Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ashley + J.P. = True Love Forever

or at least for a couple more weeks. I loved the finale. I loved Ashley's dress and she made the right choice. I thought it was funny that Ben said "She went with the safe bet" because that's not how I saw it at all. I thought Ben was the safe bet--the one her family liked, the one her head was telling her to pick. But she went with her heart and picked J.P. We all saw their chemistry. He was the right pick from the start.

I have to start by saying what a piece of work Ashley's sister is. I had to actually concentrate on what she was saying because my mind was so distracted by the tattoos. Why would someone that pretty do that to themselves? Sad. I have no problem with someone speaking their mind, especially when she was there to give Ashley her opinion, but I thought she had no tact. She should have waited until she met both men to say something to Ashley and she should have done it in private. She never even gave J.P. a chance and she put him in an awkward spot where nothing he could say was going to change her mind.

I'm glad she apologized on ATFR. I'm also glad she wore a long sleeve shirt! And can I just say right now how glad I am that Ames left the show when he did. Can you even imagine someone that classy hanging with Ashley's family?

Usually I say poor poor Ben. But not today. I do feel bad that he honestly believed it was going to be him. He was so confident. The guy has really grown on me. He will always be a caveman but his hair looked better and he is genuinely funny.

I just think he should never have started to propose to Ashley without waiting to see if he was going to get the final rose. If you watched the re-run of his proposal on ATFR, you will notice Ashley's face and she looks like she is about to cry right before he bends down. If he had actually looked at her and heard her start to say something, he wouldn't have dropped to his knee. But he came in on a mission (Mr. Confidence) and he was going to propose come hell or high water. Ashley also should have interrupted him and not let him do the whole proposal.

I think he ended up being embarrassed and that is why he got so angry. I can appreciate the anger though. He felt totally strung along. (But like I always say, you know what you signed up for!) I liked that he didn't want Ashley to sugar coat it. If I were in his shoes, I would have no time to have someone tell me how "amazing" I am on national tv while they dumped me either.

I do think Ashley should have had the decency to break up with him in his room (a la Ali and Chris) and not have put him through the final rose ceremony/proposal mess. I think if you care enough about someone, you would want to spare them that.

I loved J.P.'s proposal. He always says he is "madly in love" with her. You can tell he is so crazy about her. Luckily for Ashley, J.P. also picked a gorgeous ring. Ben picked an ugly one (as ugly as one could be that costs 50 Gs. And Ben got first pick! Did you all love how Fleiss had Neil Lane act as a sort of therapist and ask the guys questions as they picked out the rings? "How are you feeling?" "What will you do if this doesn't work out?" Just stick to what you know Neil.

What did you all think about Ashley's new hair do on ATFR? I'm not a fan. Did you all like Ben's new do? It was shorter and smoother on the ATFR. It made me really nervous that Fleiss is grooming him to be our next bachelor. Ben is a great guy but I don't want a caveman as our next bachelor! To be honest, I wouldn't have wanted to watch J.P. either but he was perfect for Ashley. Maybe they can bring Brad back for a third go at it!

As a side note, Sam met Bentley a few weeks ago at work. Bentley came in to visit his friend and they called Sam to come hang out. Sam described him as very small and very tan. He is so smarmy. I will be surprised if he ever dates again.

Are you all watching Bachelor Pad? I'm sitting this one out. I can't do Jake and Sausage!


ellen said...

I knew she'd pick JP. They have chemistry but we'll see how long that lasts. And word on the tabloids is that JP still loves his old girlfriend. Ben's going places. He's a good guy. I'm not watching BPad though I've been watching The Bachelorette with the Boston Joneses.

Jen said...

Totally agree with everything. All season, I just wanted Ben to brush his hair, and perhaps wash his face, but he actually did kind of grow on me a little during his visit with her family. J.P. was definitely the right pick for her. I totally forgot to set my DVR for ATFR - gasp! Did Ben ever directly ask Ashley why she let him propose? I can't believe she didn't stop him. That's just not right. Bachelor Pad - didn't watch last season, but I gotta say, I'm tempted.

Stephanie said...

What a night! I couldn't believe how convinced Ben was that it was going to be him. Based on the ring choice alone, J.P. was the one! ;) ha. I LOVED how J.P. was so unassuming and had his doubts that she would choose him but that he still was determined to go through with it. I loved how JP was looking into her soul when he told Ashley he was madly in love with her! There was not a shred of doubt that he meant what he said. Ben, on the other hand, should have taken the time to look into Ashley's eyes before he proposed. I wish that she would have stopped Ben from proposing. It's one thing to let him say what's on his mind, but another to let him get on his knee...and let him ask. That was painful.

