Monday, June 29, 2009

Stupid Girl

I am physically ill right now. Wes? Are you serious Jillian? Wes is such a liar. I have never had so much annoyance for someone on tv (other than Joy Behar from the View.)

Wes is so shifty, conniving and he's not even into her. Wes keeps saying "I'm not a good liar." He's not. I don't know why Jillian can't see right through him. I don't even like Jillian anymore. When she went ahead to meet his family, I lost all respect for her. Quite frankly, I don't even care if Wes has a girlfriend. I just think the guy is smarmy. Even though the whole confrontation ("the most dramatic in Bachelor history") with Jake was so staged, Jake is honest, reliable and real. He had real feelings for Jillian and would have treated her like a queen.

I loved Jesse. I loved his family. He is a man. He is darling. What a loss.

Ed does nothing for me anymore. His coming back was soooo scripted and played. Lame. I liked Reid better on this episode. He had the best family. Kiptyn strikes me as a little too smooth and perfect. His mother is C-R-A-Z-Y.

And Michael. Poor, poor, sweet Michael. I know I wanted him gone but the little guy has grown on me. He LOVES her. She dumped Michael, Jake and Jesse--the three guys the most crazy about her. She is a stupid girl who is going to get hurt again.

One thing I have learned from watching years of Bachelor/ette is that a person's true character is revealed in how they conduct themselves in their exit interview. Jesse and Michael left with class.

Yuck, yuck, yuck. I hate the show. I hate that I'm even writing this post and I hate myself even more that I'll be tuning in next week to see more of the disaster. Now I'm rooting for Wes--just so she can have him in all of his smarminess.

P.S. can you even imagine how this is going to backfire on his music career?

p.s.s. How dumb was that "phone call" that Jake made to Tanner right before he talked to Jillian. Come on producers--do I look that stupid? On second thought-don't answer that.


leandparkermakes3 said...

Before this episode, I had always thought Michael was funny, but not for her. After watching last night, I thought, no wonder these relationships never work! They always send home the good guys! You know he would have done anything to make her happy. I hope she picks Wes now, too. They deserve each other.

Laura B. said...

Ugh, ugh, ugh. It's really all I can say. Wes is a TOTAL douche bag and I can hardly stand to look at him. How can she not see through his load of SH!#?? It's so obvious.
And Jake...I really liked him. I wonder how much the producers paid him to come back and do that? And crying over the balcony railing? Come on...that is SO Jason Mesnick. How am I supposed to root for him to be the next Bachelor? He'd cry the whole time.
Ed...what can I say about Ed.
Kiptyn is balding. I don't go for balding.
I like Reid the best right now. He's quirky and neurotic and I love that.
But, bottom line is that Jillian is so stupid. she probably deserves Wes

Linde said...

I agree with everything you said!! She said last night something about the bad boys and getting hurt. Duh! Here she is repeating herself. She should have gone to therapy before doing this. She is obviously repeating past mistakes.

I agree on Kipton's mom--Wow! That would be some MIL to live with!! I like Reid...she does deserve Wes if she picks him!

I also wonder about Wes' music "career." He isn't that good and anyone watching the show would think he is so awful they would boycott his new CD. I feel badly for the rest of his band, if because of this, they really bomb.

Linde said...

P.S. I feel the SAME way about Joy Baher!!

Linda said...

I can't agree with you more, and I haven't even finished watching. I said last week that I was liking Jillian less and less. I'm also to the point where I hope she gets Wes - they deserve each other. I do think that the whole Wes thing is choreographed, staged. I really think they purposely leave in someone like Wes for the drama. And yes, dammit, I will be watching next week!

Sam said...

I did not watch this episode. In fact, I no longer watch reality television. Instead of trying to live vicariously through those types of shows, I have decided to live vicariously through myself.

I have never drank beer, but if I did, I would prefer Dos Equis.

Stay thirsty my friends.

Em said...

Oh, I was hoping you'd post an update.

This is sick: I actually went and watched parts of the full episode. The not-knowing was too great.

Jillian is an idiot. WHAT does she see in Wes? He is not even attractive. He also totally gave her an easy out after Jake left crying in his nachos out on the balcony and she didn't take it. Dumb! The best was when they explained to Wes's family what had happened and his sister was like, "They're just jealous of you Wes, everyone's always been jealous of you." I LOL'd at that.

I'm not watching again...but let me know how it ends!

Jen F. said...

ha!ha!ha! I love that you are blogging about this. Thanks for making my day! :) It's actually more entertaining to read what you write than to watch the stupid show.

Tyler said...

Once again I haven't seen it yet but read this anyway bc it was there. I'll be back . . . .

Ashley said...

Twas me.

Ashley said...

Just finished. Michael the breakdancer got his little heart broken and it's so sad. He would have worshiped her always, but she could not have loved him. Jesse was classy and hot and yes, a man. My beef with Reid and Kipton is I don't think they are that into her. I would have run from Kipton's family. Wes is gone next week. I am actually less turned off by his bad intentions/girlfriend and more irritated by his creepiness and that he just doesn't seem that bright. And I don't like that tough guy, "I told you I was into you x dates ago didn't I? You need to know again?!?"

Anyway, the only one I think she has a true chance with is Ed, and that's only bc I haven't seen enough of them to know it won't work.

To Spain!!!

nic said...

I still can't believe how lame Wes is. What is she thinking. She is a mess. Who does she want to end up with anyway. Kiptyn's family is wierd. Lasagna tasting come on. Nice that Jake cried over the balcony. Why do I watch this show.

sheryl said...

because you didnt post soon enough I HAD to watch it... why why why do I waste my time. I think I am now just rubber necking! I agree with Ashley, Wes is just stupid. Can you even imagine being married to a man who said I told you once .... blah blah blah and even that was like a dumb 6th grader talking! I didn't like the cry on the balcony from Jake, but I think it was real. We have all made a boy or two cry, they have to bend down and hide it. I do feel sorry for Michael, but fast in fast out. He adores her but it is just infactuation. A relationship that moves so fast rarely lasts. (Except Shellys. LOL 2 1/2 years and still no fight. Another thing I can't imagine!) So... Jess was the surprise. Reid...I'm not so keen on him. Way to perfectionist for our act good want to be bad Jillian.

Em said...

I love sheryl's comment about jake crying. We never would have known he was crying if he hadn't been sniffling into the mic....and if we hadn't seen his face crumple as he broke down.

I love the ruckus this show causes in my blogging world. :)

jacey said...

This show is such a paradox for me. I love it and hate it at the same time. And what's up with bringing people back? What's the point of being dumped if you know you can just come back again? I felt bad for those other guys, especially Jesse when Ed showed up again. Can't wait for your update next week.

The Mostess said...

PS...did you know Ashley/my home visit got me hooked on this crap show????

I will comment on the finale. I like Kyp.