Monday, August 29, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Saturday night, Ashley and I went to '80s prom birthday party that is. My cousin Liz's husband Bill was turning 40 and since he is officially halfway to 80, an 80's prom was in order. This is my darling cousin Liz and rockin' husband Bill:

The funnest part for me and Ashley was finding the dresses and getting ready. We spent Saturday afternoon going to various friends' houses, trying on dresses, laughing pretty hard and wondering how we were going to fit in these obscenely small dresses. Unfortuntely, every single dress required a shade top.

Ashley tried on a really awesome white hot dress from my friend Susan that I begged her to wear. It reminded me of the white suede dress from "Can't Buy Me Love."

Remember when Cindy throws the wine glass "Ronnie bought me and he bought alllll of you!" Such a good movie.

But white is so unforgiving and if she wore it, she would not be able to dance or move or breathe for that matter. She went with a classy bedazzled number that I bought at the DI a few years ago.

I ended up wearing one of Susan's dresses that she wore to Prom in 1991! My friend Marni loaned us a crimping iron and we were on our way.

When we got there, I saw my friend (also named Ashley) who I hadn't seen in a long time. She told me she reads my blog which made my night. This one's for you Ashley J.!

We had a really great time and I was so impressed with all the work my cousin did to make the party great. They had Atari's set up for people to play, Ferris Bueller playing on a large projector, 80's movie posters on the walls and an 80's trivia contest. There was a photographer taking prom pictures and of course, an awesome spread of refreshments and small Rubik's cubes favors. Happy Birthday Bill!


melissa walker said...

So Radical! (I"m getting into the 80s vibe too) That looks like such a great party idea! You and Ashley look awesome!

Jill said...

This is so funny! You guys look ridiculously cute despite the 80's look! It's sick and wrong that you two are so tiny!

Can't Buy Me Love is one of my all time favorite movies!

Ashley said...

Total ghostown around this here comment section.

I totally looked like your mom, but it was really fun and I sort of wish crimping was still in. My hair hasn't had that much body in ages.

I had to click on the picture of Liz and Bill to take in Bill's outfit in detail--that was a quality get-up!

Elizabeth said...

What a great theme for a party. You girls look like you had quite a lot of fun - good on you.

Your outfits remind me of my year 9
end of year party ... my best friend crimped my hair and we thought we were so so so cool.

Liz said...

So, so glad you came. You guys looked unreal.

Bill's outfit was second only to his awesome 80's dancing!

Greg said...

Brooke--I can't tell, but are you rocking a side pony? Didn't Cindy Mancini wear a side pony in Can't Buy Me Love in a couple of scenes?

Liz--I love Bill's Alex P. Keaton/Michael J. Fox outfit! He was one of my favorite tv characters from the 80s. What a fun party idea!

brooke said...

Very perceptive Greg! Not only was it a side pony...but it was a side pony held in by a banana clip!

alexandra said...


The Mostess said...

Totally radical. You ladies looked super 80's hot and skinny!

I love Can't Buy Me Love. We were always excited that Iowa got a shout-out....what with Bobby being in Des Moines and all.

Glad you had a great time--who doesn't want a night out with Ferris and Atari?

Bill said...

Thanks for coming to the Prom Brook and Ashley. You two were smoking! Before you got there Liz and I were actually trying to do the African Anteater Dance Ronnie made so popular at his Prom/Dance.

Linde said...

So funny! What a great type of party! You guys looked great. A side pony with a banana clip--I am impressed!!

Erin said...


Are you a twin??? Amazing.

I saw your comment on Michelle's blog tonight and just wanted to let you know that I stopped by and love your blog.

What a cute Party!