Ashley's sister was equally painful--don't you just love how someone who has a totally messed up life feels capable of giving relationship advice? Really?!! Who made her the "happiness guru?" Talk about Debbie Downer! She seemed like a man-hater to me. Either that, or she just can't stand to see her sister's dreams of happiness and love come true. Who needs a sister like that?!! I think she kind of had to like Ben, just to save face for not liking J.P. I can't believe that she was having Ben & J.P. try to explain why they felt their relationship worked with Ashley--as if they could prove their love to her through words or an essay contest. Just bizarre. Ben thought he won the game because he passed the test. Strange family. I can't help but feel sorry for JP and his awesome family! Hope they last more than a few months.

The spark between Ashley and JP was definitely there--it was more like a red-hot coal! Hope it doesn't go out. I do think that JP would do anything for Ashley! It was great to hear that Ashley was willing to move to New York for him. That a good sign. Emily didn't seem willing to give anything up for Brad, it seemed all about her. I think Ashley and JP have a chance. Hope they keep that smokin'-hot chemistry together. They looked uber happy and ready to attack each other by the end of the show--glad they stopped filming when they did! ;) Go easy girl! Ha!

Linde said...

Totally agree with you on her choice and Ben's reaction. I felt for him, but like you said, "He what he signed up for." Did not care for her hair on the AFTER either. Seems that with every AFTER show it is getting darker. Before we know it she'll have hair as dark as her sister's.

On her sister, I'm glad they finally said that she had been married and divorced....otherwise I was feeling like who is she to be saying anything.

I do hope that things work out...will be interesting to see.

Linda said...

I only watched ATFR - just couldn't even sit thru the finale. I don't know whether I will even turn on Bach Pad - it looks sleazier & more disgusting than ever. (How did Ames get on it??) The only thing that would make it "smarmier" (good word, Brooke!) would be if smarmy Bentley was on it!!

Denise said...

Ashley's hair was too dark on ATFR.

I liked that Ben actually brushed his hair and I wouldn't mind seeing him as the next bachelor. I really started to like the guy and I want him to find love. I'm wondering if the long hair thing is because of some weirdness going on with his hairline. It looked funny when his hair was blowing during the proposal. I, for one, hate how they do the Bachelorette finale because the guy seems expected to speak first and that is just crappy when they have no idea how the other one feels. Ashley should have, at least, pulled him up right when he started to go down and shook her head so he knew it wasn't him. I think Ben was the safe bet too, but maybe that's what she should have gone for. I want Ash and JP to make it and he really does seem into her, which makes all the difference, I think. But, I think she and Ben would have been happy long term.

We had dinner the other night with a guy who served his mission with Bently. He hadn't watched the show but wasn't surprised when I told him some of the comments that he made on the show. He said Bently was great looking and full of himself. Tell Sam not to hang out with Bently anymore. I'll bet it's almost impossible to be in the same room with the guy and not step in any of the sleaze.

Ashley said...

I am only half way through the finale. I liked Ben with the family and I loved all the drama with the sister. Great tv! Loved your point about Ames totally not fitting in with that crowd.

Liz said...

I'm kind of a Ben fan....JP was a little inclined to drama. However, I do think they will last a few weeks longer than normal. Seems genuine.

Ashley said...

I've been thinking about our next bachelor. By the end of this show I liked Ashley and I kept thinking that she seemed real and normal and like someone I could hang out with. But I don't want a bachelor like that, a Ben or a Ryan. I want an Adonis, someone who wouldn't give me a chance. A Brad or an Aaron or even an Andrew Firestone (the money), that's what I want. Your idea to bring Brad back a third time is hilarious, yet brilliant.

Lauri said...

I just found out that Bentley was on his mission with my cousin.....i need to get more details from him!!!

Em said...

I waited to read this till I caught up and just watched the finale last night. You said every single thing I was thinking. Amen, sista.

My favorite part was at the end when they were walking along the beach and J.P. was telling her how crazy he thought she was when she said, "My husband is in this room" on the first night.

I love your Ashley's second comment about the next Bachelor, although "Adonis" made me think of Meathead this season. That would not be good. :)