Monday, August 29, 2011

Seriously, People!

People do obnoxious things.

For example:

This house down the street from me started having a garage sale about three weeks ago. I say "started" because the sale is still going. Yup. They drag the stuff in every night and pull it all back out the next day. If you see anything you like, let me know and I will point you toward their home. It will all be there again tomorrow. I want to send them a memo that says "take it all to the DI ...or better yet, the dump!" At some point, you've got to cut your losses and throw stuff out.

People do scary things:

Ashley and I were out on the road and saw this guy working on his laptop while he was driving! For reals! Texting doesn't look so bad anymore right?!

People do funny things:

When Ash and I were at the zoo with our kids, we saw this couple wandering around taking in the kids. Nothing wrong with that...who doesn't appreciate a regal cat or a majestic lion? But this cracked me up...taking close up photos of the pretend dinosaurs. Those photos are going to be keepers!

Finally, people do annoying things:

Ashley and I were at Robert's crafts today and I was trying to buy some supplies for Buster's baby book. In the past, I have always been able to use two coupons at a time. But at the register, the lady said "We only allow two coupons on Tuesdays and can come back Monday when everything in the store will be 50% off or you can just use one coupon today."

The extra coupon would save me $7.50 so I was torn on the value of my time vs driving back to save the money. Ashley finally asked the lady if her son Charlie (who is almost five) could buy my item and use a coupon. The lady said "I guess." So I gave Charlie a ten spot and he made the purchase.

What crazy things have you seen people doing lately?


Linda said...

Is that your dad in the white car working on the laptop. . .he's been known to. . . hmmmm. . .

alexandra said...

I have always thought it was so weird when childless couples took the zoo experience really seriously. I even think it is funny when anyone takes excessive photos of just animals or anything non-people at the zoo.

People like that coupon lady are so annoying. She probably didn't even have her coupon rules straight anyway. I have never understood the employees that go so out of their way to protect the store from customers using coupons or deals or whatever. Why do they care so much? Plus it is bad for business. But I am the employee that would not charge families for their little kids when I worked at the rec center swimming pool so I come from a different mindset.

As for the garage sale family, I don't feel I can talk since I have a bunch of tree limbs from the hurricane sitting in the middle of my front yard bc I havent chopped them or called someone to haul it. But I will go ahead and say that some people do not get the concept that a garage sale is supposed to be super super cheap. It it isnt selling its because you are acting like you are a store rather than a garage sale. It esp annoys me if it is really wealthy people trying to drive a hard bargain selling their cast-offs. Donate, guys. There is a very wealthy family (seriously, millionaire level wealth) who gets on the church list serve to sell off their used, old junky stuff. Instead of trying to get $100 for that old crib you youngest outgrew 25 years ago, just give the thing away!

alexandra said...

that is an embarrassingly long and judgmental comment i just left. :(

Em said...


Can't the cops come and shut down the garage sale? Seriously, a sale that long should now qualify as a residential business. They need to get themselves some sorta license.

I love the Roberts story so so so much!

Liz said...

Our FORMER scary neighbors were constantly pulling out their crap...weekend after weekend. Some of it was (I'm sure) stolen. We just referred to it as "Doug's House of Crap". So glad they are gone. And in reference to Alexandra's comment, it's so true. Stopped by a yard sale at a nice house....10 year old girl sold me a Barbie toy for $5. The dad came out screaming at me for taking advantage of a little girl. What?

Ashley said...

I love Em's comment--that perpetual sale must violate some zoning ordinance! Get that thing enjoined!

Greg said...


If the illegal garage sale is still going on today, I'm interested in the accordion-picture-holder piece of furniture back by the big screen television. But only if it comes with the pictures...

Let me know what their best offer is...and I hope that they don't read your blog or they'll know how desperate I am for it. That's only going to hurt me as you haggle over the price.

Jill said...

Seriously, what is up with the perpetual garage sale house? There was one of those in the movie Larry Crowne, so maybe they saw that and were inspired.

The laptop guy pisses me off, especially since I got a speeding ticket for going 39 mph a couple weeks ago!

Elizabeth said...

Hmmm sometimes I want to move my family to a deserted island cos "People" annoy me so much.
Where do I start...The teenage neighbour who drives the unregistered car up and down my road really fast, The checkout operator who packs my bread under 2kg's of tinned stuffed and lastly the mother covered in vile ink who let her little girl SCREAM about the lollies she wanted NOW for at least 8 mins straight (with a lot of swear words thrown in). The whole shop was looking at the child and the mother thinking "why are you not addressing this behaviour?" Mum walks past me and I see she has headphones in and ipod on LOUD. Way to parent you LOSER.

PS This comment was a bit mean ... but People make me that way!