only is she one of the smartest women I know, she is insanely talented in the home decor/craftiness department. In case you don't know me in real life--that gene skipped me.

I forced Heidi to pose in front of the valence for a picture. She is slowly going to make my house cute:

So Heidi not only sewed that valence, she brought her drill over and installed it too. Then I mentioned that I would have to get my blinds down sometime and she climbed back up on the counter and took them down. That is what I love about her. She thinks about doing something and does it. I think about doing something for 9 years and do nothing about it.

I can't stop staring at my window. I love it so much. Heidi also bought some chairs at IKEA and had a lady sew slipcovers for them. So of course, I had to copy her. I special ordered this fabric from Joanne's too.

Sam recovered my kitchen chairs in the same fabric. Here is the before and after:

I had the same lady make me some pillows:

And I bought new plates for my hutch (Heidi also gave me the glass dome on the middle shelf):

Today Heidi brought me over a Family Home Evening kit with this awesome book of easy lessons--perfect for my kids.

And just so I don't put her on too much of a pedestal, I have to remind myself that she was the cause of some major Eater's Remorse a couple years ago.

Don't you all wish Heidi was your friend too?


Brittney Engel said...

I love Heidi!!! She is totally amazing! And I always aspire to have a house look as amazing as yours does!

sarahw said...

How far does Heidi travel for home decor advice? She is so talented, and your house looks soooo cute. I saw the chairs at the baptism, and loved, loved, loved them. Good choice of fabric. You are pretty lucky to have such a great friend. I love the FHE kit.

Ashley said...

It all looks fantastic and so dang cute. Do you just walk around your house all day enamored by its cuteness? I would. I need a Heidi--but my house just needs to be razed so I can start over from scratch.

Bill said...

Yea...send her my way. My windows are in serious need of help. Love the changes. I'm always amazed how one thing can spruce your house up. I was amazed at what one picture frame from Tai Pan did for me for awhile. You need that stuff when you are in your house day in and day out!

Liz said...

Seriously hate when Bill logs into the computer and I write blog comments under his name.

Stephanie said...

Loved the window treatment & the fabric on the chairs!!! Heidi is amazing--no doubt about that! I would have thought about it for 9 years too-- ;)

Em said...

Your home is gorgeous. You and your friend Heidi are geniuses.

Jill said...

Yes, I do wish Heidi was my friend too, is she taking new recruits?

The window looks so beautiful! I love the fabric for your chairs and pillows.

Elizabeth said...

Does Heidi need new friends from far away places???
Ok your house looks like The Bomb. So So So cute. I adore the white and green combo and the fabric you chose for the chairs and pillows is just gorgeous. Good work Brooke!

Jen said...

very cute! good thing you have her as a friend :) that will be me in six years...i just need a few monkeys to grow up and spend all day at school ;) then i can go around sewing curtains and making friends! ha!

Andrea said...

I am wondering if Sam is available to recover my 12 chairs that have been sitting and ready for 2 months. I will buy him a gauffre or two! ( I think I spelled that wrong... I am a bit hazy in the French dept.) Love the window treatment, chairs and pillows! Super cute fabric! Great friend to have!!

Christie said...


I will pay. For reals. Hook a blog sista UP!