Monday, January 18, 2010

Jake is Growing on Me

Boo Yeah! I for one, was so happy to see Elizabeth sent packing tonight. I LOVE how Jake saw right through her game. She is beautiful--no doubt about it. In fact, Sam walked in as she was doing her exit interview and remarked if we ever get a nanny, he hopes she looks like that. Noted. We'll get a nanny that looks like Mrs. Doubtfire.

I love how Elizabeth kept acting like Jake was pressuring her to kiss him. That wasn't it at all. He was just tired of her game. She is arrogant and a tease and she used it to her advantage. I was so happy he saw through it and got rid of her. I think her bit in the comedy club didn't help her cause either.

Next, we have to talk about poor poor crazy Michelle. She just wants a husband so bad but is one of those girls who doesn't realize that she has to be fun and interesting and not just serious and desperate. I loved that Jake had the guts to send her home tonight when she was fishing for him to beg her to stay. That girl needs a therapist and I hope she can get the help she needs.

I don't quite have Vienna sausage figured out. She was kind of growing on me on the date but the women obviously hate her. She must be really bad in the house off-camera and we're not seeing it.

She does seem really ditsy and braggy when Jake isn't around, which would get old fast. I don't know what to do with her. I can't possibly see Jake picking her in the end.

Ali seems to be getting a little more confrontational and mean with every episode. I still like her but I think she might be a little too much for Jake. I was impressed with Ella and of course we all knew her kid was going to show up on the date.

I felt so bad for her when she had to say good-bye to her little boy again. She seems like a classy lady and I hope she finds love. She reminds me of the widow from Jason Mesnick's season. I just think that she seems a little too old for Jake--I know she's younger--but you know what I mean. Speaking of Jason Mesnick, I just ran across a picture of him--I'm so glad that little tiny man is no longer our bachelor.

Other random thoughts: Does it seem like there are a lot of helicopter rides this time around? Just checking. Also, I think it is trashy that the flight attendant (I can't even remember her name!) has such a dirty mouth. And I kind of hate it when the girls throw other girls under the bus in front of Jake. That has to be a turn-off.

Finally, I'm convinced Tenley is the one. Could she be any sweeter and cuter? She's perfect for Jake. What do you all think?

Public service notice: one of my readers tipped me off to this new Bachelor spin-off show that is coming to ABC later in the summer. It is called Bachelor Pad and basically has a big brother format. All of the contestants will be former bachelors/bachelorettes and contestants from former shows.

Can you even imagine the debauchery and sleaze that we are going to witness? Chris Harrison has already signed on to host and I honestly can't believe he is going to be associated with it. Will I watch? You better believe it--especially if Matt (the British bachelor) joins the show! For more info, go here.


The Mostess said...

Wait!! This post isn't about the delicious food and amazing conversation we had over dinner.

I protest.

And isn't Tenley all preggers or something?

jacey said...

And besides Elizabeth, who in the world was that other girl who got sent home during the rose ceremony? Was she even on the show?

I felt bad for the group date girls- how hard would that be to stand in front of a crowd and try to be funny? Don't even get me started on Michelle's little act.

I am impressed that Jake is getting down to business. No messing around with the eliminations. I saw the upcoming footage of him possibly eliminating more girls than necessary? Will there be enough girls left to finish the season?

Sam said...

To clarify the record, I said that should anything happen to you--heaven forbid--that I would be forced to hire a nanny "for the children." And that she would look like Elizabeth...but be younger "for the children."

Mrs. Doubtfire need not apply.

Micah said...

I just finished this episode and I have to say "amen" to every word you said.
That bugged me so bad how Elizabeth the Tease kept saying "you want me to kiss you" and when she was rejected, "I should have kissed you." He was perfectly clear when he told her that wasn't it at all and she was misreading it. Duh.
I noticed Michelle kept saying, "I want A husband."
I don't die over the Vienna for Jake, but rumor has it she's there a long time.
I was also thinking Ella seems older, but I can't figure out why. It's not like she's wrinkly or gray - she looks great. But something about her...
I'm sad to see Ali getting meaner.
Tenley, please be the one.

Micah said...

Ah! That was Amy, not Micah. I guess I'm logged in as him. That would have been funny if he just did a big comment about the Bachelor.
He would have liked Sam's comment about Elizabeth, I'm sure.

Corinne said...

my favorite part of the whole season has got to be last week when they played the "on the wings of love" song ha!

