Monday, July 27, 2009

Hooray for Ed!

Tonight was the much anticipated (at least for me) finale of the bachelorette. It was a wild ride and when the show ended, I was emotionally spent.

Let's start at the beginning. I thought both guys did a great job with Jillian's family. Kiptyn came across as more free-spirited and fun, while Ed made his feelings about Jillian perfectly clear to her family--He was in love with her. Glenn obviously liked Ed more and what dad wouldn't? Ed said outright that he loved her and asked for her hand. Kiptyn kept saying "he was falling for her" and he "could see himself with her." I think in the end, that was the difference maker for Jillian too. She knew that Ed was just more in love with her.

Her final date with Kiptyn was a little boring. I have to say that Kiptyn has an amazing body and he knows it. Jillian looked pretty good too. When they were on the beach eating, I was laughing to myself thinking about what I was wearing on the beach--cut off sweats and a hoodie over my swimsuit with a hat. I could tell Jillian was cold but there was no way she was covering up that white bikini.

Her date with Ed was more romantic. I wish someone would have told him to spring for a new pair of trunks. Jillian had a different swimsuit in every shot. This has got to be the fourth time we've seen Ed in those tiny green shorts and ugly tank top. I like Ed though. He is real and most of the time he wears big cargo shorts and manly clothes. One thing I hated about Kiptyn was his little designer jeans and metro tops all the time. Be a man! Finally, I totally had to laugh when they showed the lights go out at the end of Jillian and Ed's date and then the volcano erupted. Did they really have to spell that out for us?

I have to admit, I loved seeing Kiptyn get his heart broken--not because I don't like him, but because he is always so polished and perfect. He has never been dumped until now. Everyone needs to have their heart broken at least once. I really wanted to see a tear but he never gave in. Kiptyn reminded me of Jason Mesnic when he was at the final rose ceremony with Deanna. Just like Jason, Kiptyn looked surprised that it wasn't him. He almost seemed more surprised than hurt. But rumor has it that he is the next bachelor so I'm not crying for him.

Finally, what in the world are the producers doing bringing back Reid in the middle of the final rose ceremony? I know it was done for dramatic effect but it really screwed Reid over. They should have had him come back to her earlier in the show. There was no way she was going to pick him at that point (even though I was shocked at how long she waffled!) I will always have a special place in my heart for Reid but seriously dude--deck shoes with a suit? C'mon. I did love the line where she asked Reid if he knew "what was going on here." And he said something like "yes, but what's going on here shouldn't be happening without me." Personally, I would rather see Reid as the next bachelor.

Let's get to the really important stuff--did you like the ring Ed picked out for Jillian? I'm not really a fan of the pear shaped diamond. There were some other gorgeous choices and I was pleading with Ed through the tv not to choose that one.

So--that's that. Are you watching "After the final rose" tomorrow night? Did you want Jillian to pick Reid? Are you happy with the outcome? Will they last? and did you think the ring was ugly? Please weigh in.


Sam said...

One word...boring. Where is the post on the Tour de France?

The return of Lance Armstrong. The dissension of Team Astana--Contador v. Armstrong. The Manx Missile--Mark Cavendish--winning six tour stages. Team Garmin Slipstream using questionable tactics to keep George Hincapie out of the yellow jersey. Epic battles up Verbier, Arcalis, and Mont Ventoux (aka, "The Giant of the Provence"). Andy and Frank Schleck's repeated attacks for Team Saxobank. Armstrong's annoucement of a new team for 2010. Next year's tour will be epic.

So many stories to chose from...and we get another post on the bachellorette. Ed and Jillian will not last six months.

Tres tragique.

leandparkermakes3 said...

First of all, Sam, I think you're hilarious. I heard your talk on Sunday was great, and that you mentioned Brooke's blog, much to her dismay.
I totally agree on the ring. I was all for the square diamond on the thin band. Pear shape? Really, Ed? She should exchange it. :) I'm glad she picked him. I was pulling for Reid until I saw the show. The way the producers had him come in right before Ed was totally unfair for both him and Jillian. I'm glad she stuck with her initial decision. I hope they make it, but with the track record of this show, I give them a few months.

Linda said...

First things first. I'm so glad that Lance Armstrong didn't win, Sam. He's gone all "Hollywood disgusting!" That's all I needed to know about the outcome of the "tour."
Now, the good stuff. I love Ed. He's the lost Osmond brother. You are right about the ring and Ed's shorts. But maybe she can help him with his taste. I really want Jake to be the next bachelor. But if not Jake, then Reid. Something about Kipton and his plastic mother was just so fake.
I'm just glad the DRAMA is over. . .how contrived can they get??

brooke said...

Sam, the tour is dead to me. I'm with my mom--when Lance went Hollywood I gave up on him. He divorced his cute wife and left his children to start dating Sheryl Crow. He was recently spotted in NYC with one of the Olsen twins. I can't make this stuff up!

Liz, I loved the princess diamond on the thin eternity band as well.

Finally, does anyone else think Kiptyn looks like Nate Berkus from the Oprah show?

The Mostess said...

