Friday, July 31, 2009

Mutten Dressed as Lamb

I bought my first pair of skinny jeans tonight. They are not in a "skinny" size, though I do think Gap and Old Navy are vanity sizing these days. My friend Jaime was wearing skinny jeans when she came to visit this summer from NYC and she looked so cute in her pair, I wanted to give them a try. While she was here, Jaime also introduced me to Strike Gold, a miracle product. Check it out! I'm a big-time follower so basically, I had to go get me a pair.

When the 16-year-old boy opened my dressing room, he said, "here you go ma'am." Ma'am? It was then that I wondered if I should really be stuffing my trash into skinny jeans. I'm 32. Am I too old? Do I just need to resign myself to a nice pair of bootcut with tummy control?

While we are on the subject of being too old for certain things--What is your take on hair? Is there an age when women should cut their hair? We all know how bad long hair can be on an older woman:

I wouldn't want to go any longer than this:

But is there a magic age when women should move into a graceful bob?

And then it's only a matter of time before we will all end up like this?

Sad to think about.

I digress. Back to the jeans. What do you think?

Oh, and is Luke too old for velcro shoes? Be honest.
Is it time I taught him to tie shoelaces? I did manage to talk him out of the ones that light up!


The Mostess said...

You are never too old or fat to wear skinny jeans!! Not you in particular...just sayin that J Hud wore skinny jeans, and girlfriend is on the corpulent side.

Skinny jeans rule. I got mine @ BR--they are so flattering. I can wear them with heels and flats, and look really slim in them.

Yes! We should totally get together when you visit SF! I have a huge list of the best places to see and eat, compiled over the years. It won't let you down.

PS-I love Jennifer's hair. That has been my "hairstyle" for years now. Grandma Thelma, not so much.

The Mostess said...

Oh--right--velcro shoes are ok if they are Geox. That brand rules.

Dave and Christine said...

Brooke you look amazing. You can totally pull the skinny jean off. Jillian, on The Bachelorette, inspired me to want to buy some as soon as I have my kids and lose my baby weight. I say go for it and please post how you feel about them after you have worn them for us who haven't taken the plunge.

Jen F. said...

Personally, I wish skinny jeans would go away FOREVER! I'm so sad that they keep coming back every season.

Denise said...

We just bought some light ups with velcro for Jackson. He wouldn't let go. I don't think Luke is too old. And, I say go for the jeans. 32 isn't old, and if they look good you should wear it. I'm dying to cut my hair short but I think long hair is pretty if you actually do something with it (like wash it everyday). That's something I can't seem to get around to.

Jill said...

Great title Brooke!

I haven't bought or worn anything "skinny" since high school...oh the humanity!

I'm with you on the hair cuts for women. I've had my hair in a short Bob before, but have grown it out because there's just something too heinous about having many chins below hair level. I still love Jennifer Anniston's hair and have had a variation of her haircut for about 10 years...not that there's anything wrong with that.

Jill said...

P.S. My son wore velcro shoes until he was 7! We had to get him shoes with laces when we signed him up for basketball and had to hurry and teach him how to tie shoelaces. The up side of it was that he was so old by that point he mastered shoe tying in about 10 minutes.

gwen said...

Velcro:I just bought Lola a pair of velcros for kindergarten....nothing about style will matter when you're already 5 minutes late heading out the door to school and you're talking about the bunny ear, run behind the tree for the 80th time through gritted teeth! (Am I the only one who learned this way??!)

Skinny jeans: I bet you look great in them. I haven't taken the plunge myself yet. Have you found a brand you like?

Long Hair: You know this, but I've always had long hair, and in the past few years have been thinking that there is a time coming that I"m gonna have to let it go. But Jen is 40, so I think we've got some time.

Christie said...

This is just too funny. Laughed HARD at the picture of the little granny. Here are my thoughts:

1. You are never too old for skinny jeans. I think it is more a matter of body size. Large women should NOT wear them. You are tiny and would look hot. I say strut it, sister. My heinie is way too big for them. I can't pull them off.

2. Long hair can look good, even on a woman in her 50s (think the lady CIA agent in the Bourne movies, can't remember her name). It's all about style and color. Grey hair should ALWAYS be above shoulder length. Colored hair can get away with it if it's the right length and a good texture.

3. Velcro shoes are a no-no in my brain. Can't do them for my kids at any age. Yes, it was a pain to tie their shoes for years on end, but sometimes beauty is pain.

There, I'm done now.

Shelly B. said...

I HATE skinny jeans. But only because no matter how skinny I get they will never look good on me and I am jealous of everyone else who can pull them off! I come from a family of large bums and even when we're super skinny we can't pull off the skinny jean. Boo!

Get them. Rock them. I will be jealous!

Jill Tew said...

Brooke, I was just thinking the other night how much I liked your hair. I think it's a great length on you. I think as long as your hair isn't stringy, go ahead and keep it long.

Skinny jeans, wear them if you look good and feel comfortable in them.

Velcro shoes, I've never been a big fan on big boys, but I say do whatever works for you. At that age, really, who cares? Just the moms.

