Thursday, July 9, 2009

If I Were The Bachelorette

If I were the bachelorette and assuming I was single, these would be the men I would want on the show:

George Clooney--the given. Everyone loves George because he is funny, talented and of course, drop dead gorgeous. Love the salt and pepper thing he has going.

Luke Wilson--My first born is named after him (I'm not kidding!) He's cute, funny and sweeter than his brother Owen. Loved him in Legally Blonde.

Daniel Craig--I have a sneaking suspicion he is lacking in the personality department but he makes up for it, ahem, in other areas. He'd be great on the Hawaii date.

Darius Rucker--He'd be my Wes. Former singer of Hootie and the Blowfish, now on his own. I wouldn't care that he was only there to promote his latest album. His voice makes me swoon.

Hugh Jackman. You already know how I feel about Hugh. Need I say more?

Mario Lopez. Love the dimples, love a man who can dance. I've loved this guy since his Saved By the Bell days.

Tanner. Wait a minute before you pass judgement. I love foot rubs. He loves feet. I would keep him around for at least a few episodes.

The Husband. He would get the final rose, of course.

Now, who would you want on your show?


sheryl said...

Sam of course! LOL He seriously is a great catch! You forgot Denzel Washington and or Matthew McConaughey (I could close my eyes and just listen to him!)
I would have to crack the bell for Mario....I don't know him but I would expect to see him in short shorts with flames out the back... he looks gay enough to fly! However, all the gay men I have known are really nice and I love a gay hairdresser! I bet they would be fun to go shopping with as well. LOL

leandparkermakes3 said...

You are hilarious! I love your list.
Mine would include-
Ethan Hawke (from the "Dead Poet's Society" days)
Scott Wolf
Zach Efron (He would be the younger man)
Hugh Jackman
Matt Damon
Hugh Dancy
Sawyer from LOST
and, of course, Josh :)

Jill said...

This is lust-inducing post for sure. My list is scandalously long and shares several of your picks here (particularly Hugh Jackman).

Brandi said...

Zac Efron. I have watched HSM 1,2 and 3 so many times it is sick. My kids are even sick of it. Is it weird to have a poster of him in my closet?

The Carlii said...

I would definitely have to add Keith Urban in there somewhere. Oh and about your washer...try adding 1/2 C or so of white vinegar (and detergent) to each load of wash. Hope that helps! It was great to see you guys in Utah. Thanks again for the fun dinner!

shelby said...

hahaha this is so funny! For sure I would have to add Gerard Butler he would come in at a close 2nd to getting that final rose!

Ashley said...

I know it's lame to like Brad Pitt, but he was so incredibly fine in that movie where he gets younger (can't remember the title) that I would like to invite him. I would also like McDreamy, Seinfeld, and *maybe* Jim from The Office. Yes to Luke Wilson and Hugh Jackman, NO to Tanner! But I wouldn't mind bringing Brad Womack back.

Alexandra said...

The Tanner comment made me laugh so hard.

I love Luke Wilson. I would also ahve to have Mark Ruffalo (though he might be dumb) and my favorite underrated handsome actor, James Marsden. I think Dimitrius Martin would have to be on, too. Other than that, I would need a moment to think about who to cut from my list.

The Mostess said...

EWWWWWWW!!! Mario Lopez! Grody! He sucked as Slater, and he's even worse in real life. His wife divorced him after like 11 days because he cheated with a stripper before his weeding day. Ugh.

The rest of your options are good. Daniel Craig is a little 'meh' because I'm not into blondes. And I loved Hootie!! My sister names her pup after George Clooney.

Here are my lusty picks:

Donnie Wahlberg of NKOTB fame--duh
Colin Farrel--bad Irish boy. Yum.
Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray--makes a wife-beater look hot.
Edward Cullen. NO, not Rpatz--Edward.
Heath Ledger in The Patriot
Jared Leto circa My So Called Life/Jordan Catalano

And Lancer gets the final rose cause he's hotter than all of them combined.

Lisa Cannon said...

The Wilson brothers are so nice, they've always been on my list. George is there, too! I love the salt and pepper. Is Sam getting that way? Mark is and I think it is so sexy!!!

j3and12002 said...

Justin Timberlake (yes, my second child is named after him-don't tell my husband). He can sing and dance, and is so funny. I fell for him on SLN- not the "**** in a Box" eposode, but that was pretty funny.


Pandy said...

Are you kidding me with Mario Lopez???????

