Monday, July 6, 2009

Long Time Comin'

We all knew it was coming. Wes couldn't have been less interesting or less interested in Jillian on their date. It was like he had given up and wanted to go home. I was shocked that they still had the rose ceremony. But if they hadn't had it, we wouldn't have gotten Wes' nasty statement to the other guys about how much sex he is going to be having when he gets home. And then of course, we got to enjoy his uber-classy exit interview in the limo.

Let's get to the good stuff.

Kiptyn. I like Kiptyn--what's not to like? He's cute, funny, sweet, mature, but sometimes he's a little too polished. And he is just not in love with Jillian. (She knows it too.) I am guessing from the teaser that he is the one in the end that withdraws himself from the show or tells her he can't make the commitment. I thought his family were snobs and I can't get past that.

Reid. Reid grows on me every week. I really like Reid--they seem to have a lot of chemistry and he is funny and cute. Reid had the best family and that makes me like him more. I loved his look of disgust when Wes made his comment about getting a lot of sex at home.

Ed. Ed is the front-runner. Ed tells Jillian all the things she wants to hear. He is cute, tall, and has a good job. The only thing that drives me crazy is how he stares off into the distance when he talks--look at her--dang it!

Now, the important stuff. I loved Jillian's clothes in this episode. I loved Spain and I think it is my next dream vacation spot. I respected Jillian for not sleeping with the guys (at least on this date.) I'm sure that she'll pull the trigger in Hawaii. I seriously thought the funniest part of the whole show tonight was when Wes and Jillian had been having that terrible conversation and the fantasy suite card shows up. After reading the card, Wes looks at Jillian and says "I think we should do it." Of course you do Wes--that's why you're Wes.

Looking forward to next week. She's got some good men. Aloha.


Ashley said...

Tyler and I laughed so hard at Wes' "I think we should" response to the fantasy suite after their horrible date. Although I still think he may have been edited to be even worse than he really is, he was a loser and it's great to be down to three quality guys.

I liked Ed less this time. I agree with everything you said about Kipton. I actually liked Reid best this episode but I bet he is the next to go. There have just been too many awkward moments between them in the past. Sad bc he seems like a normal, funny guy. I still don't know that I see her marrying any of these guys. Is it just me or do none of them seem really crazy about her? (Besides Michael the long-gone breakdancer.)

I said the same thing about wanting to go to Spain last night, and I wish I could wear short shorts.

I bet she ends up with Ed but it doesn't last 6 months.

Sam said...

When are you going to post on the Tour de France? The Bachelorette is boring.

Wake me up when it's over.

nic said...

I agree with everything you have to say. How lame was Wes to say he was just acting and that he made it all the way to the final 4. Jillian's clothes are soo cute. If only I could wear everything she wears. I loved the shorts. Oh the good old days. I used to like Kipton but now he bugs. Reid is fine, and Ed will have to do because she likes him the most. I don't love any of them.

Laura B. said...

Amen. Love Reid. Kiptyn has no personality and Ed is lame.
I think Kiptyn will leave, but after she lets Reid go.
Tragic. I adore Reid.

Linda said...

I've decided that the best thing about being the bachelorette (or bachelor) is the wardrobe and the travel opportuniites!! Who cares who you pick - just go on it for the ride. Geez, she's been to Canada, L.A., all the hometowns, Spain and now Maui!! I want to go to Spain as well!

Linda said...

Oh and nice try, Sam!! We know where your heart is, and that you are really invested in the Bachelorette!!

Jaime said...

Ok Brooke, I have been dying to talk to you about this weeks episode. I can't believe what a creep Wes is, nasty at the end with all the talk about what he was going to do in Spain now that he was free of the "ball and chain". Honestly, I wanted to kick him in the face. Seriously! She likes Ed the most, but I think Reid seems the most like a regular person.... Can't wait for next Monday!

joslyn said...

i am so glad wes was on the show. he provided quality entertainment. more wes please.

Magdalena said...

I second the motion, Ashley Carter. It's ED all the way, but for a short time indeed. Reid reminds me of Chandler Bing from friends - and I just can't get past that.

Linde said...

The part I couldn't believe is that she let Wes go and said it was "hard to do."

That might be why she is single...she puts all her eggs in guy's like Wes' basket and they dump her and she doesn't have 3 other guys to choose from.