Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Last Thing You Want to See

...more Halloween pics. But I had a special request to post pics of Buster in his costume. Buster hated every second he was in the fireman get-up. But I still forced him to wear it.  Halloween ain't about him being's about me getting the money shot and getting props from other moms.  Our Traditional Halloween fare=Papa John's Pizza, salad, donuts and lots of candy...washed down with soda.  Here is our spooky night in pictures:

I ate my weight in candy today.  I hate Halloween.  Bring on Christmas!


Kristine Gray said...

Warner cousins must have something against fireman costumes.

Love how Sammie always poses with her hand on her hip and that picture of Buster is adorable. Hilarious how he is watching tv while the others go over their stash.

Ashley said...

I don't want to hear anything else about Halloween or see kids in costume with the exception of Buster. He looks darling and he is not screaming in that costume so that is a success. When did his hair get so brown? The family dinner looks fun--Katie is darling.

Linda said...

Katie IS darling. So is Sammie in that costume, and she knows it! Buster actually likes putting on that costume at my house. Go figure. And, Brooke, you always do Halloween up right. I'm still glad every year when it's over. My Halloween is already down & (my two)Thanksgiving decorations are up.

katie said...

This was the only real Halloween festivities Cam and I did this year, so I am happy we were able to come!

Thanks Ash and Linda. You are too nice.

The Mostess said...

You can't skip Thanksgiving, and head straight into Christmas. It's UNAMERICAN.

Sammie looks adorable, Buster is the cutest thing ever, and Katie is cute. I say that because she voted for me in the Spooktacular Spectacular, proving her awesomeness. Plus, she actually is cute.

So glad it's over.