Sunday, October 28, 2012

Am a Fan

My friend Marta has an amazing blog. A reoccurring post she does on her blog is called "Am a Fan" and she lists her latest loves. I am copying her today.

Am a fan of Bath and Body Works holiday scent soaps. Especially Citrus Garland.

Am a fan of McDonald's holiday mint Mcflurry. Delicious. Egg nog...not so much.

Am a fan of my new black and white skirt from Ann Taylor.  I even got it on sale.  Someday I will wear something besides black and white to church!

Am a fan of Zurchers coming to Draper! (11400 South and State)

Am a fan of my new Conair curling wand. What on earth was I doing trying to do beachy waves with the old clamp style curling iron. This is 1000x easier.

Am a fan of SequinsandStilettos, a fashion blog. I think she has great real-life affordable outfits for moms.

Am a fan of Chili's again! When I'm wrong, I say I'm wrong. And I was wrong about Chili's. Have you had their chips and salsa? And Quesadilla Explosion salad?  And Molten Chocolate Cake? I went on a date there and I am sold!!

Am a fan of selling toys on KSL. I have made about 150 bucks selling old toys from my basement. Super easy. Now I need to learn to sell on Ebay.

Am a fan of I ordered my mom a stamp for her birthday and she was thrilled..You can get 35% off right now by using code "VLEX12".  This is a great gift idea for that person who has everything. (Linda Warner I am looking at you!)

Am a fan of blogging! I just hit my four year blogiversary. Don't send gifts. That would just be weird. Remember my first post!


marta said...

brooke, you're so cute. thanks for the shout out! i love seeing what you're a fan of. everything is always so helpful and fun for my life as an ordinary mama. that curling iron.. yes sir. and white house black market always reminds me of you. and that soap is definitely on my list. thank you for letting me know so i don't have to drag myself around that store and smell all their scents, giving me a headache. enjoy the halloweening!

Ashley said...

That salad and chips and salsa was what I had in the Atlanta airport that won me back over to Chili's. Though I maintain that individual Chili's establishments can be yummy or foul--the one in Santana Row is horrible and the one we went to in Sunnyvale was bad too. I highly recommend the Atlanta airport one.

I bought one of those curling wands and used it once. Turns out beachy waves don't look good on short-ish, stick straight hair. Want another?

The soap sounds good and I am so happy to hear about that mint mcflurry. YUM.

How did it go with the Ann Taylor workers?

GNB said...
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GNB said...

Am a fan of this blog. :-)

The Mostess said...

Ooh! I will buy that curling wand off Ash. I knew coming back and catching up would pay off!

I can't skip to holiday scents until December. Until then, it's all pumpkin and spice.

I'm totally doing my own version of this. I'm in love with a million new things, namely Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. It's changing my life!

Anonymous said...

Hi! You don't know me , but I'm a fan of your blog. I started following you for your Bachelor/Bachelorette commentary and kept following you because you are real and fun! I love to follow your life with 4 little monkeys. I have 3 boys 1 girl also. Fun! Anyway I'm leaving a comment to say that I have had the same do for far too long, so I got the curling wand on your recomendation and I am in love!!! Fast and easy! Seriously GREAT! So thanks and keep blogging!

Em said...

I love B&BW soaps, too.

I just went and reread your first post and laughed at the very last line. Now that I've read your blog for these years and feel I know you better, I laugh at (and pity) the crazy stalker/pedophile that would dare cross you.