Thursday, August 20, 2009

Slummin' at Lagoon

A couple weeks ago, my friend Heidi and I took our kids to Lagoon. I was nervous because I hadn't been since my 9th grade Lagoon day and I had no idea if it was going to be good for little kids. But it turned out to be really fun. My kids didn't really think it was that different than Disneyland. My only beef is that most of the rides are "carni-rides" in that they just go around and around and kind of make you sick. Kids don't care though.

Today, I dragged Sam back with us on a bounce-back pass. Sam is kind of a snob and somehow it felt dirtier just having him there. He kept mentioning the differences in cleanliness between Lagoon and Disneyland. I reminded him not to judge--just to take on the "slumming" mindset--I just wish Sam had worn a wife-beater and I could have worn a tube top.

I seriously loved this lady's tee-shirt. I've got to get my hands on one to wear around the house:

(I got out of bed for this?)

It was an interesting crowd. I loved the huge-ness of his shorts contrasted with the itty-bitty nature of hers:

But enough of that. Here are some pics of the kids. I didn't have my camera last time so here are some pictures from today.

This ride was kind of a poor-man's Dumbo:

While we were there, I was struck with the thought that my kids are growing up so fast.

I need to savor this time when everyone is happy going on the kiddie-rides together:

I need to be grateful that the kids still think it is cool to go on rides with Dad:

My kids will still hold my hands when we walk and cuddle with me on the sky ride:

And even Luke still loves rides like Bulgy the Whale. We gave him so much crap about riding this but I'm glad he's not too big yet.

All in all, it was a great day.

The end.


Ashley said...

"I got outta bed for this" really is posing for your photo. Hilarious.

Ashley said...

And Dino in his hat is to die for.

brooke said...


The scary thing is I didn't know she was posing until I looked at my photos tonight. I guess I'm not so sly at taking secret photos of people (think: Rhett.)

Jill said...

Both of those crowd shots are funny. I'm disturbed by the itty bitty shorts and am wondering where I could purchase the self-esteem that would allow me to wear such a thing in public. It's a mystery, yet they must be on sale somewhere because I see a lot of questionable fashion and skin being shown with pride.

"Poor man's Dumbo" that's great.

The Mostess said...

I'm so glad you translated that shirt for us. My guess would have been "I thought I fit in this shit. I was wrong!"

Poor man's Dumbo. Hehe. Good one. Luke looks so happy on that crappy whale ride, how could you deny him.

The Mostess said...

Oops! Major swear in the last post. But it's really what I think, so I'm not deleting it.

Linda said...

Tell Sam that I'm not feeling the "magic" there either. Did you get the Lagoon headache?
Seriously, it looks like you had a fun family outing. . .with some other quality people!

Melissa Walker said...

Kids just love rides--doesn't matter where they are because they don't notice the other people as much as we do! You can tell Sam that I think the crowd at Disneyland is looking more "lagoon-like" The last time I was there a guy was wearing a shirt that said "m--- is not a crime" in front of little kids! Southern Californians get a discount year passport so all the teenage gangsta kids go there. We like Disney World--lots of cute families there!

Linde said...

Doing stuff like that is so fun. The best part about the kid's ages is seeing the world through their eyes...they are learning sooo much!

Mandee said...

We went to Lagoon on Tuesday. And I got the Lagoon headache as soon as we pulled into the parking lot.

So, do you care if I just copy and paste your post onto my blog- just switch out some pictures? We had the same experience, except I yelled at some teenagers while we were on the "zoo train" for throwing rocks at the animals. I felt like such a liberal for a moment. "Animals have feelings too, ya know!"

Em said...

I'm totally laughing at the Mostess right now, but I'm also laughing at your post.

I really like the name Bulgy the Whale. It just flows.

But honestly, this explains how the last time I went to Lagoon I left with a sick stomach and a headache and wanted to die.

Your fam is too cute.

Christie said...

We were in Utah once for a family vacation and took our kids to Lagoon on a Sunday (shame, I know). I am telling you, THERE WERE NO ATTRACTIVE PEOPLE THERE AT ALL. It was like a hillbilly convention. No teeth, lots of crack, and tightfighting clothes all around. It wasn't pretty.

We decided all the attractive people in Utah were in church and have never gone there again (Lagoon, not church).

Heather said...

Every time I go to Lagoon I throw I try not to go.

Jill Tew said...

Ok, did that boat ride take FOREVER to get on? My kids were dying to go on the boats, but I swear it took half the day to get them on and off...they didn't seem to mind though. Did your kids go on the dragonfly...those crazy swings? My kids loved those too.

Cameron said...

So I ran into Sam today at the mentor breakfast. He told me the best part of the morning was blasting Flo Rida's "apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur.." in his car on the way to Provo. Personally, I liked the creamery's chocolate milk.

Alexandra said...

I know they are trashy, but I love theme parks. And kids won't know how dirty they are for another 20 years.

I have been feeling very startled at how big my kids are getting and my older one is only almost 4. This post heightened my alerts bc I had not even started thinking about how someday they won't want to go on rides with me or hold my hand!

Your kids always look so cute. Mine rather fit in with the unwashed masses at these places. Well, back when I was bad about cutting their rapidly-growing hair.

Sam said...


Flo Rida is a poet. My favorite line is, "Baggy sweat pants, and the Reeboks with the straps...She turned around and gave that big booty a slap...She hit da floor, next thing you know...Shawti got low, low, low, low...". I could be your mentor in music.

LL Cool Sam

Jaime said...

I think we have the identical photos from our outing there on the 4th of July. Yes, you heard me - we spent the 4th there with the R clan. M's mom is googly over Lagoon. I actually really liked it - especially getting totally doused on the log plume (sp?).

Needless to say, my stroller taste was sooo disappointed by what I say little ones cruising around Lagoon in. Some were barely functioning! C'mon - one would think with all that massive consumer debt a descent stroller could have been in the mix...

Oh shoot- that was a major snob freak flag a flying... Oops.

Umm, you know where we'll be next 4th of July no doubt.

sheryl said...

Call me what you will but I LOVE LAGOON! I can't wait till my grand babies are big enough to ride the spinning rides that Stan gets sick on. I really Love any of the spinning, twisting, speeding rides I can get on!

sheryl said...

Your kids are really growing up fast. Especially Ryan! He looks like he is thinning out...?

They are soooooo cute!