Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jake is Getting Down to Business

To begin with, I was proud of Jake for not screwing around and just sending home all the milk-toast girls. I like Jake--he is growing on me--but he has got to stop crying through half the show and the rose ceremony. He has got to be a man.

I like Gia. The hide and seek game on their date was a bury my head in the pillow moment but I liked their conversation and I think she is a good match for him. I liked that they actually talked about high school and real life which is rare for this show:

I, for one, was not surprised that he didn't give a rose to either girl on the two-on-one date. Andy Baldwin (from a couple seasons ago) came up with that trick and I loved it. I loved how when Jake came back from saying good-bye to Ella, Kathryn (ie. Carrie Underwood look-alike) was sitting at the table with a big smile. She wiped it off her face pretty quickly as he told her she was going home too. I think Kathryn could have stayed if she didn't lecture Jake on the log about how he wasn't giving her any attention. Um, hello girls--you have the rest of your lives to lecture your man after you're married--don't do it know when you are still trying to snag him. Sheesh:

As for Ali, I have decided she looks and sounds just like Jessica Simpson. She is getting meaner by the show. I still like her when she is having one-on-one time with Jake because she actually talks to him (unlike Ashleigh who was just rubbing herself all over him--awkward!) but at the same time, Ali needs to quit worrying about Vienna sausage and just focus on Jake. They all do:

The death nail for Jessie (who isn't cute anyway) was when she spent all of her alone time at the cocktail party bagging on Vienna. By the way, when Jessie walked down the stairs to leave after she was eliminated, I think she looked like a prostitute in that super short black dress with the straps hanging down. Just saying....

I'm totally skipping around but when Ashleigh left, I was so embarrased for her. She reminds me of Kyra Sedgewick but not as pretty. Ashleigh needs to read my post about leaving with dignity. Don't cry! Don't say what a mistake he is making--newsflash! He didn't pick you so obviously you aren't the right one for him. Quit bagging on Vienna. I'm so tired of it. Yes, Vienna bugs but I'm tired of the girls talking about her nonstop:

As for Corrie, she is okay. Her lowest moment was when she asked Jake if she makes him nervous...giggle giggle. I loved how he said no! She is cute enough but doesn't have what it takes to get the final rose.

I think we all know it will come down the Ali, Tenley, Gia and Vienna. Then Vienna will be gone. Then Ali will be cut--then Gia and Tenley and then Tenley will get the final rose. What are your predictions?


Linda said...

Is is too early to predict who will be the next bachelorette? You know that's the real prize for these bimbos. I think Tenley will win and Ali will be the next bachelorette. Or maybe Gia. "Sausage" is just there because the producers needed some drama. Jake can't stand her either.

marta said...

oh brooke, am glad you finally posted. have been waiting on pins and needles about this. hee hee.

okay, totally agree with you about ashleigh. it was super weird how she stated 'i'd never drape myself all over a guy and look desperate..' hello!?!

okay and jessie was totally a goner. you can tell when someone isn't gonna make it because the camera is NEVER on them.

oh and what did you think about jake going to get chris in midst of rose ceremony!? totally staged, scripted?! it felt like bad reality tv with chris in the other room and the camera man following him.. when jake asked, 'i need your advice..' i was rolling my eyes like nobody's business.

and then when he gave the final rose to vienna my jaw DROPPED. really!?! is this all just for good tv?! are we supposed to buy that he really likes her??

am looking forward to seeing him on ellen and watching ali's 'talking to' with jake about keeping vienna. that will be interesting..

Jessica said...

I like Tenley. She seems like a good match for Jake. And even though Ali has got some attitude I like her. I mean she is hot! Kathryn couldn't have been more dull and boring on the date this week. I'm glad Jake sent both of them home. Oh, and I totally agree that Jessie looked like a prostitute... And that green eye shadow was a little much. I think New Yorker Gia is a sweetheart!

galbraith said...

Loved that Gia talked about real life too. She's so pretty, that its hard to imagine she got her backpack tossed around everday. I think your right though, sausage is just around for good T.V. and I'm hoping for Tenley!

Laura B. said...

ugh. i'm almost at a loss for words...but not really.
Listen, he doesn't have a lot of good choices.
Ali's a B.
Vienna's fugly.
Gia is too raunchy for him in real life.
Corrie's gone next week.
Tenley is the only real match for him.
Unfortunately, I don't think it's going to play out how we want it to.

Denise said...

I think you are right with the predictions. Although, Corrie may surprise. I haven't seen enough of her to make a judgment yet. I can't believe you didn't mention the rejected game of spin the bottle. That just bugged me. If there are only two people playing, then just kiss already and forget the bottle.

Heather said...

I had to keep switching from the Bachelor to basketball during the horribly embarrassing bits. I love that Jake just kicks girls off when he knows it isn't working, though...my money is on Tenley.

Vermont Madsens said...

Love your post Brooke. I have to agree that Ali's increasing meanness is unbecoming. I also think that she needs to enlist Corrie's wardrobe consultant services (so do I) and get herself dressed a little cuter, why does she always look like she's on her way to the gym?.
I think Corrie could be a dark horse here. I couldn't believe she was the only one who took Jake up on his request to romp in the sand.

Tenley is the most genuine, though I am not sure Jake deserves her.

That's it. Can't wait for next week.

Linde said...

I have heard that Vienna actually is the last woman standing!

Ashley said...

Cute picture of Jake at the top of your post.

Ali is starting to drive me crazy with her catty-ness. It seems like she's not confident enough in her own chances with Jake, so she has to lash out at Sausage.

It was good to see those 4 go. Jake is cleaning house! I just hope this means we get more single dates and not a shorter season!

I like Gia a lot, but I just can't imagine that she is that sweet in real life. Maxim model?

I really really hope he chooses Tenley in the end, but I'm not sure he chooses anyone based on what he's been sayin.' Actually, I would love it if he chose no one, a la Brad Womack.

I love Brad Womack.

Ashley said...

Catherine was totally Carrie Underwood, except silent.

teewee5 said...

You know I started watching the bachelor because of your wonderful posts - you make me laugh. You are "right on" with all the girls. My money is on Tenley -

alexandra said...

I think that another pretty reliable way to predict the show is just basically how hot each girl is, incorporating in a sliding scale for crazy/B-ness. I think Tenley is the best for him, but Gia is hotter and I sort of think that may be what he goes for in the end.

But I don't really like him yet.

Magdalena said...

I love Ashley Carter for loving Brad Womak. As for the winner of Jake's heart, well I think it will surprise you Brooke! I've been keepinf up with realitysteve.com and I'm a little nervous about this one. My fave is Tenley.

Anonymous said...

Did you know Tenley was LDS?

And what is with Ali and those claw clips???????

Anonymous said...

Wrong ^^^ Tenley was R-LDS. (Big difference!) She was one of 3 wives of Ezekial Leraine. She left and moved to San Diego when she was 17. He moved to texas about 9 months before the raid. Bad timing! (Google it.)

I can't believe she hasn't told Jake yet. The producers must be waiting until near the end to drop that bombshell. But it's all over the tabs. Ok mag released a picture of her in the kitchen chruning butter and her two co-wives hanging the laundry outside.


I don't watch the show, but enjoy reading about it on your blog. Have you considered an "I heart Tenley" badge for your blog. :)