I only need two men on my list. Shamar Moore, who is the most beautiful human I've ever seen, AND - the second most beautiful Johnny Depp!!!!

I may be old, but I'm not dead.

Lauri said... have such good taste! I love George Clooney, too! I really liked Richard Gere, especially in "Pretty Woman" and "An Officer and a Gentleman", however, he is not quite so fine anymore.

Don't you love the song Darius sings, "It won't be like this for long". Such a good song, but too true, makes me kind of sad. Really good song though!

You are funny! Taylor and I enjoyed the pictures!! Thanks! :)

Christie said...

Sorry to tell you, but Daniel Craig belongs to me already. :-)

You can have Hugh and Mario though. Blech. Can't stand either one.

Sam said...

Am I the only one who saw through the faux sincerity when Brooke said that I would get the final rose? Please...I don't think I would get past the first rose ceremony. I can't remember the last time she said yes to a night in the fantasy suite.

I have no problem with the list. I would be stunned, however, if Tanner was begging to rub lotion in the cracked heels of a Kansas know. Even his fetish has limits.

Since Brooke opened the door, let me provide my list of contestants. If I were the Bachelor, I would invite Marisa Miller. Period. And, of course (cough, cough), Brooke would get the final rose.

Mandee said...

I am laughing, laughing, laughing at you.

My list-
Mitt Romney (of course)
Patrick Dempsey
Zac Efron (I am so pathetic)
Dean McDermott (have you seen how nice he is to Tori?)

But Aaron would win- because he is as nice as Dean, but doesn't swear.

And, Sam is funny. But Marissa Miller? Seriously? I had to google her name, and all I saw was porn. Sam, Sam, Sam.

Sam said...

Mandee, why the personal attack on sweet Marisa Miller? As I have told several people, when Marisa is resurrected in a perfect state, she will look the same as she does now.

Most of her work has been in the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated. There may be some provactive shots, but they are tastefully done.

Hate the game, not the player.

Em said...

My hubby won't read this so there's no need to include him in my list.

This list is bound to change on my whim, but for right now:
--Hugh Jackman, fo'sho.
--Amen to Pandy's choice of Shemar Moore...smokin' hot.
--James Marsden, the pretty boy who sings.
--Christian Bale, pre-anger management problems.
--Kevin Garnett of the Celtics, pre-approved by Chuche.
--Eduardo Verastegui (Careful if you google him. Although, ahem, it's not nearly as bad as Ms. Miller. That comment was perfect though, so it can be overlooked.)

There have got to be others, but they just aren't coming to mind.
Awesome post, Brooke.

Jek said...

You don't know me, I found you from Jennie's blog recently and the second the bachelorette ends, i rush to this blog to read your commentary and all the comments. I was reading all the comments agreeing with some and disagreeing with some, but when i read Eduardo Verastegu's name, my eyes got HUGE and I THOUGHT YYYYEEEESSSSSS! No one could beat him, not a soul, not a single soul. Especially since i hear he is a great guy who has decided to do films that have only great messages. SOmeone said don't google him, NO! Google him. AAAHHH!!!! You must watch Bella. Watch it ALONE! Your jaw will be dropped the whole time!!! Your husband made me laugh histerically over the cracked heels comment, because tanner would take one quick look at the bottom of my feet and kick me off right then and there.
I would also bring back Brad Womack
Jason ??? (not mesnick) I forget his name aaahhh! It is killing me. He was on one of the earlier shows (by the way i have NEVER missed a single episode of ANY BACHELOR(ETTE).
I think i can hang with the rest of your friends.
How about WIll Smith, love him in 7 pounds
Brad Pitt in younger age in Benjamin Button
Yeah james bond dude aint to shabby either!

Alright, I am out.

Jek said...

Oh yeah and REID would be at the top of that list!

Jayne Layne said...

Jason Peoples, that is the jason i was thinking about. I am married to a jason, I am partial to them.

Jayne Layne said...

That was me Jek, signed in as my sister jayne. Sorry for the 4th annoying post.

Julie said...

My list wouldn't be too far from yours. However it is a little longer and ends a little differently. Not that Sam isn't a great guy or anything....

Shavanna said...

Love your take on the Bachelorette, am too still shell shocked over the Jake and Veienna thing...however, if you watch dancing with the starts you would have seen a different Vienna. She is such a drama queen and the more notariaty that Jake got the more she stopped smiling. She is so jealous of anyone being in the spotlight besides her. He should have never picked her, he was warned but I think he truly loved her, till he didn't.