Sunday, July 5, 2009

Red, a Litte White Trash, and Blue

I love the Fourth of July and I love it even more when it falls on a weekend. We started celebrating on Thursday and didn't finish until Sunday (when we couldn't wake up for 9:00 church!) Here is how we celebrated our red, white trash and blue Fourth of July:

Sam left early Thursday afternoon to take the kids camping. He did it all--prepared the food, packed the jeep with the gear, kid's clothes, etc. I am a huge fan of camping--as long as I don't have to go!

Ryan and I met my Aunt Pandy, cousin Kelly and her darling little girl, Bailey for lunch. Ryan and Bailey were born three weeks apart:

Bailey putting the moves on Ryan:

That afternoon, Ryan and I hit the outlets in Park City where I blew the wad at Hartstrings and Gap outlet. We then enjoyed dinner at McDonald's. I eat at Micky D's a lot with all three of my kids but somehow it feels trashier when it is just you and an toddler enjoying a ten piece nugget and fries.

Saturday morning we headed out to the East Millcreek parade. Every year my mom and 90-year-old Grandpa build a float for the kids to ride. My brother Rex and his kids were in town and they rode with us.

My dad bought these babies just for the parade!

My cute grandpa--he is a WWII vet and survived the Bataan Death March. He got to ride in a convertible during the parade:

Sammie petted every dog in the vicinity:

We came home and Luke and Sam played the wii for about 5 hours straight, (which thrilled me--let me tell you--that is another post.) Finally, we went up to my mom's for a BBQ.

My mom goes all out on the food. Ashley don't be jealous. Even the jello was all pimped out:

I love this picture of Sam laughing and probably telling a lewd joke:

Ryan got dirty at dinner and we pulled his shirt off. This is where things really go white trash:

My brother Rex pulled out the fireworks. We got in a debate about whether firecrackers are trashy or not. I just loathe those big stands they put up in parking lots with all the fireworks. I especially hate the idea of driving to Wyoming to bring home the big daddies. So hessian. Anyway, I digress.

Rex light'n it up:

Rex admiring his handiwork:

The kids in awe:

Of course, the sparklers. Miraculously, no one got burned this year:

It went downhill from here. We headed out to see fireworks and waited and waited and waited. Finally at 10:20, we left and went home. The kids were exhausted. Can't wait for next year!


sheryl said...

It all sounds like great fun! Grandpa was so excited as he told us about the day! I think he called twice. He thought riding in a the celebrity car was about as good as it gets! The float looked great! You look amazing! And the JELLO! Please tell me she bought it!

Sam is really amazing! You are a lucky girl! I liked camping till I had kids! My last tent trip the twins were 3 and one of them fell on the grate of the fire. They cried all night. I was soooo pisssed at Stan. I didn't want to go in the first place. We were with friends. My swearing woke up my girlfriend. (I never swear, she was shocked) She came and asked if she could help. I felt so bad I never went again! LOL (Except with a trailer, and that was the best. LOVE the convenience!) Then of course there is the obligatory sacrifice for girls camp. Even then, I managed to narrowly escape most of them by having so many children who needed me, and a husband out of town. I just don't do the outhouse thing and it is really hard to hold it for 4 days! LOL

Melissa Walker said...

I know I haven't seen Rex in years, but....should he really be in CHARGE of the FIREWORKS?! I love your mom-I want to be like her!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable family you have!

Liz said...

I used to love to ride the floats. I remember riding the "Love Float" and the Merry go round float with you. I felt so cool. I'm glad Uncle Harold is getting the credit he deserves. And your mom. Does she do anything simple?

Josh and Brittney Engel said...

That jello looks so yummy! I think I need to go make some now. :) ANd your kids are always so cute!!!

Christie said...

I want your mom to come to my house and throw me a party. Tell her I'll pay. That feast looks spectacular.

Jen F. said...

I could tell you our family WT stories that would make you look like the kennedys. :)

Sam said...

You forgot to mention the biggest WT moment of the day. Right after the parade in Millcreek, we pulled through McDonald's to purchase a large DC for $1. It was approximately 10:30 a.m.

You instructed me to order you a hamburger. A hamburger at 10:30 a.m.?! "Too early," I said,"breakfast items only until 11 a.m." You insisted. I attempted to order the hamburger and was informed by the employee that it was in fact too early.

Lucky for you, by the time we made it back to Draper after running some errands, it was after 11:00 a.m., and we were able to by your hamburger there.

Camping with the kids was the highlight of the celebration for me. It was a little rainy, but the kids had fun. Tanner's Flat campground up Little Cottonwood Canyon is a great location for anyone interested.

Sam said...

..."buy" your hamburger there. Damn typos.

Amy said...

I use to love the 4th of July as a kids. I remember our dad's doing fireworks at the school, and then all those night waiting for the show at Sugarhouse! It's just not quite the same as an adult. My kids however, LOVE IT!

Amy said...

I use to love the 4th of July as a kids. I remember our dad's doing fireworks at the school, and then all those night waiting for the show at Sugarhouse! It's just not quite the same as an adult. My kids however, LOVE IT!

Ashley said...

First, mom's dinner is classic. I took a glance and said but where are the beans? Then I enlarged the pic and saw the beans. Mom simply does not have it in her to NOT go to the nines for a bbq! That jello screams Linda.

Dad's shoes . . .

Love the picture of Rex with the smoke behind him solemnly admiring his trashy fireworks.

Dino and Bailey are so dang cute! I'm jealous you got to go out with Pandy and Kelly.

Can't wait to be there next year!!!

Ashley said...

Sam, love the burger story. I thought Brooke must be pregnant, but she assured me she is not. Just hungry.

I went to Tanner Flats once with my girlfriends in high school. We hit a big rock driving out and gave the LeBaron a flat tire. Good times.

Jill said...

The float for the grandkids is so fabulous! I'm seriously impressed with the float and with your dad's patriotic shoes. (My dad would never do anything fun and frivolous like that.)

Your white trash moments are cracking me up.

nic said...

Looks like you had afun 4th of July. I love this holiday. It is the best. At least you post yours on time. My 4th of July pictures won't come out for a couple of weeks.

Em said...

Believe me, you don't know white trash till you move to WY. Had you gone to purchase fireworks there, you would have seen.

I am totally coveting those patriotic jell-os. I need to get someone to make me some of that...

Heather said...

That's funny...I had the same thought Missy did about Rex and fireworks! Looks like you guys had tons of the float!

The Mostess said...

I love the festive 4th business--red white and blue. A little trash never hurt anyone. glad I now know what Rex looks like. Lancer and I have been laughing since the Prez election when Rex stated that "America had just taken a huge bite of a stupid cookie." We use that line all of the time. Well done Rex.