Monday, October 29, 2012

Am Not a Fan

Yesterday, I did a post of my latest loves.  Hopefully this post is too much of a Debbie Downer but there are plenty of things I am not a fan of right now.  

Here are some:

Not a Fan of speeding tickets.  Got one on the way to the gym last week.  And the kicker--I was on probation from my last ticket.  I am taking this one to trial.  Because I have a strong case I have nothing to lose.

Not a Fan of the manager of Ann Taylor at Fashion Place.  She was rude about my little boys running around in the store.  She also wouldn't let me keep my rewards points on a return where the employee put the wrong shirt in my bag the night before.  It's a long story but Corporate is involved and I may or may not ever be shopping at Ann Taylor least not the Fashion Place location.  I still love the ladies at the City Creek location.

Not a Fan of Hagermann's in Draper folding up.  I went there the other day and they were gone.  No personal call, no notice.  I feel like someone has died.  May the turkey pomodoro rest in peace.  The worst is--I almost had my punch card filled up!

Not a Fan of the first snowfall in October.  It is too early for snow.  I can honestly say I could go the rest of my life and never see the white stuff again and be just fine.  And I'm a skier so that is saying something.

Not a Fan of Golden Spoon no longer accepting the City Deals gift certificates I bought.  This is the second time it has happened with Golden Spoon.  City Deals and Golden Spoon are both dead to me.

Not a Fan of my gym's Spooktacular.  I paid 24 bucks to get my four kids in and it was super crummy.  My friend Susan and I dragged around 7 complaining kids between us and vowed never to go back.

Not a Fan of Rihanna getting back together with Chris Brown.  And I thought I did dumb stuff.  Wow.

Not a Fan of being sick.  Currently fighting a nasty cold.  Blegh.

Not a Fan of missing remotes.  The remote for our main tv went missing three days ago.  I am about to call the authorities and have them put out an Amber alert.  But I keep thinking it is going to turn up.  We are dying here--stuck on one channel.  My nighttime viewing options consist of Spongebob and Full House. 

Not a Fan of people coming to my house to buy my crap from KSL and not bringing enough cash.  One dude came to pick up about five nice things.  I told him on the phone it was 40 dollars.  He got to my house and asked if 35 would be okay.  I reluctantly said yes.  He dug through his pockets and came up with 33 bucks.  I told him to hit the ATM and come back with 40.  Cheapskate..he was already getting a bargain!

What are you Not a Fan of?


Liz said...

Dead cats......
Sorry about the ticket.

I was going to mention on your other post that I have that address stamp and LOVE it.

leandparkermakes3 said...

Hold on.......Hagermanns is GONE? I love that place! Is it still at City Creek? I might have just shed a tear.
I am not a fan of The District. I live right by it and wish with all my heart that we had some good stores and restaurants there!

Lauri said...

I heard the rent at Hagermann's went up and they are relocating... sure hope so, and hopefully near by. They were always packed with people! I love that place too, and no warning!!

You're a funny girl Brooke and always make me smile!!

Lauri said...
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Elizabeth said...

The ticket sucks!!! I am sure you will have your day in court with it though :-)
PS I am completely ripping this post off for my lame blog... thanks.

GNB said...

Hagermann's is relocating the Draper store, they just don't know when or where.

Why was the Spooktacular so awful? Was it because they brought back the live owls again this year?

The DeVito's said...

Sucks about the ticket!

My DH pulls the "I don't have enough cash" card every time he buys something on craigslist. It's an old trick.

Linda said...

I want to come to court the day you fight your ticket. Should be good. . .tickets suck.
It is TERRIBLE that your remote is missing! You are missing the best season EVER of DWTS - the ALL-STARS! Lucky for you, I have it all DVR'd!!

The Mostess said...

Dude. That lameski "I'm short on cash" guy deserved what he got. Did he ever come back with more $$?

Boo to your ticket. I fought the law, and won...once.

Is that the 2nd store incident now? Did anyone have marshmallow pokers this time? (I'm still confused by that earlier incident)

Em said...

I love your mom's comment. This season's DWTS really has been killer (for DWTS).