Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Sam!

Today is Sam's 35th birthday and he has promised to leave me if I do another blog post about him. So I won't say anything nice about him. I will simply say that I am leaving him with the kids today, on his birthday, to go down and visit my sister in California. It was the only weekend that worked for both of us and he encouraged me to go. I don't think I would have been quite as nice if the tables were turned. (Kind of reminds me or when I turned 30 and he took me to NYC for my birthday and while there, we reflected that when he turned 30, I took him to Chili's.)

Anyway, I have a really good track record for making gorgeous cakes. See here. I'm kind of a one-trick pony so it will not surprise you that this was Sam's birthday cake:

This cake topper reminded me of a very funny picture I have of Sam from our newlywed days. I won't embarrass him or I by posting it--this is a family blog after all--but I do think it looks like Sam. When Ryan saw the cake this afternoon, he kept pointing at it and saying "Dada." So I guess I did well.

Sam also threatened me to not put a picture of him on the blog--but this one really doesn't count:

Yes, the cake has a large portion with no nuts--that is for Luke. We are fancy like that.

So as I said, I'm leaving today for a little slice of paradise. Ashley and I are going to eat and shop our way across the bay area. If you want to read more about our plans--go here. I'll be sure to give you a full report when I return. We will definitely be slumming at all of our favorite chain restaurants that our husbands are too good for.

I'm hoping that by leaving for the weekend, I'll actually be excited to see these three when I return!

Happy Birthday Sam--muscle man! (If the rest of you really want to know more about Sam--go to my birthday tribute post to him from last year.)


Jill said...

Oh Brooke, I love you so! This is hilarious! Where did you find a that muscle man guy? I just love it that you and Sam have such great senses of humor that a cake like this is possible.

Have a great time with Ashley! I fully expect to see a self-portrait at Chili's!

Amy M. said...

I can totally relate to this post because it is SO Micah and I. Micah doesn't allow me to gush about him on the blog. Also, he does not care about his birthday and I do care about mine. He took me on a trip for my 30th. I can't even remember what we did on his (probably went somewhere like Chili's). Nice of Sam to encourage you to go to CA. It sounds so fun right now.
That man on the cake is hilarious. You must post the photo. So funny.
Did you read my 2nd comment about the Bachelor?

Liz said...

1. Happy Birthday to Sam!
2. Have a wonderful trip...way jealous!
3. You should have married Bill...he's always itch'n to go to Chili's
4. You have Valentine decorations? I need to shop.
5. Cute outfit on Sammie.
6. I am so borrowing the muscle man for Bill's birthday in August!

Heather said...

I LOVE the cake topper! Awesome! Have fun with Ashley in Cali!

Ashley said...

I feel bad that Sam is being left with the kids for his birthday weekend while you and I live the good life. That is SO NICE. I'm glad you got to celebrate early with that LOVELY cake!

Happy Birthday Sam! Thanks for sending Brooke! We'll eat a bbq chicken pizza in your honor.

Anonymous said...

I luv Chili's!

Christie said...

I want a muscle man cake top for myself. Wherever did you find it?

Also, laughing really hard and wondering if you and I are twins separated at birth. For reals. Last year on my husband's birthday, he bought me a new computer (because I had downloaded a virus that killed our other one) and an iphone. What did I buy him? Ties.


Anonymous said...

You make Sam seem really nice.

The Mostess said...

Happy Birthday Sam! I must state that I will *not* be taking the ladies to any low-end chains for dinner. We're going Zagat rated all the way, baby!

I think you should "move" your birthday to next weekend, and demand all sorts of treats, relaxing, presents, food, and surprises for the entire weekend to make up for this weekend's gross oversight.

PS--I always go ALL OUT for Lance's birthdays. Hmm.

Denise said...

I knew there was something I liked about Sam. Not only does he have the same birthday as my Grandmother, but he is a fellow Capricorn. What can be wrong with that? Birthdays are celebrated vice versa from you here. Jimmy gets the celebrations and I get the "Chili's" (if I'm lucky.) Have fun on your trip.

I REALLY hope that that is a picture of you kids from last year because it isn't fair that you already have your Valentine's decorations up. If it is from this year, I truly hope that you are this organized and energetic next year when you have a new little one.

brooke said...

I stole the cake topper idea from another blog I love. The link is I love that it is a trophy husband topper.

It came from an Etsy shop. Link here The shop is called Hey yo yo.

If anyone lives in my vicinity--you are welcome to borrow him for special occasions!

Amy M.--I did see your comment on the bachelor post. I hope that is some kind of mistake or something from her past. I can't imagine she would come on the show pregnant!

Linde said...

Have a great time! I grew up in that area and it should be warmer than here. :) There is just a feeling of fun when you are in the Bay Area...enjoy!

Em said...

I am still laughing at your one-trick pony comment regarding your cake-making abilities. You are my kind of woman.

Have fun on your weekend excursion!

D-dawg said...

Please tell me where you got the cake topper! Dave's b-day is coming up and I want to copy you. I love it!
Also you really should come to Brentwood to see me and celia when you're here. I know you and Ashley are going to have a blast together. I'm jealous. My sis cannot leave her 9 kids to hang with me!

Linda said...

Now y'all know why I love Sam so much!! (he stays with Brooke!) Seriously, he is so good to the Brookie and to those adorable kids!! (and they look like him) But he too is a "lucky man!" (to quote Ashley) What more could you want on your b-day than that cake and a weekend with the kids??


I have so many things to say about this post, but mostly just, "YOU ARE HILARIOUS!" Your hubby, like mine, may not entirely appreciate your wit and humor, but thankfully, you can blog and share it with all of us who do! Hope your weekend is fabulous--oh and say happy birthday to Sam from me too...although explaining me to him may be more trouble than it's worth. Happy thoughts!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Sam...I hope you had a blast with the kids. I think all Brooke's readers sort of fell in love with you a bit when we found out you are at home with the kids whilst Brooke visits Cali ! You are a good man...