Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Day I Turned Into My Parents

Sam and I took the kids to Lagoon on Monday. I had high hopes since we had a pretty good time there two years ago. My philosophy with Lagoon is that you have to give in to the Nasty, embrace it, if you will. This is not where we turned into Paul and Linda. They don't embrace the Nasty.

I came with my game face on and we immediately rode a new small coaster called the Bombora. Instantly, I knew it was going to be a long day. I was already feeling nauseous. Then we headed over to The Bat. After getting my head thrown around, I told Luke I was cashed out for the day. He was not impressed.

This is when I turned into my parents. I started complaining about the "lagoon headache" and got myself a huge diet coke and kept looking for a bench in the shade. Except if you've been to Lagoon lately, you know there is no shade.

Look how scared Ryan is on Puff the Magic Dragon:

I did the Tidal Wave and Turn of the Century (the swings) and then I was really DONE.

From that point on, I couldn't do another ride. We found the only indoor restaurant at Lagoon for lunch..a Subway. After laying down 36 bones, yup you read that right!, for lunch we were back at it.

Sam made a very insightful comment about why I was so sick. Lagoon has nothing but carni rides--they all go in circles. I love a good roller coaster (my favorite is California Screamin' at Disneyland) but I can't do carni rides anymore...I'm too damn old.

So that was our day at Lagoon. Sam and I ended up bribing the kids by letting them each do a $5.00 carni game on the way out just to let us leave. They all brought home huge stuffed animals that I'm sure are full of AIDS. But it's over. Cross it off the Summer Bucket List!

On the way out, Sammie spotted this lady with the super long hair:

Seeing that hair swinging around was all it took for me to cut three inches off my hair yesterday!

The end.


D-dawg said...

Hilarious- I especially love the pic of Sam on the ride with his arms up and barefoot. What a great dad. And I had to laugh over the AIDS comment... I know it shouldn't be funny but it really was. Sorry you had a horrible day- I can't do any of those types of rides either- my kids have to go on them alone or they don't go!

Jill said...

This is so funny, my favorite line was "They all brought home huge stuffed animals that I'm sure are full of AIDS."

I can't do rides of any kind anymore and I have no tolerance for amusement parks. I can handle our city's carnival every year because it's close to home, only costs us $20 and there's a funnel cake at the end of it, plus we can go in the evening so it's not beasty hot. I think I skipped turning into my parents and went straight for turning into my grandparents!

Amy M. said...

That sounds exactly like our Lagoon trip this year. I was miserable. I first went on Bombora, then the Tidal Wave and then I was DONE. Total Lagoon headache! I also made the carni ride comment. I don't get sick at Disneyland (as long as I avoid the Teacups).
Another funny post by you! Cute photo of you and your kids on the bench.

Ashley said...

You look great in these photos, which is remarkable for being in the heat of the noonday at Lagoon! I'm convinced that the absolute key to amusement parks is to go on cool days--is lagoon open in the fall? You'll have to go back! Can you imagine how hot all that hair must have been?

Denise said...

A. You are HOT.
B. I will be laughing all day at "I'm sure are full of AIDS"
C. Can't wait to see the new hair.

The Mostess said...

I do love me a carni ride...but the rest of the nasty is hard for me to handle. I spent the afternoon with B at Great America to get my money's worth, but the joke was on me. It was so gross. The people where ghetto--most had neck, chest, and calf tattoos. The teenagers were loud, ghetto, and rude--not to mention skankily dressed.

Lesson learned. I like to pay extra $ to keep the riff-raff out. It's worth it!

Heather said...

Holy crap...Crystal Gale was at Lagoon? See...I just turned into my parents just by knowing who Crystal Gale is...

Liz said...

Well...I just returned from our Bounce Back experience at Lagoon. Why....I don't know. We did it during the evening this time and it made a BIG difference. No headache. I think the headache comes from the heat. I was so much more willing to tolerate rides when not in heat. Actually enjoyable, but yes. Lagoon has millions of ways to throw you around in circles.

Elizabeth said...

I was born 80 years old. I hate rides of any kind and have never taken my kids on anything. I even have to avert my eyes whilst DRIVING past amusement parks. I also hate flying.
On our holiday to NZ I embarrassingly lost my shite twice! Once when flying into the Ski town (hysterical crying into Riley's shoulder) and then on a cable car when the kids wanted me to open my eyes and look at the view. The kids were kind enough to video tape my meltdowns.

So even though this comment is all about me... WELL DONE YOU and Sam for being fun parents.

Em said...

I read "Lagoon" and started feeling nauseous; the last time I was there I nearly died from motion sickness. That picture of the swings nearly sent me over the edge. I wasn't always this way, but I suppose all good things must come to an end at Lagoon. I can't believe you kept going on those rides. You're a superstar!

Megan said...

I have a theory that once you've been pregnant and puked your guts out for months on end, your body goes to "puke" mode too easily. Since I've had kids I can't go on anything that twirls. We sound like Corbin's parents saying, "Dad and I just can't do those things anymore." We used to mock them, but now we are them.

Linda said...

There is no shame in turning into your parents!

Jaime said...

SO funny! I just read the whole thing out loud to my sister. So true! Enough said!!!