Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October Madness

October is the craziest month of the year.  The only way I get through it is by pounding a huge Costco bag of candy and drinking lots of Diet Coke.

Here are the five major Halloween activities we have plowed through enjoyed:

First, Cornbelly's Fall Festival with the kids.  This place has grown exponentially over the last few years.  Moments after we got there, I was able to snap this picture (the money shot) of my kids:

Then it all went down hill.  Kids were crying, begging for dinner...the evening ended with me yelling at everyone to get in the damn car!   Just a funny side note...last year, my mom took my kids to Cornbelly's in the afternoon and they weren't open yet.  So my mom just took the kids out and they did all the activities anyway..for 2 HOURS!  A true Wally World experience.  Finally a worker came and told my mom they weren't open and my mom played dumb..."oh okay..we will leave right now!"  haha.

One more picture before it all went to Hell:


Second, the pumpkin patch.  My parents got invited to a shindig with donuts and hot chocolate at some random pumpkin patch in South Jordan.  My kids and I tagged along.  It was crazy but we got some cute pictures.  Then Buster melted down when I wouldn't allow him to eat a second donut.  I love this picture:

Third, the Ward Halloween party.  Luckily, my mom watched Buster for me because my sanity was at stake.  Sammie wanted us to be witches this year. I busted out some incredibly long silver eyelashes and black lipstick.  Once we got there, I felt more like streetwalker than a witch!

Fourth, I took my kids to our gym's Spooktacular.  It should have been called the Craptacular.  I got sucked in by the Monsters Inc theme and my little boys love Monsters Inc.  It was crowded (I hate crowds!) and there were lame activites (think fruit loop necklaces) and shizzy refreshments.  Boo!

Shockingly, my older kids liked it more than my younger ones:

Ryan doing the "pin the eye on Mike Wizowski"

The highlight of the whole thing for me was seeing this darling toddler dressed as Richard Simmons:

Fifth, I got up this morning and made Halloween cut-out cookies with my little guys.  I felt like mom of the year.  Check out Ry Ry's awesome bedhead:

I dressed up and helped at Ryan's preschool party today then I came home and packaged up the cookies--perfect end of the month visiting teaching..my M.O.:

I had planned to do Witches Night Out at Gardner Village and some other activities but some pretty serious Halloween fatigue started to set in at the end of last week. Now I am trying to rally for the school Halloween parties tomorrow and Trick or Treating tomorrow night.

Anyone else feeling the Halloween fatigue?


SewSara said...

ah man - you made roll-out cookies!? You killed it! Any holiday where I make roll-out cookies, I feel like mom of the year.
Halloween is SO played - I'm over it already. Why is it a week-long holiday now?!

I need to see what my kids got from trunk-or-treat before they get to it.

The Mostess said...

I was just telling Lancer tonight that I want it all just to be O-V-E-R. I'm exhausted. I've had all the spooky fun possible. I need 3 weeks of vegging, followed by one week of eating turkey.

So glad you got your money shot. It was hard earned.

Donuts and cocoa in a patch sounds like an easy activity. Filing that one away for next year.

I love your mom.

Rollout cookies. Heaven help me. You are mom of the year!

Linda said...

CUTE pictures!! I think you & Sammie were both too sexy for the ward party! And Luke looks so old and big and handsome in all the pics.
The only reason we pulled a"Wally World" at Cornbelly's, was because they were SUPPOSED to be open, and they WEREN'T! I had hauled the kids down there with expectations, and I wasn't taking "closed" for an answer! (Just like Chevy)
And you forgot to mention MY pumpkin patch, for crying out loud! I worked like a dog for those 7 teenie pumpkins! Next year I'm planting zucchini.

Elizabeth said...

You always make me tired at Hween. Your cookies look great and all this pics of the kids are sweet. The best is Buster wigging out.
I agree with your mum, you are one hawt witchy.
PS This year Lucy is going to a Hween Bday party tonight! On a School Night! Dressed as a dead fairy! Can you tell I am not coping!

Ashley said...

Not to outdo you, but I ended up making sugar cookies TWICE this Halloween season. All the stuff is the worst. I was romanticizing how great we had it in our childhood when all it was was one really fun day, then I realized I'm the one hauling them to all this Shiz. I give you my word we will not be going to Tyler's work party for the kids again next year.

Kristine Gray said...

I'm impressed you got your money shot. It's usually all gone to pieces while we are still in the car getting there.

After seeing that picture of you and Sammie, I've decided I'm making myself one awesome witch costume that I can wear to all activities it calls for, won't be as hot as you, but I'll try for cute.

Your mom rocks!

Em said...

Buster and Mita really are meant to be. Love that photo of his donut meltdown!