Sunday, August 14, 2011

Best of Summer 2011

This is our last real week of Summer vacation. Summer always goes by way too fast but we packed a lot into three months. We are hitting 7 Peaks tomorrow and then I will feel like we have done it all.

I give you the Best of Summer 2011:

Best Movie: the Help (with 17 Miracles coming in a close second)

Best Trip: San Diego without the kids

Best Activity for little kids: The Farm at Thanksgiving Point (little boy Heaven)

Best Lessons: Swimming lessons at Swim Kids

Best free Lesson: Tennis with my brother Cam

Best Family Activity: Bike Rides to the Park

Best Meal: Toscano with my Parents (artisan pizzas, divine Caesar salad and gelato to die for) How come no one has told me about this place?

Best Value: Art and Games in the Park

My kids went twice a week for two hours a day for the entire summer and it cost me 44 bucks a kid. Awesome. They came home every day with amazing crafts (like tie-dye t-shirts, dream catchers, etc.

Best Friends when you really need them: Kristen and Susan

Best Accomplishment: Getting Ryan potty trained (It took Divine Intervention...ask me in person if you want details!)

Best Cousin Activity: Noah's Ark at Thanksgiving Point

Best Easy Birthday Party: Luke's birthday at Boondocks

Luke with his two bffs who happen to be my bff's sons (Are you still with me?)

Best Breakfast: Kneaders chunky French toast

Best Fourth of July: Being in a parade as the Patriotic Pirates

Best Spiritual Experience: Luke's baptism

Best Girls' Night out: Zupas with my High School Friends

(We went back to Natalie's amazing house for dessert and laughed our guts out--yearbooks and facebook was involved!)

Best low-key weeknight dinner: S'mores and dogs up the canyon.

Best shopping experience: Finding the perfect jeans at the Nordstrom Sale (Hudson's baby boot)

Best Treat: Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt:

Best Shindig at my house: Throwing a bridal shower for my favorite girl Morgan

Favorite Summer colors: Red and Torquise (candy bought for Morgan's shower)

We hit everything on the Summer Bucket List except Snowbird, Alpine Slide and the Zoo. But I'm planning to do all of these in the fall. What was your Best Summer activity?


The Mostess said...

Our best summer activity was endless summer days at Gilroy Gardens, and backyard bbq's on warm summer nights. Heaven!

Your HS friends are all so cute and skinny! I love getting together with my old-school friends. Laughs aplenty.

I love that you drive up the canyon for dogs and smores. The joys of living in Utah.

Love the candy bar for the shower!

Greg said...

"The Help" must be a pretty good movie to beat out 17 Miracles...

We took our YM/YM to the only theater in Southern California showing 17 Miracles and they all loved it! Even some of my "cynics" in the YM got a little emotional by the end.

Congrats on having such a noteworthy summer!

Denise said...

Three days with the boys and my father at the beach in Delaware. I adore watching my kids go crazy for the waves and roll in the sand. I can't believe it is over for us in three short weeks. I'm glad you guys had fun.

Linde said...

Fun post! I am going to see The Help. Loved the book! Isn't it amazing when you look back at all you've really done?

Raderstorf Family said...

My best summer activity was being put in remission from cancer

Ashley said...

Those jeans are so low-cut, I could never wear them. My favorites are also on sale at right now--citizen amber's. Anyhoo. I want to see the Help but I want to see 17 miracles more. Your kid's camp sounds heaven-sent. I'm sort of done with summer now. But I'm too tired for fall, what with Halloween.

Ashley said...

Also, Wart looks thin.

The Mostess said...

I need more details on these jeans. And not the crappy, vague "oops, I bought those 3 years ago" type comments that lead me on a wild goose chase all over Utah's Buckle stores seeking jeans shorts that didn't exist!

melissa walker said...

That is a full summer right there! And I loved The Help too!

Liz said...

Can't wait to see The Help (loved the book), must try Art in the Park, LOVE Toscanos, so wanting free Cam-taught tennis lessons, impressed by biker girl, and Luke is so crazy adorable in his suit.

I'll tag along if your going to Snowbird...never done it.

This is probably why you are never home when I try to drop off the poster =-)

Elizabeth said...

Your Summer looks so good and so much fun. I am now really looking forward to seeing The Help.
I want to hear all about Ryan being potty trained... Both Bear and Lulu were toilet trained by divine intervention (the Nuns who looked after them!).
Your friends are ALL so gorgeous. I have said it before and I'll say it again for you and your mates "Real Housewives of Utah".
Also the picture of Luke and your dad is just so special.

gwen said...

Great roundup. I hate living so far away---I really want to be in the "best friend when you need them" column!:-) Also, so fun to see Terri in a picture--I haven't seen her in years and she hasn't changed a bit.

alexandra said...

You earned mother of the summer with all of this! I feel great when I get the three kids to the pool.

Megan said...

Yes! Our GNO WAS The best of the summer! Love and miss you already!

Andrea said...

Loving your summer list!