Monday, July 13, 2009

The Most Unromantic Fantasy Suite in Bachelor History

Man, I'm feeling more pressure than Ed in the fantasy suite to get a post up tonight. I know you all are expecting it.

We might as well address the elephant in the room. Ed=E.D. Isn't it ironic? It's no secret that I really like Ed. I think he is a solid guy and he is giving Jillian everything she wants in terms of telling her he loves her and will propose if he gets the final rose.

The real question is chemistry. She never seemed to be lacking any with Ed in previous episodes. Why now? I think it's because his parents were there and 20 million people were viewing their foreplay. I just made up that number. I have no idea how many people watch the show. When they started massaging each other, I turned to Sam and said "Why are we (the tv audience) still here?" No wonder he couldn't, cough cough, show her how he felt about her...

I still like Ed. He has some questionable taste in swim trunks but I think his parents are decent and kind and grounded. Did anyone else marvel at how someone as beautiful as Ed could have been produced by those two? Okay, that was just rude.

I have to admit I was so hoping that Kiptyn was going to be sent home. He is perfect and polished and says all the right things. Even his little video message sounded perfect but I know he is not crazy in love with Jillian. I felt like Reid was in love with her even if he couldn't say it.

I am sad to see Reid go. He was real. He was cute and I loved them in the bubble bath together. Seriously though, I'd die if Sammie grows up and watches the show and thinks it's okay to sleep with three guys in three days if you "have feelings" for each of them.

The only question now is which guy drops the confession on Jillian. My friend Laura says it is Reid coming back to express his true feelings. I hope so. If not, I'm rooting for E.D.!


Ashley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashley said...

Sorry, twas me. I accidentally posted an unbecoming comment. I'll call you tomorrow.

Denise said...

I'm rooting for E.D., too. I mean, seriously, if testing chemistry equals premarital sex than how are all these LDS virginal couples able to make huge families? Just a thought... Go Ed!

Alexandra said...

Whenever I read this blog, I laugh twice. First when I read it, and second when I read Ashley's comments. (Then I laugh again each time Ashley, Tyler, Sam or you comment again).

I have not watched this show, but it really does seem so awkward that the camera is still rolling when these people are having a private moment. It is also really strange that sex is just a routine part of the program, and that all America is privy to its details.

Also, that third guy is not cute. Men can more easily pull off a turtleneck than a v-neck, in my view, so maybe he just has a wardrobe malfunction.

Heidi said...

Ed had to be completely grossed out by the fact that he was number 3 that week! I don't blame the poor guy! That and having a camera man standing there had to kill the mood!!!

Em said...

For some reason it just dawned on me that they have sex on that show. Like, I knew it in the back of my mind but didn't want to admit it somehow, and subconsciously ignored the words "Fantasy Suite." I am disgusted. The show should be re-named "25 Man-Whores and a Trollop." But I'll be back next week to get the update on the next episode for sure.

The Mostess said...

That's "Rock of Love" skanky.

My $$ is on Kyp. But this is based on watching 1 episode.

Mandee said...

I had to fast forward through the massage frenzy because Maddy was watching it with me. So I need to go back and catch up on that bit. I think it gives Ed some depth that he was uncomfortable "making out" in front of the cameras. Um, there's "real" for ya.

I want to know what Ashley said.

And lastly, deep in the blues over Reid. He loved her and just couldn't say it... or didn't know it until he got the boot. I hope he comes back. And they get married. And have a baby.

Jaime said...

Ok, Steve and I were laughing so hard at the whole E.D. thing and how she was trying so hard to say what she wanted to say about Ed and his E.D. problem without really saying it. So embarrassing, it hurt. But good TV, honestly good TV.

Sam said...

What is up with that picture of Reid? What self-respecting man wears a v-neck? And with that look on his face he appears to be in the midst of a colonoscopy.

Why haven't you blogged on the Tour de France yet?

Linde said...

Yes, Jason calls this show "emotional porn." I was very surprised at how far the cameras went with Ed and Jill last night. Way too far for me. I think he is a great guy and would love her. I agree--Kipton is a great guy, but I think Reid was in love. But then sometimes they can't admit they are in love until they are kicked off.

As I watched I was thinking about all the sex partners and thought that would be a lot of presure in and of itself...even in normal life with no cameras.

JENNIE! said...

hee hee, E.D... just caught on. I've always been an Ed fan and was stoked when he came back, but the whole bedroom thing was weird. I agree she should have kept Reid, Kipton has no real flare to him... loved the post.

nic said...

Can you believe E.D. I was dying that ABC really showed us that. I feel bad for ED. I think she should have kept Reid and dumped Kiptyn. I wish Kiptyn liked her. Can't wait for the finale.

Linda said...

She's going to pick Kipton, and she's going to get dumped (again) shortly after the final rose ceremony. She can't help herself, and I don't have much sympathy.

Amy M. said...

Funny that you realized the irony of Ed and E.D. I seriously don't even know what to say about that. Wow.
Some of my thoughts throughout the episode...
- It was painful to watch Jillian push Reid to say he'd propose, that he loves her, etc. I laughed so hard that he just kept saying, "It's a little soon for that, don't you think?"
- Ed's short shorts and tank top didn't do it for me. I'm guessing that's the new trend? Still, I'm having a hard time with that look.
-Ed's poor sunburned face! He was as red as a lobster!
- I thought it was sweet when Ed's dad cried. Mustache and all.

Ashley said...

Kipton's outfit reminds me of Tyler in that picture.

Ashley said...

And Reid is way cuter than that. That pic reminds me of Robin Williams playing a woman.

sheryl said...

I can buy your post.
I just think Eds parents were short, maybe he is adopted.


Why can't Ed look her in the eyes when he talks seriously. Think about it. Would that drive you crazy or what!

I agree that the fantasy suite thing is tooooo over the top! I loved that Jillian didn't go for it the first time around. She gained redemption points with me.

As far as Reid, I agree, he really cares for her and he's cute & funny. I liked his parents you remember how many over the neurotic things he had at the first of the show? Remember Jillian said her dream guy was some bad boy like Wes. I am amazed he made it so far! He could never be the bad boy! Good for him, bad for them.

I didn't see the whole episode but I still really like Kipton. Who knows what really goes on that is cut out! They seem to have a ton of fun together.

I think the best relationships are best friends first. Stan and I would have never been a couple if we had to do it in 6 weeks! It took me that long to even say yes to a date and then I asked a room mate to come with so nobody would think he was my date!

Boy am I glad I got past those first few months.

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