In Sam's defense...I happen to know that Lance's ex is on the "interesting" side. Things aren't always as they seem. Plus, he broke up with Sheryl b/c she wanted babies and he wasn't ready. Better to be honest about it. Sam--I'm on your side--this time.

Also--cavorting with an Olsen twin. That was like a year ago!

Missed the final show (and only watched 2 episodes total)but I cringed at Ed's uggo outfit and the tear drop ring. Blech. I think Reid looks like my Lance--not the Lance that cavorts with one of the Troll Twins. So he's my fave.

Denise said...

I am SO glad that she picked Ed! Of course, Jimmy thinks she is stupid because she "picked the ugly one". Men! Anyway, we were stupid and chose last night as the night to let the boys sleep in the same room for the first time so I missed a lot. Grr.

Laura B. said...

Ugh. It's almost too soon for me to talk about this.
Ed...not a fan. I really think that he may swing both ways. And rumor has it he had a gfriend in Chicago before he left. We'll see. I just think that he said the right things just because he knew that was what Jillian wanted to hear. I didn't feel like he was in love with her at all.
And the ring?? Seriously. I would rather wear a Cracker Jack ring than that POS.
I don't feel bad about Kiptyn. Like you said, it's good to have your heart broken once.
But Reid...dear, sweet Reid. I loved that he showed up all dishevelved from his plane ride. I love that it was awkward and endearing. I love that Jillian had to really think about it.
I am holding out hope for two things.
One, that she pulls a Mesnick and dumps Ed for Reid tonight.
Two, if that doesn't happen, that Reid is the next Bachelor. However, he may be too neurotic for that.
It's not over until it's over!

Jen F. said...

Will they last? Uh, no. Do they ever? Poor, poor Reid. He's my favorite pick for the next bachelor too. :)

The Mostess said...

Laura B is hilarious.

Ashley said...

Whoa Whoa Whoa what's with all the Ed hating?!? Did anyone not know going in to the finale that she was choosing Ed? I would have done the same thing. Kipton--not crazy about her. Love your comparison of him and dumped Mesnick. Reid--sad, he got played by the producers but hey, he's not the first. I agree he'd make an entertaining bachelor, but it won't happen. Ed is just a classic good guy, real family, good job, hardworking, handsome and crazy about her. I think these two have a chance!!! Mom needs to get over Jake--he's boring!

If you start posting about the Tour de France I will boycott this blog.

Sam said...

Lance is not bigger than the Tour, which has produced American legends like Greg LeMond, Andy Hampsten, and Davis Phinney. Any of Lance's perceived shortcomings in his personal life should not cause you to boycott the event. And his first wife was probably a crazy beeattch. Hate the game, not the player.

Mostess, thanks for having my back.

Ashley, how can you talk so tough about the Tour? You post about food storage?!

Em said...

Just so you know, I saw the finale results posted on MSN, but before I read them I came to your blog first for the scoop.

That said, I'm pretty glad I missed it--your account is much more exciting. Those green shorts are hideous and an abomination. If he's such a manly man why is he parading around in such a concoction? But I'm sure he has a heart of gold.

And you're right: Kipton and Nate Berkus = twinners.

I'm loving the Tour de France banter. And I love how "hate the game, not the player" is a reoccuring theme on this blog...although I could care less about both. :)

Lance said...

Aha! Sam wins again, Ashley.

I won't comment directly, but I think Sam is onto something about wife #1. Waaay better to have a baby mama than a crazy ex.

Jenn J. said...

Hey, it's Jenn from Sun Valley. :) By the way, I can't remember the domain name you gave me for your email address. I remember the first part, just not the domain name. So, give me a hint and I'll send you an invite to my blog...

ANYWAY, on to more important things:

I don't get the fascination with Ed either. He's fine, but so was Kiptyn. I don't think either of them were that into her, despite what they'd have us believe. I hope I'm wrong on this because I love happy endings, but I'm not holding my breath.

I also thought Ed was kind of weird, but that may just be because I can't get past his weird sleeveless shirts, and excessive amounts of chest hair. In my opinion, Kiptyn was the better dresser, but then I've always loved a straight man who is comfortable shopping at his local Banana Republic.

Overall, I'd say this season ended just as every other season has for me. I won't remember who "the bachelorette" (which is what I'll refer to her as in the future because I wont remember her name) picked some guy and then six months later, they parted because of "their differences."

Oh well, that won't stop me from tuning in next season to capture every riveting move. :)

By the way, LOVED this post. Also, sorry for the essay-sized comment.

brooke said...

Jenn--love the comment and I am a woman who actually prefers a man with chest-hair as long as it doesn't carry over to the back (Sasquatch!) My email is
my full name I'd love an invite and I still have to post my Sun Valley stuff!

Jenn J. said...

