Thursday, September 27, 2012

Shallow Thoughts (Fall Edition)

September is almost over.  I can't believe it.  I love Fall.  We decorated for Halloween a few nights ago.  I know it's early, but we like to do it up right for Halloween: 

1.  You wouldn't know it's Fall because the little boys and I are still wearing summer clothes.   I have been too lazy to go downstairs and pull our Fall clothes out of the bins in the basement.  Sammie and Luke look great because they always get new clothes.  At least two of us look presentable! 

2.  I was eating at Cafe Rio recently and looked over to the next table and noticed these four young moms all rocking the sock bun on top of their, every one of them.  I guess this is THE thing.  How come no one told me?  That's okay.  Those buns don't really work with bangs.  Fuzzy pic:

3.  Luke is playing Flag Football and Sam is his coach.  I got to the game late and looked down the sideline to see two dudes in visors with clipboards yelling at the top of their lungs.  We are talking about 8 and 9- year-olds, people!  Apparently these guys were the coaches for the other team.  Sad.

4.  I have an older couple who home teach me.  (For those not "in the know" that means they come to our house and share a gospel message and kind of take care of us).  Recently, they decided I needed a makeover.  The wife (who I absolutely adore)  took me to Ulta and got me into Tarte Cosmetics.  I had no idea I had been looking so bad.  Goodbye under-eye circles!  Hello dewy cheeks!  By the way, Tarte makes awesome stuff.  I love everything, especially their eyeshadow and blush.

5.  I can't stop thinking about how much better I like Prince Harry now that those scandalous photos of him in Vegas came out.  Don't know what that says about me.

6.  It was just announced that Sean is going to be our next Bachelor!  I know that last season, he checked his personality at the door.  But I have high hopes that Fleiss can work his magic.  It is always crazy to me how much more attractive people are when they have the confidence that comes from 24 people vying for their affection.  Let's just hope he doesn't run through the streets of LA yelling any one's name.  Personally, I still would have rather watched Ryan a.k.a. "the Ox" as the Bachelor of Atlanta--now that would have made for some good tv!

7.  I am hooked on Light Pomegranite Minute Maid Lemonade from Subway.  They have it on tap in the fountain.  I don't drink my calories so I rarely get lemonade.  This stuff is good.  Speaking of great lemonade, I took Sammie to lunch on Saturday at Blue Lemon and they have the coolest drink machine.  Five flavors of Light Lemonade!!!  Blue Lemon is my new fav restaurant.  My friend Jaime took me there when she was in town and I love the food.  Everything is organic or healthy or something (which I totally don't care about).  What I do care about is that everything is delicious.  Their carrot cake is going to give my carrot cake a run for it's money. 

8.. I am embarrassed to admit that I may have to watch Dancing with the Stars All Star season.  Is anyone watching?  Is it good?  I know it's for old people but I have always had a soft spot in my heart for that show.  And I heard Carson Kressley was going to be on...turns out that was just a rumor to get our hopes up.  Now I have to root for Kirstie Alley.

9.  Living Social has been running deals for the craziest stuff--DNA testing, In-Home care for Elderly, and Lasik.  I understand trying to get deals and save a buck.  I am all for the $29.00 massage.  But aren't there some things like Lasik and Elderly Care that you just really don't want to bargain hunt for?  We are talking about your eyes people!  Or your elderly parents!  Sheesh.

10.  I love Sammie in her animal print pants and kind of want a pair for me.  I am aware that there is always the danger of looking like mutton dressed as lamb.  I am thinking these snake print skinnies from Target might be subtle enough for me to stuff my trash into.  What say you?


Holly said...

Wow! I'm the first to comment - that never happens!

I'm with you on the Prince Harry thing - I've never been into those boys but for some reason he's appealing to me now.

I'm glad she took you to ulta - not because i thought you needed it but because it's nice to have someone take care of us like that sometimes.

I like those pants - you could totally rock them you are skinny enough. Because of your last post I braved it to Old Navy and scored me 2 pairs of colored jeans for $36 (one was on discount because it had a spot that got washed out on it).

Ashley said...

Sammie is so gorgeous and that outfit is darling. Go for the pants for yourself, not that you really need our encouragement!

Harry gives me hope for my reds. He's by far the more attractive of the two princes, you know.

I drink light lemonade from In n Out all the time. It's delicious.

The hutch looks cute, and scarecrow-free.

Ashley said...

P.S. What's with the sock bun? This has not hit Cali yet.

Linda said...

That sock bun table is like the new Stepford Wives.
I've always liked Prince Harry - he's always been the mischevious, fun prince. I remember the photo of his face smashed up against the royal limo he was riding in - when he was about 3.
If you are "mutton dressed as lamb," I don't even want to think what I would be in animal print jeans. But I still want some.
I can't wait to try the lite lemonade and Blue Lemon.

Heather said...

1-I just used the phrase "what say you?" yesterday in regards to a potential hairstyle change. Funny...
2-It's never too early to decorate for Halloween...I'm doing up my office today :)
3-If I had your legs I would totally rock those get them and let me live vicariously while wearing my boyfriend jeans.
That's all for now...

Amy M. said...

I have similar pants. You must get. They are subtle enough and we aren't 70.
Yes sock buns are hip.
Sammie always looks so cute.
Love your fall decor!
You look gorgeous in that lemonade photo. Maybe its the new dewy cheeks?
I love Blue lemon too!

Megan said...

Go for the snakeskin. Apparently avoid leopard (even though it is everywhere this season). Corbin informed me that, no matter where the it is worn, leopard print is for hookers.

Emily Redd said...

Kate has those same darling pants that Sammie has...Nordstrom? That's were we got hers and I must say I too LOOOOVe them so much on her I was wishing I was skinny enough to pull them off but instead just enjoy having a daughter that looks awesome! I like the target ones you could totally pull that off! I feel pulled into Dancing with the stars too! I too am going for Kirstie Alley or maybe Apolo. Or secretly wishing it could be me dancing with Apolo. I've never tried that make-up that you are talking about. I thought I'd tried every line of make up! I guess I need to go to ulta. Every time I try something new I go back to my regulars which are Mac, Basic Essentials, and Bobbie Brown. A while ago I got introduced to Bobbie Brown's under the eye stuff I couldn't believe the before and after. Now I feel like that is the first thing I must have on even if I don't have anything else on! Plus, I think you always look FAB!

The Mostess said...

I'm coming back for you!!!

Marni said...

I had to read your blog. I was laughing so hard. Very nicely put. I only know the tarte dewy blush from a sample Sephora gave me. I am a lazy makeup person. There is so much fun in fashion right now. It seems most anything goes. You always look so darling! Sammie does too.

Em said...

I love what your mom said about the sock bun table. I was thinking something like that, but a little less nice. I see one of the girls is sporting the Provo poof (aka bumpit).

Sammie is beautiful and you have gorgeous glowing dewy skin that is to envy!

I am also excited about this season's DWTS, mainly b/c it has lots of people from Shawn Johnson's season, which is one of the only seasons I've seen.

The Mostess said...

I'm back! See, I don't just comment on how much BYU/Cougwear sucks.

Harry has always been the wild card. I liki! Send that ginger my way!

Sammie looks SO cute and sassy.

I wouldn't say those bunheads were 'working' anything. Let's be honest about that.

We have a new Chick Fil A, but I only get the DDP. Lancer is now a fan of the diet lemonade.

PS--I was toying with the Rock Star jeans, but they're all low rise. Do you really not have a muffin top after 4 kids? If not, I hate you.