Ashley said...

I love certain skinny jeans when done right and I think it depends a lot on the outfit. Love them with tall boots. I'm sure you will use them wisely. Similarly, hair must be constantly monitored and there is no hard and fast rule about when a woman must go short. I fear the death of my 20s will also be the death of my long hair--mine is stringy and limp and I am willing to put forth only minimal effort. The scary thing is, we all know short hair takes a lot longer to do than long hair. Now I am consdering going straight to the Estelle Getty--have Tyler set my perm once every two weeks or whatever they do and I'm good to go right? Luke is not too old for velcro. He is still a little boy--but he's pushing it.

Amy M. said...

Don't even question the skinny jeans. They are a must.
I love your hair. It's soo cute. Don't cut it.
You are only 32! Enough of this crazy talk. Not that we should look like teeny-boppers, but there is no need to rush out and cut your hair into broccoli formation. I always wonder if our generation will have that hairdo when we're grandmas.
As for the velcro shoes...I bought Sam the velcro Pumas and I think they are fine this year but this may be his last velcro pair. BTW I finally talked him out of the light-ups too. Wahoo! Let's sign them up for the shoelace tying class on the same day.

Kimmie said...

Oh Gweneth..don't tell me that..Im counting on you to be a "long haired" grandma with me!!! And ther is no way I could ever put my short, stalky legs in a pair of skinny jeans...but more power to you all that can! Brookie, Im sure you look drop dead in them. Wish I had your legs!

Alexandra said...

I have seen many tall and/or skinny women look great in skinny jeans, to the point that it tempts me to copy them. But I come to my 5'2 senses before I even try them on. Are they comfortable?

I have been having the same thoughts on hair. I realized when looking at my sister in law's wedding photos this week that my hair is WAY too long and want to cut it as soon as possible . . . but I am scared to go too short.

Thinking about our looming fates as old grannies that all look the same makes me sad. We are in our prime right now (32 as well), though, and I am determined to make the most of it!

Please update on what you decided to do w/re the jeans. Include brands. :)

Also, this entire read made me laugh.

Oh, Luke is 7? Velcro if he wants it, in my view.

Nabby Hazar said...

You know what i am going to say about the skinny jeans. For sure WEAR them. I wear nothing but. Do not think of them as 80's tapered jeans, because they aren't big at the top and skinny at the bottom, they are skinny all the way down. You can totally pull it off. And as a hairdresser, you can have long hair these days as long as it looks good and has a style. And about the velcrow shoes I see no problem with that. I never even thought to question it until other people did. I am all about being easy. My friend that moved here from new york says that people in Utah have too many rules about what we or our kids can or can't wear, she never knew it mattered until she moved here. Amyway fun post to get all of these different opinions.

Nabby Hazar said...

As i was thinking about the velcrow shoes I remembered that I don't own a pair of fashion tennis shoes for myself that aren't either velcrow or slip-on. I won't buy tie for myself so why can't a 1st grader wear velcrow. I say if they make them in your size then it is okay to wear:) Sorry to write again, but I like to debate stuff like this. It's all fun for me.

brooke said...

I have been away from the computer for a full 24 hours (a record for me when I'm not on vacation) with the stomach flu--blech! But when I returned--how fun to read all of these great comments.

I'm going to keep the skinny jeans. I bought mine at Old Navy with a 30 % off coupon so they were only 20 bucks. If I hate them or they go out of style next year, I won't care. The ones in the picture are the ones I bought.

I'm glad most of you think velcro is okay for Luke. He just turned six and I agree with Gwen that when we are five (or ten minutes late) like we will be every day I won't care what's in style, I'll just want to get out the door.

Next year I'm buying him converse all-stars but he's got to be able to do his laces himself.

I'm keeping my hair long for now. I just like my hair better that way. Every couple years I cut it on a whim because somebody else looks darling with short hair and then after 3 weeks, the cuteness wears off and it just looks momish.

So thanks for all the great tips and advice. This is why I love blogging.

Corinne said...

you can totally pull off the skinny jeans thing! me on the other hand not so much! i have to agree getting older sucks!

sheryl said...

Got home from Bear Lake and mostly unpacked. Instead of hitting my comfy bed which I have MISSED I decided I needed to know what happened on the bachelor...Thank you for posting because the video is not advailable online this time. Of all the nerve!

As far as hair....long hair only makes you look old when it is limp and lifeless. With all the layers (and extentions) all ages are going long. Check out

click on makeover, download your picture and find which movie star hairdo you like on you.

As far as shoes... hey, your mom just got grandpa velcro. LOL ...I bet other kids are still wearing velcro at his age but if it is cool will be determined by what the cool kids wear. If he is a cool kid...which I bet he is, others will do what ever he says!

finally, I hope you feel better. When ever I had the "flu" it ment another baby! LOL

nic said...

I love the skinny jeans. Also I bought Davis a pair of velcro shoes. Hopefully he can still wear them because he is. As far as the hair keep it long if you can because I wish I could wear mine long.