Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm Here for the Right Reasons

Are you watching Bachelorette this season? Just admit it--you know you are. My husband is even watching. Here are my random thoughts so far:

1--I'm soooo glad that Scary Larry David didn't get a rose. He was classy right up unti the end when his last words included the F bomb and were bleeped out.

2--That break dance instructor Michael is so buggy. Why is he still here?

3--Tanner and the feet stuff--This guy is so creepy. Can you imagine if he met me and saw my feet? His biggest problem is that he was too cowardly to call out Wes. He looked like he was going to pass out in the rose ceremony. He's not a man.

4--Two hours is way too long for the show. Sam begged me to fast forward my DVR to the rose ceremony and I refused. He had to do his time just like everyone else.

5--Wes is such a con-man. He is totally there for the wrong reasons--to promote his music (which sucks BTW.) I predict Jillian will keep him around until Tanner rats him out next week.

6--My favorite is Ed. I don't know why. I just like him.

7--I think the front-runners are Reid, Kiptyn and Robby. My money is on Kiptyn.

8--I think Jake is the nicest guy on the show--maybe too nice for Jillian.

9--Jillian is abusing the spray-on tan or body make up, maybe both. Tell-tale sign is the tan arms and the white face.

10--If one more person talks about "not being here for the right reasons" I'm turning off the tv. Not really.


Laura B. said...

Agree with most.
Except, I love Jake. I still can't figure out who he looks like, but I dig him. Robbie is okay, but doesn't do anything for me. I like Reid, but he looks like a young Matthew Perry to me.
Wes will go for sure next week. Not a moment too soon.

Anonymous said...

LOL. You are too funny!!! I just happened to stumble across your blog. A friend of a friend of a friend or something like that. Anyway, I'm LDS too! Living in the good ol' state of TX. Nice to meet you. I totally agree with everything you just said. Too funny!

Sam said...

For the record, last night's DVRed episode was the first one I've seen from this season. My biggest concern involves the wardrobes of these so called men. Who is dressing these clowns? Ditch the weird hats, the beanies, the embroidered S, the massive amounts of mousse, the designer jeans...and dress like men.

Listening to the Bachelorette's voice put me in the mood to watch "Strange Brew," eh.

Linde said...

P.S. Maybe if Jake gets kicked off, he'll be the next Batchelor.

Ashley said...

It's sooooo good this season, I can't not watch.

Yeah, what's up with Tanner? Creep.Y. He needs to go.

The reason Michael is still there is that she could only get rid of two! Hopefully he and Tanner will be the next to go.

Do you think that "pizza entrepreneur" means Mark (or Mike, whatever his name is) works at Little Caesars?

Ed is really cute--reminds me of Denny from Grey's. Except alive.

I didn't see the first few episodes, what on earth was she doing giving David the first impression rose?!?

Anyway, it's good. I can't wait til Monday.

Amy M. said...

I spent my this week getting caught up on the show. Now I am up to speed. I agree on EVERY single word you said.
They just love to say, "here for the right reasons."
And that scene with David saying she has a nice 'A' and her bleep is hanging out... Wow.

Alexandra said...

I have not yet seen the show, but that is not because it is beneath me. I just am really clueless if it isn't on TNT. In other words, I think I will being seeing this in a few years.

Sam's comments are so funny. Ditch the beanies . . .

Linda said...

I'm going to show this post and all the comments to your dad. He acts oh-so put out and disgusted when I watch every Mon. night. I can tell he wants to watch, but he has to uphold his "this is so beneath me" attitude. He also can't believe any one else is watching. . .wait til he sees that Sam is watching!
I totally agree with you on the creepy guys - David, Michael (he should have been cut the first week with his little breakdance dance-off!) and Tanner and Wes - I can't stand to look at them! I wouldn't mind Ed or Kipton, but my fave is Jake - at least we know he has a real job - airline pilot - not a pizza delivery guy or something!

Mandee said...

I knew Ashley would give in.

Don't tell Aaron but I have a crush on Reid- especially when he wears his glasses.

My sister and I like Ed, too. He just seems like a down to earth decent hard working kind of guy and I am too lazy to use commas.

And lastly- Jillian seriously needs to lay off the sauce- she talks like she is always holding back a burp.

The Mostess said...


Ashley said...

Why doesn't The Mostess watch? It boggles the mind.

sheryl said...

I can't tell you five shows airing on television. But, because of YOU I got hooked on the bachelor. I was so discusted when Jason dumped Melissa that I decided not to watch this one. Then I had to watch dancing with the stars because I loved Melissa. (except for her last bit of name childish!) Now once computer will be a tv screen. No dvr here. Thanks Brooke! :) I am trusting you that it is worth watching because after the first one I think it would be pretty easy to get rid of about half the group. They must have been desperate! Get real, a bar tender, a break dance KID and Dave with such a rotten attitude. Don't these guys have any pre-qualifers? I am with Linda. GO JAKE! (Hopefully he works for a major airline.)

The Mostess said...

I know, right? I'm all about trashy TV and reality crap. I have never seen one single episode of the Bachelor or this spin-off. I can't explain it. It makes no sense.

Pandy said...

I'm with the Mostess....what are you people talking about? Never seen it. Never will.

Now.....let's talk So You Think You Can Dance.....

Lori said...

Hi Brooke, I'm at the airport after my bike tour waiting for the diamond parking shuttle. I woke up this morning at 4:30, spent 4 hours riding my bike through the winds of Kansas, then 4 hours on a bus, then a 6 hour airport/plane ordeal in which I arrived safely with no bags (of course). I am absolutely starving and irritated but your blog for me laughing so that is saying something. Thanks for the entertaining post when I needed it most!

Dave & Kami said...

I Love Bachelorette. You are dead on all the guys. Wes has to go ASAP. He is such a lying, (girlfriend at home for sure)cheeseball.