Sara said...

I feel like I can comment again since you mentioned that I tipped you off to the "Bachelor Pad" show. :)

Am I the only one who thinks Vienna is hard to look at? I think it's her eyes ... too close together w/ dark circles? I don't like her at all. I think she'll be lucky to last another rose ceremony.

And why is he keeping Jessie around? She is weird.

I agree ... Tenley is perfect for him. I'm thinking it will come down to Ali or Tenley.

Anonymous said...

100% Agree. The problem with Ella isn't the kid. It's her body.

alexandra said...

hilarious, and making me wish again that i had dvred this. i was too busy watching keifer sutherland kill hundreds of people with his bear hands on 24.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Doubtfire isn't really a woman! LOL! LOL! LOL!!!!!

Sara said...

p.s. do you already know about this blog?

Linde said...

I also love that Jake isn't waiting for rose cerimonies. Keeps things more interesting. I think the "stress" he talks about makes the abnormality of the show more real. In real life you get to take a break...this is all they have to think about for 7-8 weeks (if they last that long).

Mandee said...

Aaron is so tired of the helicopter rides. But I almost pee'd my pants over the bungee jumping date- he was such a wienie, and Vienna was the totally the man on that date. Did you notice when they were pulling them up to the bridge and Jake had his legs wrapped around her- I had to rewind and laugh even harder! I need to watch that episode again- it was that good.

I LOVE that he sent Michelle and Elizabeth packing.

I can't believe Sam says stuff like that out loud- Aaron would be on the couch.

Ashley said...

Finally finished it. You are right, Jake was awesome this week (except for crying like a girl during the bungee-jumping). How lame was Michelle to say "I need to go home" and then she gets so mad and hurt at Jake for not begging her to stay. Elizabeth was a mess--she so thought she had it figured out--maybe Jake just needed to kiss her!?! Love that you are going to hire Mrs. Doubtfire. Ali somehow got elected queen of the house and reminds me of that movie Mean Girls. It's unbecoming. But speaking of unbecoming--the comedy acts were horrendous. I think I would have sent them all packing just for having zero ability to be funny. It was PAINFUL! I couldn't believe Corrie had the nerve to get up there and throw all the other women under the bus. She basically sank herself there. Yuck.

Linda said...

Agree with most everything. EXCEPT Vienna Sausage (perfect name!) I thought she was gone last week! C'mon Jake!! She's unattractive, ditzy, with double-digit IQ at best, and annoying as all get-out!! So glad about Elizabeth and Michelle!! Good riddance!!

Jessica said...

My vote is Ali or Tenley.... And I'm so glad Elizabeth didn't get a rose. She was manipulative and arrogant. Can't wait until next Monday!

Dave & Kami said...

Elizabeth was the biggest tease. I'm so glad Jake saw right through her. V Sausage is a mess. Please send her home Jake. I think your right. I love Tenley too!

Ashley said...

I mock you for liking Matt Grant, but I just saw a picture of him (on your Bachelor Pad link) and he is dang cute. Do you think a lead bachelor/ette would stoop so low as to do this show? I mean besides Deanna . . . . I'll tell ya who we won't see--Brad Womack or Andy Baldwin, and that's a shame.

Melissa Walker said...

Brooke--you crack me up. I would love to come and watch with you! And sadly, we don't have In-N-Out in Chicago--we're just now getting a five guys that's about 20 minutes away, so we'll have to make do with that. I will also say that we ate at In-N-Out 3 times in that brief 4 days. I love a good burger!

nic said...

I am loving bachelor this season, but I do think it is extra cheesy sometimes. Jake is cute but kind of bugs because he still crys. He is always making out with everyone. Thank goodness he got rid of Michelle and Elizabeth.

marta said...

okay.. i don't know about vienna. i think she's bad news. michelle was on ellen and was totally lame; saying it's all a game blah blah.. i'm like, you were a mess, chica?!?! ali is bold, but i loved how she's just sayin' it how it is. her hairclip flop style bugs me, but she's cute overall. and tenley is sweet; totally going to win. so glad elizabeth is gone-zo. has roslyn been on any good morning america shows?? brooke, can you please keep us updated on all things drama!?

oh one more thing.. the bach was on ellen and didn't say the whole 'i'm really really happy and in love now' bit like most of them do. am wondering if he picks a girl or not. or maybe isn't engaged.. just some thoughts. love stirring that pot.