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind chest hair. It's just the gorilla variety I don't like. :)

I sent you an invite.

marta said...

i love this. you are so awesome. and i love sam's response about lance. i have to get dan on here. anyway, yes i agree with you on everything.

yes, yes, the ring was ugg. i liked the other ring better and you spell it out so perfectly. i was glad kip didn't win, i love rooting for the underdog. and what was with this reid character?! at one point i totally thought she was gonna go with him. i'm happy she had her li'l intervention with chris. i am sure it was just bringing him back to introduce him as the next batch, don't you think?! anyway, i love that she didn't pick mr. washboard abs. and what did you think about jill saying 'ed better not f.. this up.' not classy one bit, but pretty funny.

this show is just too much. but i love your recaps. am going to have to go back and reread them to catch up. p.s. i kept thinking if that were me, my hair would be so darn flat and sweaty by the proposal; ed would be runnin' for the hills.

and yes, ed needs new shorts. but hey, it's good to know he doesn't have fifteen bathing suits, that might even be weirder.

keep the good recaps coming.

Mandee said...

I think Reid was wearing Jack Purcells- which, if he was, is a little better than deck shoes. I think if he had taken off the suit coat, he would have looked much better.

Poor Reid. Sad Mandee.

But, I am happy about Ed. And their little video montage at the end to the Martina song was sappy and sweet.

So excited to watch tonight.

It will never last.

And Tour de France... yawn. Sorry.

And I still can't get over your use of the "d" word on Ashley's post. I am gagging all over again just thinking about it.

Lunch? Friday? or next week?

Elizabeth Brooks said...

I heard this is where you can post stuff about the Tour...
Did you see the boys on the winners podium? Awkward like one of our family dinners... Lance was NOT LOOKING at Contodor at all... 'cos if he made eye contact he may have had to say "cough Congratulations cough"
Also I reckon Lance and the ex wife were well suited...

Dave and Christine said...

I didn't watch Monday's episode until last night so I couldn't comment until today.

First, Kiptyn is so classy. On After The Rose Ceremony I don't think he could have had anymore grace about him while talking to Jillian. He didn't play into the drama and didn't play the victim. He seems so completely honest too. I need to set him up with Maria.

I couldn't stand Reid. Why didn't he tuck in his shirt and comb his hair for the comeback. Also how awkward for Jillian after she said adios to him and he kept holding onto her in an uncomfortable way. My biggest beef with Reid is he doesn't shave his neck while trying to pull off the 5 o'clock shadow thing and he plays the victim hardcore. Good riddens!

I can't understand why everyone doesn't love Ed. I can even put up with the green shorts. Again on After The Rose his true colors came out in a good way. He seemed so completely into Jill as they sat on the couch talking to Chris. It wasn't cold like Molly and Jason.

Now for the ring, ugh.... Rumor is that the ring is worth 60,000 bucks. Sad that that kind of money is spent for something so ugly.

Linda said...

Did I get this right? Did Jillian spend the night before she got engaged to Ed in a fantasy suite with Kiptyn?? Does that bother anyone else? And what about her mouth? "Ed better not (bleep-ing)let me down)" Classy - as she is standing there in her white dress with the final rose. I almost think that she doesn't deserve Ed. And did you see her mother?? She was Jillian in 25 years!!

Amy said...

I am waiting for a post on the "After the final rose." I didn't have it in me to stay up and watch. Plus, I figured your clever synopsis would be much more entertaining! Honestly, Jill got who she deserved. I think Kip is too good for her. I think she should have chosen him just to move to San Diego with him.

Also I have to agree with Sam on the lack of Tour coverage. come on, Brooke! How can you hate Lance. The man who brought american cycling out of obscurity. What was once a sport for arrogant Europeans is now a household term in America. Give Lance his props! I wouldn't want to be married to him, but he's an icon. Long live the tour and RadioShack 2010! I would have expected more from you. Nate and I are thinking about coming to UT next month. Maybe we can rendezvous.

Linde said...

On the ring--I prefer more simplistic rings--so that one was one I would NEVER pick. I have thought (as I've watched these shows) that I wouldn't want a lot of the rings they come up with and you don't have a chance to even go and look together so the guy has an idea of what you want. I knew what I wanted so I'm glad Jason took me shopping before so I could "hint" at it. :)

As for Ed's know I kind of trust a guy who doesn't dress well (once in a while)over someone who can dress better than me.

Sorry Sam, I didn't even know the Tour de France was happening so I can't comment on that, but can say that both you and Brook did a great job on your talks on Sunday.

Sam said...


Merci for having my back. Mimi Potter says bonjour. Give us a call if you and Hobart visit SLC.


Thanks. I am worried that my talk may have been too focused on doctrine and scriptures. Should I have kept it more light? It is so hard to strike the right balance.

nic said...

To be honest I was really hoping for Reid, but they never choose the one I want. The deck shoes needed to go. In the end I think Ed will be great. I was dying at the volcano. I was busting up. I thought Jillian and Ed seemed really happy after the final rose. They just kept on kissing. Almost like they felt like they had to. The ring was not so cute.

Jill Tew said...

Off topic...Brooke, I got one up. :)

The Reynolds Family said...

I know I am late on the punch here, but I can't say "Hooray for Ed"..pear diamond? bad choice, E.D.? red flag, and the latest "I slept with 2 other women when I left the show in the middle?..NAST! I loved Reid all along and hope he is the next Bach! I am a devout watcher and watch it with a bunch of my friends up here...I wish you were near so we could watch it together!
When are you and Sam headed to Seattle for a weekend away?