Saturday, October 13, 2012

True Blue

I have been to every BYU home game this year.  That is saying something since I only went to one (1!) BYU game in my entire married life.  Last year, I took Luke to one game as part of my law school reunion weekend.  So this year was the turning point for me.  And I LOVED it.  I forgot what I had been missing.  The picture at the top of the post is from the game was a "blackout" meaning everyone had to wear black..which felt very strange for a BYU game (usually blue and white.)

Here are my random thoughts about going to BYU games:

1.  I love having something to get excited about.  I put flags on my car on game day (though I no longer drive around town with them for fear of getting keyed.)  I now just drive to the games and back.  We actually lost a flag on the way home today.  It flew off the car and I sent Luke running into traffic to try to retrieve it.  After he got out of the car, I realized it was a horrible idea.  He didn't die but the flag did.  Someone ran over it.  Bummer.

2.  I believe in buying gear for the games.  I liken it to going to the don't go unprepared.  I have two in blue and one in white..because sometimes the tickets call for a white-out (where everyone has to wear white) and sometimes you gotta wear blue.  I got my cute white fitted BYU tee at Old Navy and my blue one at the bookstore.  My friend Susan bought U of U tees at Victoria Secret and they are the cutest ever...Unfortunately, BYU doesn't license with VS (shocker!) so I had to resort to ON.

3.  My kids have gear too.  Sammie got a darling BYU tee at Walmart of all places (with lace and rhinestones on it) and Luke has a jersey and some awesome under armour dri-fit BYU gear. I want my kids to love BYU and want to go there.  Buying them the gear is all part of my grand plan!

4.  I also have stadium chairs. I am getting old because I consider these mandatory if you have bleacher seats, which we do.

5.  The last two games, we ate at the Brick Oven before the game.  All of the workers wear BYU shirts and it just feels so old school BYU in there.  I totally love it..and the pizza and salad bar are second to none!  Last time we were there, Cosmo came in to greet everyone...gotta love it!  

6.  With that said, I do love me a stadium dog.  And nachos.  And a Cougar tail (huge maple bar) and mint brownie.  I blow the wad on food at the games.  But this is not a time to go hungry.

7.  I BELIEVE (as in I have a firm testimony of) getting to the game EARLY and getting the car parked.  Last year, I had to pay some college kid 20 bones to let me park in his spot after the game had started.  Never again.  Now I get to the game a couple hours early..get the car parked...then we hit the bookstore, walk around campus and enjoy ourselves until the game starts.  It is not pretty to see me stressing the parking situation.  

8.  I feel bad for anyone who has to wear the band uniform..specifically the pants.  I happened to be in a spot where I watched the band walk past me today and I don't think they could have designed more ill-fitting pants.  These things are WHITE, short and made of some horrible, clingy fabric.  If I had to wear those, I would be in Spanx from waist to ankle.  Bless their hearts.  

9.  It's a great date activity.  Plenty of time to talk.  One of my requirements for a husband is that he has to be a BYU fan.  It may be shallow but I don't care.  It's what I want.   Me and my friend John (and because I know you are wondering..yes, I am back in the dating pool!)

10.  I love the memories I am making with my kids.  It is a great way for me and Luke to have one-on-one time...or for me to teach Sammie how to flip someone off with flare (the thumb up in addition to the bird!)  Don't worry..we didn't flip anyone off...we were just discussing it on the way home.  We have some good laughs and I am grateful to my dad for providing the tickets!


SewSara said...

would you believe i didn't know what a cougar tail was until just this year? and i'm a byu grad! and i live in provo. what the ...?

i love that you're doing this with your older kids ... they really are at a great age where memories mean so much.

and hey cute pic with your "friend" :)

Kristine Gray said...

This is us but with Cal. Louis went to even game as an undergrad an we had season tickets the first 5 years of marriage (until kids). We even took the twins to their first Big Game when they were 5 months. They always have Cal gear in each size. I miss being able to go to the games, but with more kids and raised ticket prices we can't go every time. But it is a great fun and tradition I want to do with my kids. Go Bears!

PS- I never look good like you in my blue and gold. I have to find better Cal clothes.

Ashley said...

The cougar tail is so clever and most likely delicious. BYU campus knows how to bake I tell you. You look hot in all these pics. So wise about the parking, food, and folding chairs. And how I love the Brick Oven! How fun and funny that you are a big BYU football person now.

Kimmie said...

My kids don't know any different...spoiled rotten brats! They have been going to the games with Braden since they were babies. It's just tradition.... leave 2 hours early, eat at Burger Supreme, buy something at the stadium store/bookstore, and then scream your guts out for the next 4 hours (especially when Riley throws interceptions like they are going out of style)! Go COUGS!!! Love that you are doing this, it's so much fun to be back on campus isn't it!?

Laura B. said...

I love everything about this. Truly, this is the life of my dreams. :)

Linda said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying the tickets. We've had those tix two years now and I have not gone to a single game. BUT, I'm going to BYU/Notre Dame next week - AT Notre Dame.
p.s. Your dad said that next year he is definitely buying 4 tickets instead of two.

The Mostess said...


(except for that Cougar tail. I can get behind that)

I'm worried that your friend Laura B claimed this was "the life of her dreams."

I drove past USF the other day, and I explained to B that some people choose to go to BYU, but we don't judge them for it. We just love them all we can, and make a better decision for ourselves. Lead by example, I say!

The Mostess said...

But you *DO* look smokin hot in your Cougwear, and that's what's most important.

I hope you marry a Ute.

The Mostess said...

*#$!! Where's my picture???

The Mostess said...

There! I'm back--with an updated picture. Ashley might want to do the same. I think that old photo is what got me in trouble when I thought she had no bangs!

Linde said...

So fun to see the pictures and going to the game! I haven't been to one in years!!! Hope they do better in the next game.

As for the chairs...I'm thinking a recliner would be nice to watch the game from in the stadium!

John is cute!! :)

Em said...

I hope your kids know the words to the fight song. It's best to learn it young and sing it loud!

I LOVE this post. LOVE LOVE it. Going to BYU games are the best thing in the world. They are seriously no fun when you are in another state on the couch and they are throwing interceptions left and right. But at the it.

I personally love the black! But yeah, it's a little weird. You look hot!

And you and Sammie crack me up with your cute third fingers!

D-dawg said...

The cougar tail thing looks delicious- I might have to fly out for a game just for the food! You look great as always Brooke! Such a fun memory to make with your kids.

Heather said...

I tease Scott unmercifully because he was in the Cougar marching band....and he unwillngly revealed that to me WAY too early in the relationship. He's blocked out most of his band memories. We went to a couple games this year... I wish I'd known you were there... I would have looked for you! We love eating at the stadium!

Elizabeth said...

You look hot at the game in your team colours... and that is very important.
I have just fininshed watching Friday Night Lights (again) and you seem to be living the dream!
PS getting back in the dating game agrees with you :-)