Saturday, June 20, 2009

In Defense of the World's Ugliest Birthday Cake and Happy Birthday Luke!

This is the cake I served at Luke's birthday party for the family last night.

While it is true that this cake has white frosting and no other decoration other than an old Mr. Incredible figure I found in the bottom of the toy box,

And while it is also true that the cake is sloping on one side and is also sitting on a very boring cake transporter because I forgot to put it on the cute cake plate,

I maintain that it is the tastiest carrot cake my son will ever eat in his lifetime.

Further, I make no apologies for the cake because I threw him an awesome birthday party today. I went all out cleaning before his party:

I put a wipe on each foot and skate around the kitchen.

I bought him another Spongebob cake he wanted at Harmon's even though it didn't go with the superhero theme of his friend party.

I hosted 7 little boys (all wearing superhero costumes!)

and a little 1 yr old in a Superman cape.

And at the last minute the party had to be moved indoors due to rain and we needed indoor games. Moments before the party, I drew this Mr. Incredible face (FREEHAND for crying out loud!) on a poster board for pin the eye mask on Mr. Incredible.

At one point in the party, one of the little boys yelled "tackle Luke's mom" and they all came after me. Wisely, I yelled, "no, tackle Luke's dad" and they all went after Sam. This was definately a departure from Sammie's Tinkerbell party we had a couple months ago.

Happy Birthday Luke--I'm glad you got your Wii and not the Barbie dollhouse we were threatening!


Kelly said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Luke!! I can not believe how old he is. You crack me up and atleast you make your kids cake. I still have my mom do it. She made Bailey's, all of Dave's and everyone else's for that matter. To are mom of the year!! And I love the way you clean!!!

Ashley said...

I laughed out loud twice--first at the cake and then at your rendering of Mr. Incredible. It wasn't even bad--just funny. This post makes me love little boys. I love that picture of all of them in their superhero outfits. Luke will always have a special place in my heart!

Linda said...

This was a fun couple of days. Glad we got to be a part of the birthday celebration. That carrot cake was seriously the best cake ever!! Even your dad was raving about it! And it looked good - Luke got the "pimped out" cake today.
Second - those boys are adorable in their costumes - looks like they had a ball - love that Sam took part in the party!
And third - I got Sammie for the day (to let the boys be boys w/o a girl hanging around) and she was so much fun. It was raining (again) today so the first thing Sammie told me was that she didn't have an umbrella. Then she told me that they had really cute ones at Cookie Cutters. We went straight there and she got a cute green fairy umbrella with wings on top. (I love that they know how to "work" Grandma!) She was so cute today going everywhere under the umbrella. Next time we go back and get the matching boots!

sarahw said...

Happy Birthday Luke!! You win the "mom of the year" award. Birthday parties are hard enough, but the rain poured and changed your plans, and it looks like the kids loved the party inside anyway. Great improvising!! Great themed party also. I love the superhero costumes.

Alexandra said...

I love that the cake so so good that "even your dad was raving about it!" All that matters is that a toy is atop and it tastes good. Maybe it didnt even need to taste good, as far as Luke was concerned. My older sister read your and Ashely's blogs last night and was borderline angry at me for not having encouraged her earlier.

Kimmie said...

So cute Brookie, don't you love what we do for our kids!!! My personal favorite is the wipes under the feet! Exactly what I do, but with wet paper towels instead!

Pandy said...

This post just made me happy. What a combination....a creative, innovative, good-sport Mom and a bunch of rowdy little boys in superhero costumes. Doesn't get better than that.

A note about the ugliest're not even in the competition. One year Lindsay's cake slid off the plate and crashed onto othe floor. The kids -girls mind you - simply gathered around it with forks and ate it directly off the floor. Certainly a memorable party!!

I love that Linda got to spend the day with Sammie...and I'm a glad she's as big a sucker as I am!! Can't be helped.

Liz said...

That looks like about every cake I've ever kids have low expectations for my cooking. Loved the party pics. What a great idea for a party!

Em said...

My first favorite part of this post was the Mr. Incredible sitting on the cake; then it was the photo of the mopping of the floor--I laughed because that is also my preferred method for mopping. My next favorite part was the awesome drawing of Mr. Incredible--very very impressive. But now my favorite part is your mom's comment. I wish my mom dropped "pimped out" in her everyday vernacular--I love it.

Sam said...

It was a fun party. The boys just fed off one another--it was 90 minutes of Thunderdome.

Props to Brooke for organizing the party, games, party bags, etc. And I would be remiss if I did not praise her artistic ability in drawing Mr. Incredible. While she did not wear a costume, she played the role, appropriately, of Elasta-Girl. She was everywhere and did everything.

I liked the theme of the party because when Luke was about 2 or 3 years old. He and I would watch "The Incredibles" every morning, starting at about 6 a.m. before I went to work. It was his favorite movie for a long time.

Happy Birthday Luke!

brooke said...

Thanks Sam! That's the nicest thing you have ever said about me. You know how important it was to me to get props on my rendering of Mr. Incredible. Now I think I can finally put it to bed.

Linde said...

Your drawing is great! You have talent!!

sheryl said...

another ahhhh

Really I was IMPRESSED that you drew the picture yourself. I didn't believe it but it sounds like it is true! I am jealous Linda gets Sammie right there. I can't wait for Olivia. (just a few more weeks!) I love that Noa cries when I leave. Now it that sadistic? She also runs to me when she first sees me. I am ready to see her again just thinking about it. I better make a trip up there.

The Mostess said...

I like the way you clean. Nice.

That cake isn't bad--have you ever seen Cakewrecks?? Now those are bad, baby.

Love kiddio in the cape!